Reporters aberrant 2


Work is what bothers me every morning. I know these r meant to b vacations but I can’t let the house be unclean. And shortly after is Christmas Eve and the house has to b perfect without a speck of dirt around. I know my Mr.Perfect but he never EVER does keep things in its proper place.
I guess I can lose those extra calories by simply doing this stuff: cleaning around here and there in the house. Not to b to boastful but if I wouldn’t have come in this house,it would have been a perfect ‘chidiya ka ghosla’. Next turn is of the musty old books in Kabir’s so-called Peace room. Indeed it stands for its name. A well-ventilated posh room,with it’s extravagant furnished goods(I know extravagant is much, but being Kkn’s shareholder’s wife u can expect what i meant). I found Kabir’s diary among those descriptive books of journalism. I knew Kabir had to go to Mumbai for reporting an article, but I couldn’t help looking around to c if any1 was der. I was much more curious about Mr.Perfect’s life,although I know his secrets(not all of them). The first page of diary read:

Beauty is about living ur life and being happy with urself inside and out,and not worrying about what people think of u..
Wooww!! Kabir is awesome,isn’t he? Well I continued reading his diary and I found out his cute lil pic of him eating his birthday cake. I have to admit that the young Kabir Sharma was much more cute(I know I am not supposed to say so but can’t help). I went on reading until I could c tears rolling down my cheeks.So that’s why Kabir never told about his childhood. Want to know what was der in it? Find out in the next episode of aberrant….

Preacap: I went on reading until someone kept a hand on my shoulder. I realised I had kept the front door ajar….

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. Would love to noe ur views abt reporters aberrant episode

  2. Omg reetika di. …… reaction was just like ‘what’s next? ‘………. I m very much eager to noe what was der in it. ……….plz update fast

    1. Ohh!! Thank you so much.. Will update soon enough

  3. Its so so so so good didi! I was like what’s next and the episode ended. Your vocab is fab!! My support and encouragement is always with you.

    1. I never thought I would receive so much support from u. Iean I thought u hated me

      1. Hated? And you? Didi aap aise soch bhi kese sakthehe? You have become really really close to me ever though I have never met you. But you are the best didi I have ever met.

      2. Ohh!! No, I thought … Anyway I didn’t mean anything of that. I really liked the fact that u appreciate me so much. It much kinda raises up my spirit

  4. It’s so good Reetika….just amazing…..loved it….how was ur exams??

    1. Awesome. Glad to know u liked it. I have already submitted my other article. Shud be published by tomorrow

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