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Richa, was left stunned after listening to the caller’s words. It still echoed in her ears,’ Hurt Ananya or find her dead, ur choice. If u don’t do as I say, u won’t see ur best friend ever!’. She reminisced the whole events that happened at Malvika’s party and started cursing herself for not speaking to Ananya. Suddenly, someone rang the doorbell. She got up and opened the door. To the guest, she said,’Thank God u came!’. The guest replied,’Never mind’.

I was half-asleep, trying to think about the message that Richa received. I got up at 8:30 and decided to reach office early. I went to
office with Kabir at 9:30. He said,’ U noe what u have got to do. Do tell me if our plan goes wrong’. I nodded and wished him a goodbye. I went in Manav’s cabin. He didn’t look up and was busy running over files. I went straight to him and said,’Sir, there’s something I need to talk to u about’. He now looked up and replied,’Hi Ananya! Good morning. What’s up?’. I sat in his opposite chair and said,’ I want to know how u got hurt in the first place’. Manav did not reply at first, but later on, he replied,’That’s all u want to know? Alright. I don’t reckon it’s the right time to discuss about it. What’s more important is that I am safe’. I pressed in,’No sir! U don’t understand! How can such a havoc take place when the security is full?’. Manav replied,’I told u in the hospital and that’s the truth’. I protested,’Its false! Do u think the window glass is so poorly made in a near-to-celeb’s house? It can’t break by a mere throwing of champagne glass!’. Manav got infuriated,’Ananya!! Leave my cabin right now!!!’. I got up and left angrily. I saw Richa looking at me but I ignored her and went right to Kabir’s cabin. I told him what happened to me downstairs in Manav’s cabin and he said,’I think u r right. There’s something wrong with Manav. And Richa, of course. Have u tried speaking to her?’

. I replied,’Of course Kabir! But she had those discreet looks on her face! She is now annoying me. I have always shared everything with her. She is …. whatever’. I left out of Kabir’s cabin into the cafeteria. Sunny and Baby were seated there. But I was so lost in thoughts that I hardly noticed them. I sat on the other table, musing. Baby whispered to Sunny,’What’s wrong with Ananya?’. Sunny replied,’Let’s go check out’.

Precap: I was lying on the floor, blood coming out of my head. I was sub-concious but I could hear Richa’s words,’I am sorry Ananya. I didn’t mean to hurt u. I am helpless…’

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. Not a very interesting story…. But the precap is nice! Dont feel bad okay? Your writing skills are still very good.

    1. I noe. I’ll make it sure from next episode onwards

    2. Oh pls vivaan!! Her story is much better than urs.

      1. I know neha. And do you even remember when I wrote last? Were you even there? So Plz. I think I noe how I wrote. I do understand that hers much more better than mine but u see, human nature is something that if u dont like the person u will directly dislike all the stuff they do. For instance me and my ffs.

      2. And pls neha. Now dont give me a manners and respect lecture. I’m not ill mannered. I just treat people the way they treat me. And you have been rude more than enough to me. I respect and I’m kind to reetika didi because she respects me.

      3. Thank u Neha for standing by me. But his story isn’t bad either. Thanks Vivaan for being considerate

  2. Waiting for next episode…..damn curious to know wats gonna happen

    1. Thanks a lot

      1. Guys I request you to comment on neerja s ff

  3. No words to describe only…awesome

  4. Neerja. has updated 2 articles. Check it out!

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