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After the day’s work, I went to Richa’s place. I rang the doorbell. Richa opened the door, in her night dress. She seemed puzzled to see me. I said,’Hi! What’s up?’. She replied,’Nothing much. Come in’. She ushered me in. Her house was dimly lit, sending a dismal sheen across the room. She offered me a drink, but I rejected. She sat next to me and I said,’What’s wrong with u? R u ill or something?’. Richa replied cooly,’No Ananya. I was completely tired after yesterday’s party so I got up late’. I pointed out to her in a polite manner,’But u left the party early, so how can u be tired ?’. She narrowed her eyes to me and said,’What do u mean?’. I said,’Don’t u know that Manav sir was hurt yesterday? A glass piece got in his head?’. Richa did not reply. Beads of perspiration covered up her face. Finally she replied,’Yeah I got to know from Baby. How did it happen by the way?’. I looked at her. Worrying expressions smitten with sad twinkling eyes. I said,’ The reason is not yet known. But I will find it anyhow’. This time I looked at her straight while Richa looked around.

Suddenly a strange idea crossed my mind. I asked Richa,’Richa, can I get the file of the case u were working on? I might be able to work it out’. Richa got up, with an uneasy feeling and went to check for the file. Meanwhile, I quickly grabbed Richa’s cell and checked her contacts. No clue..alright. Now messages. There was a message from an unknown number saying,’Finish ur job or find Manav dead and urselves in jail’. Oh my Gosh!! This was what I was wondering. Richa was coming back so I quickly placed her phone back and sat there, staring at the ceiling. She came in and said,’Here is the file. Can u please leave now? Sorry to be rude but I need some time alone’. I was perplexed beyond words. I nodded and replied in a low voice,’Alright I am leaving. But u need to get something straight. If anyone’s troubling u, of worrying u, I would definitely love to help u’. Richa did not say anything. I left.

I reached home. Kabir had not arrived. While I was cutting veggies, the text message on Richa’s cell flashed back. Who threatened Richa to hurt Manav? And why? While I was thinking over the possibilities, I cut my finger and blood oozed out. Suddenly, two hands clasped my bleeded finger from behind and it was none other than Kabir. He started to dress my wound and said,’ Ananya, what happened at Richa’s place? Certainly u would not have hurt yourself without a reason’. I smiled. He knew I was upset after Richa. I narrated the whole event that happened while Kabir listened patiently. He said,’ Tomorrow, u can go to Manav’s cabin straightaway once u enter kkn and ask him what exactly happened in the party and who hurt him, before he puts up a false story before the police. I nodded and replied,’ Alright then. Let’s do it’.

Richa received an anonymous( it’s just for now!) call and the caller said,’U r completely doing well. Now the next thing that u have to do is…..’. Richa protested,’ No no… I won’t do it. I can’t!!!’. The caller on the other side laughed mischievously and….. Click. Phone cut

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