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I could see everyone rushing towards Malvika’s cabin. They all confronted Malvika and kept on asking her what was the matter? Well, she said to our bewilderment,’There was a huge mice below my table. It’s just so…. ew.’. Kabir whispered in my ears,’That’s what I meant to
say by tamasha’. I laughed silently. Richa was missing,.. Strange,I thought. Khalid smirked,’Malvika dear. If u get afraid by such small things then I am afraid that u might get frightphobia’. Malvika glared at Khalid while everyone else laughed. Malvika commanded,’All of u, get back to work. Khalid, please stay here’. Everyone left. Khalid said,’I am sorry Malvika, but I can’t become a hen if u feel like punishing me’. Malvika replied,’Stop ur sarcasms Khalid. It’s serious. Yesterday night, I saw Richa disappear when everyone else left the villa. Even today, she hasn’t yet come’. Khalid said,’What do you mean Malvika? U mean the accident that happened to Manav was due to Richa?’. Malvika replied,’I don’t know. I am simply afraid that something is wrong with her’. Khalid replied,’Please Malvika. U must be freaked out after seeing that mice. U need to cool down in the AC’. With this, Khalid left. Malvika was confused, and simply looked out of her window.
I kept on looking at the office door waiting for Richa. I called on her cell number. Switched off..?? Now I could feel adrenaline rushing in through my veins. Just then, Malvika called me up in her cabin. I knocked and waited for her reply. ‘Come in!’ came her reply. She said,’Ananya, please have a seat’. I sat on her chair and looked at her. Her gleamy eyes were sad. She finally spoke, after a long pause,’Ananya, there’s something I need to say but promise me that u won’t get cross with me?’. I smiled and said,’No I won’t. Is there a problem?’. She replied,’Look Ananya, yesterday u know what happened, right?’. I nodded. She continued, ‘I noticed that,…. Richa disappeared when everyone came out of the villa. Everyone stood outside,but Richa… She kinda went away. It’s strange, don’t you think?’. I replied,’So u mean that Richa is responsible for Manav’s accident?’. Malvika shrugged,’No,..? I don’t know. That’s why I called you. I know u r her best friend, so I thought u must be knowing something. Even today, she did not come. Is something wrong with her?’. I replied,’ I have no clue. At the party,she seemed alright. But u too have a point. When I called her a moment ago, her phone was switched off. I kinda smell something fishy’. Maybe it had some connection with Manav? He seemed secretive too. There’s something I need to do now, investigate! Holiday’s over, I thought

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. Why would Richa do something like that manav?????

    1. U noe my answer.. It’s a suspense

      1. Haha I know…. Its just so good that I can’t take it as a suspense.

  2. Guys please dont ignore neerja ‘s ff. I guess she is trying her best and she will be feeling very bad if no one comments. She mainly depends on you I guess reetika di because you are the most frequent user. Thanks.

    1. I don’t get what you are trying to say

  3. Awesome !!!!

  4. The silent readers plz comment n encourage Reetika……this episode n ur vocab is just fab

    1. Yeah guyz…plz do comment….

    2. Thanks Kritika

  5. Superb Reetika…n plz keep writing….

    1. Thanks Aprarrna

  6. I guess that richa and manav are working together in some case. ……….am I right????

    1. No no. That’s a suspense. Sorry to repeat the same thing again and again ;))

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