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The warm sunshine filtered into the room. I got up early at 6 and started with my yoga. I had quite gained up an ounce and I needed to give health a priority too. Kabir was fast asleep. Sleep-bug,.. I thought. I decided to take a shower and then wake him up. When I came out, Kabir was still sleeping. I went near him and called out,’Kabir get up! It’s 9 now’. Kabir twisted to another side and said,’Let me have some sleep, Ananya. I was awake till 3′. I replied,’So u had 6 hours sleep. It’s enough. Get up, quick!’.

Kabir did not respond and I decided to pull his blanket off. He shrugged in protest and wailed,’Ananya, please let me sleep!’. I indignantly said,’No I won’t. U r getting up right now !’. He finally got up and sat on the bed dreamily. I said,’Now hurry up! Otherwise the next moment u will on the news. And the news will be : The kkn shareholder and business manager Kabir Sharma sleeps like a bed-bug!’. He got up and came close to me. He replied,’Oh really? U would make a news of it,aye?’. He took me in his arms and I squealed. He continued with a smile,’Even now,I can make a news,wanna check out?’. .
Meanwhile in the office Khalid was upset as he had been calling Baby thrice. Baby was busy with her “considerate and loving” boyfriend.

She had put her arms in Sunny’s and was resting on his shoulder, dreaming about all that happened last night. Sunny was in his dreams too. Khalid finally frustrated, came out of his cabin and looked down only to find Baby and Sunny, busy dreaming. Everyone else were busy snapping the photo of them. Khalid coughed violently that woke up Baby and Sunny. Both looked up to find the source. Baby got up, sadly and said,’So sorry Khalid sir’. Khalid replied,’If u both r done with Romeo Juliet, Laila Majnu plays then can we go back to work?’ Baby went up the stairs to Khalid’s cabin and Sunny in the pcr room. I and Kabir entered the office and found complete silence in the office. Everyone were busy working. Richa was on the PC and Sunny and Baby working out something in a book. Kabir whispered,’I guess we have come in the wrong place’. I laughed,’Oh C’mon Kabir!’ . He said,’Look! No tamasha, no nothing. It’s rather peculiar’. I smiled,’U just wait and watch’. Just when I ended saying the line, a shrill shout was heard. Malvika!?!….

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. Oh wow! Kaya moments…;) Awesome !!

    1. Thank u Neha

  2. Others?? How is the story?????.

    1. Sorry but I haven’t quite received the response that i thought I would get. The next epi will be my second last and the last one will be published by 8th

  3. Hey Reetika…..all the episodes u wrote were superb…..the suspense in each episode amazing yar…plz keep writing

    1. Yea but I wish to noe it from others too

  4. Hi sorry didi I was actually busy studying all these days so I coulInto comment but please dont stop writing. Your ffs are great.

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