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What!?! Malvika literally squealed,’What do u mean by that?’. Manav explained,’U know, the first time I saw u in my cabin yesterday, I thought we will get back together as one. I thought we still have feelings for each other, but all that isn’t true. Today, in the party, u completely ignored me. U were busy talking to a guy. My hopes were just shattered to the ground. I threw the champagne glass on the large window in temper and that hit my head’. Malvika angrily stood up and left the room. Manav can be such a mutton-head to hurt himself to get her and not let her live with people?. Having this thought in her mind, she sped off in her car, tears covered up her eyes, making her vision blur. She reached home safely. The next thing she knew was she removed her shoes and directly went off to bed, trying to forget all that happened.

Manav himself was crying. Kabir kept a hand on his shoulder, calming him down. I could hardly reconcile to what he said. Break a window by champagne glass? Surely the window is made up of toughened glass, when I looked at it. How can it be broken by champagne glass? I instantly came to the conclusion that Manav was lying. There is something he is hiding. Completely breaking into my thoughts, Khalid said,’I guess all my kkn crew is afflicted with romance virus..’. Kabir shot a sharp look at him. Khalid apologized. I replied,’Its true. But not everyone hurts themselves in letting the other know about the feelings one has for the other’. Now I looked at Manav who looked at me and then away, as if he knew what I meant to say. Baby said,’No no Ananya. I know many people who end up their lives in letting the other person know how much feelings one has for the other. Now u can take the example of my neighbour Pintu…’ As usual Baby started with her gossips,’ Pintu liked a girl named Lily. Lily was the most beautiful girl in my village. Lily rarely recognized him or his love for her. Then,.. He committed a suicide to let her know how much he loved her’. Many were tired by now to listen to her so no one listened to her much. Seeming to understand the situation, she said,’Sorry sorry. I did not mean to go this way …’. Manav commented,’It’s alright Baby’. Richa said,’Sir, would u be able to make if up to office tomorrow?’. Khalid said,’Manav, it’s really up to u. If u feel fit, then only come. Otherwise, I recommend you to take a rest’. Manav replied,’No no Khalid. I’ll come tomorrow, alright’. Doc came in and said,’So sorry sir, u can’t leave the premises tomorrow. U need a day’s rest. U must stay here’. Sunny said,’Alright, docji. Manav sir, u can completely rely on me. I will look after kkn for tomorrow’. Baby gave a sharp nudge to Sunny.

Manav said,’For tomorrow, I think Kabir will handle the editorial meeting, won’t you?’. Kabir smiled and replied,’Yup I will. That’s what friends are meant for’.
I and Kabir had dressed up in night dress, ready to doze off. Kabir said,’Do u think, what I think too?’. I winked. I knew what he meant…

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. Umm.. Guys? How is the story? Do tell me otherwise I won’t be able to update my next episode

    1. As usual…. It’s amazing….. Makes me eagerly wait for next episode

    2. Its amazing as usual didi. I would like to request that you and others comment on neerja ‘s update on ep 66. Thanks

      1. I did

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