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Everyone started running helter-skelter. The voice seemed to come from above. I was determined to find out the source and off I went. The crashing had happened due to someone breaking the large glass window by throwing something at it. I went near the broken glass window to study the source. Suddenly shiver ran down my spine….. blood?. There were blood drops. I followed the trail that the drops created. I found Manav?! He was lying on the floor, unconscious. Everyone was safely evacuated except for him and me. Kabir was looking for me in the crowd and expected me to be still in the villa. Soon he re-entered the villa, where police was blocking the entry. Kabir said to the guards,’Ananya is in. I need to get her out’. Seeming to understand his concern, they let him in. Malvika followed in too. Kabir reached where I was seated, with Manav’s head on the floor. Malvika was stunned. She rushed towards Manav and sat down, keeping Manav’s head on her lap and looking at the wound closely. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Kabir asked me,’R u alright? ‘. I nodded. Kabir further asked me,’What’s all this Ananya? How did this happen?’.

I replied,’I don’t know Kabir. When the noise came, I rushed up here only to find Manav ,…wounded’. Malvika said in half-breath,’I know it’s my fault. I did not even bother to look for Manav’. I kept my hand on hers, that was already smeared with blood,’Its alright Malvika. It isn’t ur fault. Let’s get him to hospital before he suffers blood loss’. Kabir got a piece of cloth somewhere around the corner and managed to wrap the wound. Manav was rushed in the ICU and everyone :Richa, Sunny, Baby and Khalid began asking me about how the incident happened.
Malvika was much much tensed, as though it was her who was responsible for Manav’s condition. She moved about the ICU in worry. I got up and kept a hand on Malvika’s shoulder. In a few hours, doc came out and said,’The patient is now fine. The shards of glass had got in his head. Now he’s conscious. But please, I refrain u all from asking him questions that might tense him’. Malvika went in and sat next to Manav’s bed. His eyes were closed. Kabir and i sat opposite Malvika. Manav opened his eyes and found everyone peering at him. He looked at Malvika and gave a low smile. Malvika kept a hand on his, and Manav said,’I am so sorry to have ruined ur party, Malvika’. Malvika, rolled up in tears said,’Don’t u say that. As if u have deliberately caused it..’. Manav said in a whispering tone,’I don’t know Malvika, I have indeed deliberately caused it…’. Everyone looked at Manav in astonishment. For Malvika, she was utterly puzzled. What does he mean?…

Precap: Malvika angrily leaves the hospital and goes to her own house and dozes off her bed. She did not want to hear anything about and from Manav. She had had enough now…

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. Really good Reetika

  2. I started crying when I read manav was unconscious! And manav caused it delibrately? Why? Anyway you would say this is a suspense so my full support!

    1. Yea, right…. Hahaha

  3. I’m there so even if I am not commenting carry on. …………….

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