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Sunny took over the mic and said,’Babyji..’. Baby was now looking at Sunny, highly overwhelmed. I was having Vodka and enjoying the show. I knew what Sunny was upto. Sunny continued,’I am so sorry to have hurt you. U mean a lot to me. Ever since the first time I saw u, I was spell-bound. And my life took a quantum-jump. I was feeling happier than ever. I was feeling as if Cupid’s arrow shot my heart. I knew that I was in love. U r my angel in disguise, spreading happiness in my life. U know not what u have done to me. I don’t know where I got this courage from, to speak it up to u. Maybe it must be due to the vodka. But the emotions r real.. I love you Babyji and will continue doing so’. Everyone clapped for Sunny. I smiled at the expressions on Baby’s face. Her eyes were covered with tears of happiness. Never had she known that Sunny loved her so much. The music played again. Sunny came down the stage and knelt at his knee and held his ears for saying sorry. Baby smiled. He asked for her hand and soon, they were dancing. I shot a glance towards Kabir who was equally enthralled to see the picturesque moment. Then his eyes met mine. Kabir smiled. I did to, as if conveying him to learn something from Sunny.

Kabir held his ears as if to apologize.. I grinned. Kabir’s love never needed a justification to me. I knew his love was eternal. Even when I was bombed, he stood by me. That proved a hell lot of thing. Richa kept a hand on my shoulder, bringing me back from my dreamland. Richa said,’Manav sir is not here anywhere’. I replied,’No, I did see him. With Kabir..’. I looked at Kabir. Sure enough he was talking to Khalid. Where was Manav? I said,’Maybe he must have gone to take some fresh air’. Richa told,’Look at Sunny and Baby. They look like a perfect couple, right? I can’t believe the biggest flirt has now become a true loverboy’. I laughed.

Sunny had almost eaten up half of Richa’s brain when he flirted. Now seeing her dance with Baby, who stared each other, looked delightful.
Meanwhile, Kabir looked at me as I chatted with Richa. Khalid seemed to meet his gaze. He commented,’Difficult to get eyes off the lady-in-love ,aye?’. Kabir snorted,’Very funny Khalid’. Khalid replied,’No I am serious. U should ask her for dance. I’ll look out for Malvika. Malvika came over to me and Richa and said aloud,’R u guys enjoying the party?’. We both nodded. Malvika asked us,’Where’s Manav?’. I replied,’I saw him near the bar but now he’s nowhere there. Kabir came over to me and held out his hand. But before I could accept his proposal for a dance, a huge crashing sound is heard…..

Precap:Everyone is safely evacuated. But there was someone still in…

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. I don’t understand still didi. U see,in the Precap for the previous episode, you had said that malvika’s party had been ruined and she was crying. I know something happened to manav, but aren’t you suppose. To reveal it?.

    1. I know I am supposed to, but the rest is a surprise. I shouldn’t have given the precap. My mistake..

      1. Aaaah… Your stories are so entertaining that I can’t stop reading

      2. Thanks a lot

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