Reporters aberrant 12


I had bought a silky satan gown, light bluish colored having black flowers adorned to its edges. The dress does not have shoulder and back. I casted a glance at the mirror. Hmm.. Sure enough I looked pretty(sorry for my boastfulness but I wanted to look absolutely classic). I curled up my hair in perfect circles and let it loose on my shoulders. ‘Ananya!!’ It was Kabir yelling. I was sure that he was not able to look for his clothes. I called,’What happened?’. Kabir replied,’I am not able to find my dress. The black coat, with white shirt and blue ribbon?’. I searched in his wardrobe. I got it! How silly of Kabir! He every time acts foolishly. He himself had kept it in a different canister so that it won’t mix up. I handed over the dress to him and said,’Seriously Kabir. U say u r a reporter but I don’t think so’. Kabir looked at me in cross and said,’What do u mean? U mean I don’t look like a reporter to u? I should have known u satirize me so much’. I kept my hand on his and said,’C’mon Kabir! I was just joking. I meant to say that reporters search for clues, evidences but u r not even able to search for ur clothes!’. Kabir looked sheepishly and said,’Please stop. Today don’t talk about work. I need to relax.

Malvika has arranged a get-together. Kl’s daughter!! Think about how much fun u will have! Come let’s go. We should not be late’. We got in the car and sped off. We reached her Villa, about 7 miles from kkn. Her house was extravagant, as I had expected. Her living room was spectacular. The chandelier perfectly shone like polished pieces of glass, refracting light through different angles across the room. I was literally gaping at it. There were many guests apart from kkn crew. Kabir stood next to me and saw me looking around the posh room. The DJ was on and everyone were dancing. He whispered in my ears,’I have already been here.
This is not Malvika’s house. It’s KL’s flat. He’s

apparently in Dubai’. Manav and Khalid were seated in the bar. Kabir said,’I gotta go in the bar. See? There is Richa, Sunny and Baby. Go with them. Bye darling. See you later’. He gave a
quick peck on my cheeks and left. I went on to join my gang. Sunny was speaking nonsense,’Do u think I will become rich enough to impress u, Babyji?’. Baby wasn’t paying
attention. She usually ignores his not-so-specific topic discussions. Sunny got a no reply from Baby so he was having his drink. Richa noticed me and came over to hug me. She
said,’Ur dress is so elegant! Kabir must have gone mad seeing u’. I blushed. I replied,’Not so much that I can appreciate. Anyway, vodka?’. Richa and Sunny raised their hands. Baby
said,’Are u mad Sunnyji? U r not supposed to have so many shots! U already had five!!’. Sunny put a hand around Baby, but Baby
shoved it off in anger. Sunny said,’Vodka gives

u energy for so many things. Dancing, romancing…’ Baby did not listen and went off. Surely she must have been hurt. Sunny got up to go after her but Richa stopped him,’Hey! Wait up. I have a more better idea for convincing her’. She winked and left. Sunny sat drinking and said,’Girls are highly conspicuous!’. I smiled. Richa went to the DJ and asked him to play a romantic song. The DJ did so. And Baby who was about to leave stopped and turned back. She saw Sunny on the stage. Suddenly, the song paused. And the next thing that happened will freeze ur heart….

Precap: Malvika’s party was ruined. She was crying bitterly. I went near Malvika to console her. But she was saddened to the root…

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. BAAPRE! So much suspense… Actually my heart froze after reading the last part. I suggest you should become a book or movie writer with suspense or crime genres.

    1. Hahaha… Thanks dude

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