Reporters aberrant 11

The debate commenced. Kabir introduced Rajendra Verma and Virendra Verma. Rajendra Verma, had adorned a sad look on his face. I instantly knew the reason. It pains to know that ur own son indulges in a filthy work of stealing when u make so much sacrifices for him. Kabir asked Rajendra Verma to give a detailed account of his job and about the diamonds he got when he found it out in an illegal smuggle. Rajendra gave his presentation on the topic and accused Virendra of stealing diamonds. Virendra plainly argued,’Its true that me and my mother were aware of diamonds that were there in the bag. That does not imply that I have possibly stolen it. It might be those anonymous threateners who felt that u might surrender to the police’. Rajendra banged the table with his fist in anger and cried,’I always loved my family. When the anonymous callers threatened to kill u, I preferred u over truth. But I have paid a heavy debt for it. I should have let u go…’. Tears swelled up Rajendra’s eyes. Kabir
continued,’Virendra, r u sure that u did not steal those diamonds? R u sure u don’t know him?’. Kabir motioned Manu to enter the debate. With
his hands tied down, Khurana brought him .

Virendra was stunned to c Manu. Ohh!, he
thought, so this media managed to contact Manu. Anyway, I won’t confess. He said,’ Who is
he? I don’t know him’. Manu confirmed upon the whole plot of Virendra and also confessed that he got his men to kill Ayesha. Kabir then played the video where Virendra is seated in the office and confessed the murder of Ayesha and
having real illegal diamonds. Then the video showed Virendra handing over the fake diamonds in a secret missionary bag. Virendra’s face went red. The video then showed the file where Virendra was engaged in selling diamonds to Mr.Ventresca. Virendra felt his heart sinking. His jaw dropped and was absolutely stunned. He crossed the debate room and left. Kabir said,’Virendra Verma was too bereft of words. The question now arises: Do we still want to cover the face of truth with our wanton acts? Is money more valuable than relations?. May we get answers to this. For today only this much. See u tomorrow at 9. I had on the spy cam in my hair belt. Virendra did find us searching but he was far too late when I had already captured the entire pic of the deal in his files. Truth once again had its victory! Oh! I forgot that Malvika had arranged for a get-together later that evening. It’s 9:30 ! It completely slipped my mind! I need to look good. I messaged Kabir that I left without him to get ready. I had uncovered the truth! That indeed needed a celebration.

Credit to: Reetika


  1. trishita

    Three cheers for reetika di. ……sach mein mujhe toh siti bajane ka mann kar raha tha.. ………meri maa baithi hain nahi toh main dance karne lag jati …………..reporters ka 1st promo yaad agaya. …wo debate room… …………thank u aur ay se hi leads laate rehna…………………….
    Waiting for ur next episode

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