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Virendra entered the office and found us searching. He had on the confused look and before he could ask, I slipped in my ring on the floor and started yelling to Sunny and Richa,’Where r u two looking? Search for my damn ring! It’s too precious. It costs 2 crore alone’. Seeming to understand my actions, Richa and Sunny reported sadly,’Mam, I am afraid it’s lost. We have searched the whole office but could not find it’. I squealed,’What do u mean by that?’. The minister found the ring lying on the floor. He approached it and handed over to me. I smiled,’Thank God! Thank u so much’. He smiled back,’My pleasure. Please have a seat’. I sat while Richa and Sunny stood by me. In a much serious tone, he uttered,’I heard that u wish to buy my diamonds’. I gave a wicked smile,’I know the diamonds are not yours. It is illegal, isn’t it?’. A tension was felt around Virendra. The cloak of perspiration covered up his haughty face. Finally his words came back. He muttered in a less audible tone,’It’s the truth. I have cried during my bad times. I always wanted to be a politician. My father always disagreed to it. He felt I would become much, much…….worse. He never spent time with me or our family.

His secret missions costed our happiness. The money that he earned was never too much. I ardently wished to be wealthy. What more than having those stolen diamonds? I am not afraid of anyone’. He vividly went on describing the whole sequel of what he did to Manu and his daughter. Surely the theory matched with mine. Now, he paused. He looked at me, as though studying me closely,’Why r u so interested?’. I was lost for words… Umm.. Yeah!! I got it . I said,’The diamonds that u wish to sell me are illegal. If I am to sell them to someone wealthy,I need to know the history how u got them in the first place’. I continued,’Well, my time’s up. I need to leave. May I have a look on those diamonds?’. He nodded. He picked up the phone and dialed. Alice came in. He whispered to her in some language that I couldn’t understand. Minutes later, she produced those diamonds in front of me. I had a proper glance at them. I picked each of those small stones and thoroughly studied them. Sure enough, they were real. The sparkling of diamonds cast upon a reflection on the wall, revealing it’s originality. I said,’Ur diamonds are good, but not better from commercial point of view. I guess I have to leave now. It’s too late. I’ll surely contact u if I find it amusing later on’. I left along with Richa and Sunny. What a bright day! I had done my job!

Precap: Kabir, Rajendra Verma and Virendra Verma are seated for debate. Rajendra speaks against his son and accuses him of stealing illegal diamonds. The powerful minister says quite a lot to defen himself. Minutes later, the minister fumes and leaves. Truth once again savours it’s victory!

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. U r super duperrr gooodd

    1. Thank you so much

  2. In the precap, the word is defend. Typing error;)

  3. Reetika di actually I am not quite sure what the episode was about. ………….I mean what the 3 of them went there for was to search proof that the diamonds were illegal but in the story u never mentioned that they got such proof or captured the confession of virendra sharma. ………….. I am bit confused.. ……..can u plz explain

    1. That’s again a surprise! U will come to know about it in the next epi

  4. The surprise is almost killing us. Update faster!!

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