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“Love is in air?” and i can silently feel it as i am sipping this hot chocolate in my cozy balcony. I feel the air rustling past my ears as though it wishes to share a secret about its beautiful life. Its the start of winter and i can’t help feeling excited about it. Now appears him. My conscience informs me that reportedly my life is going to experience a quantum jump. And here he comes, with his most caressing and blessful charm puts his arms around me and i say to myself, ‘He’s my Kabir and i am his dove, Ananya Sharma’. Love has emboldened our relationship to believing in each other and more importantly, reading each others mind. And reading his mind now, i could sense he wanted to go out on a sweet journey. So i say, ‘Do u wish to go out? ‘. His sweet smile puts a light on his face and i could sense his answer of yes. But i couln’t remember something, but that did not matter me for now, cuz i now intended to spend some time alone with the love of my life.

Credit to: Belle

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  1. Hi guys! This is Belle. I noe this one is far too short but this was just an introduction episode. Subsequently, i will come up with bigger stories

    1. Hi belle! Great vocab! This can be the best essay ever written! All the best.. I know you would make a awesome writer… And one point refrain from using acronyms like cuz etc. Use the full form k? Otherwise its amazingly written.

    2. It’s awesome….loved it

      1. Thanks X or Kritika (i think so)

      2. How did u get to know that I m kritika??
        Exams over reetika

      3. Because the profile symbol was the same. No exams r not over. That’s y i wrote such a short epi. I promise that i’ll work on my epi on 21st or 22nd.

      4. Oh k…..update it after ur exams get over….this one was way too good….

  2. Yo Belle! Amazing plot. Great intro! Keep going!

  3. Yes plz at least someone carry on and Belle keep it up

    1. Lovely to noe that this article is liked by u

  4. Hey guys! Sorry to keep my identity secret i had to use the name Belle. I have written this. This is d truth. I wanted to noe how well the article is received by all of u and i am glad to noe dat u all liked it!

    1. ??Whoever has written it, belle or reetika or whoever, it is still a fan fabulous piece of work and has to he praised. I dont like you much reetika, but, I find your ffs nice and wonderful and therefore praising it.

      1. Who likes u? Not me too. And i was never even interested to noe how u feel about my ffs.

      2. Well its a public thing so, u can’t stop me from commenting.

      3. U don’t need to add i don’t like u to it if u r just ‘expressing’. Cuz i really don’t care if u don’t

  5. O god. ….both of u plz stop fighting

    1. I guess it wud b better to explain to shut up to Ananya cuz she started it first. She cud have simply said i liked ur ff. She does not have to add ‘i don’t like u’ in it

      1. Okay I’m sorry baba.

      2. I will keep quiet

      3. Dat wid b way more better

      4. *wud. And i amnot a baba

  6. I think ananya as reetika di is bigger so we should not argue with her and reetika di as u r bigger u shud also try to solve the problem not extend it. ………plz.. .plz. ..plz.. .it’s a request to u both

    1. Sure trishita.

    2. If anyone hurts someone, the problem vl extend. How do u expect me to resolve the problem if it hurts my sentiments? Its naturally gonna bounce off.

    3. So it wud b better if she ignores me and i do dat too so dat the problem does not extend, ok, trishita? And ananya?

  7. Reetika di plz update the next epi

    1. My exams r still on.. I will update next epi on 22

      1. nisha(maithili)

        best of luck for ur remaning exams

      2. Thanks nisha(maithili).

  8. So then lets forget whatever happened and continue with the ffs. …….by the way reetika di what happened to the petition that u made

    1. I have only one who has signed the petition from my side. It has not reached its target yet. I am afraid that reporters season 2 might not start.

    2. I haven’t made it. The other girl named Priya, who is in the production house made it. Only ananya signed it. Rest no one from my side. There’s no virus in it. So, think u cud sign it?…

      1. Can we resign under a different name?

      2. Is diya gonna write again… I really like her ffs. Diya if you can read this… Please write again because u are a really awesome writer.

      3. No cuz dat won’t b effective.

  9. Can you please tell me in which epi u posted the link. …..i can’t find it

  10. I tried that time but wasn’t successful. …i told my friends to sign even but I don’t know they signed or not

  11. nisha(maithili)

    nice episode…r u in 10th class reetika!!!

  12. nisha(maithili)

    I was away from here as I was busy in my semesters and I am back again…

    1. Yup i am in 10th std. Y? Is it too short and boring? Do lemme noe if it is.

      1. nisha(maithili)

        not at all boring its a nice starting…lol reetika!!!

  13. nisha(maithili)

    it seems that reetika, ananya and trishita you all are from Mumbai???

    1. Nope I’m from Singapore.

    2. R u from Mumbai? Maithili?

  14. No I am not from mumbai. ….. But West Bengal

    1. I did send u the link of petition. Do tell me if the page doesn’t open up

  15. Yeah reetika di the page isn’t opening.. ………I tried

  16. Reetika di I signed the petition finally. ………..but it still hasn’t reached its goal I hope there are others who sign it

    1. Ohh gr8!! I noe , but don’t worry! It will reach its goal

    2. You can sign it under a different name and a different email id. I just did today under name rishita.

  17. nisha(maithili)

    what kind of petition are u all talking about???

    1. The link dat i sent above. Its a petition demanding reporters season 2 wid same cast. If it reaches its target, the petition will b seen by the production house and der might b some hopes… . .

  18. The link which reetika di posted has a petition to Sony TV ………. which states that reporters season 2 should start with the same leads and cast u just follow the steps and sign it so that it reaches the goal of 500……… Right reetika di???????

    1. Yup! Bingo!

  19. Nice intro belle i admired it btw great vocab used ???????????? keep on writing more nd if possible include smth about sunny n baby’s lovestory

    1. Umm Belle is actually me. I had to keep my identity a secret to c how well its received. Thanks a lot. I vl make it sure to add sunny and baby’s romance.

  20. hello all of u I used to be a silent reader but today first time I am commenting…I am younger sibling of maithili didi…I am giving my 12th cbse boards but as soon as my exams will be over I will surely sign the petition…

    1. All the best for ur exams ! Whenever u feel apt, u can sign it.

  21. Hi guys, I just got into contact with diya, and she said that she submitted an article this morning.

  22. Guys, thanks to all for signing the petition. I guesd even the s8lent readers have managed to sign ut. I am really glad to noe. I hope reporters reaches its target of 500 followers. Btw, out of topic, has any1 seen the trailer of Rajeev’s new movie pranam?

    1. Sorry spelling error: guess, silent, it

    2. Can you please send me the link? I can’t seem to find it on YouTube.

  23. Has any1 seen the trailer? Trishita, Maithili, Amyra di, Riyaa, Ruhi?

    1. Nope. Not heard at all.

  24. No I saw the poster of the film

    1. Every1 comments dat we will b able to c the better version of Rajeev, in contrast to his previous movies. So i was quite curious to noe

  25. Reetika I have also not seen it I mean it is not available on you tube

    1. Yea i searched it too. I cud not c it too. I saw the poster and ads on fb so i thought it must b on youtube. But the news is not false. The movie as every1 said on fb wud b the most awaited version of Rajeev

    2. Btw u did not comment on hw the above article was. I really wanted to noe it from UR side(from CRITIC point of view)

  26. Yup,it’s true that there is an upcoming movie called Pranam starring Rajeev khandelwal ,it’s not yet uploaded on YouTube,but you can type Rajeev khandewal in the search key and and go to news about him.according to my device,this movie release news was totally on the try searching for it if you are interested.

    1. ananya I am curious that how do u get into contact with diya!!!

      1. hi maithili, you know the name right which comes next to the picture in the comments, just click it for long and then you would get 3 options for that. Email, block or report. I click email and email her. I realise that she doesn’t reply on really updates, so I just decided to email. Telly updates have the email saved so I guess the email directly appears. This is the case of my phone. I dont know about your phone. Maybe try?

  27. hello how is everyone exams going on!!!

    1. Awesome!

      1. Btw, is it u in this dp?

    2. How do you set a dp maithili?

  28. My exams r over so I m freeeeeeeeee.. ……..

    1. Lucky girl!!

  29. yes I am the same nisha or maithili…I have set the dp through gravatar…and in the dp this is sita of siya ke ram serial (I am a big fan of skr)…

    1. Ohh i c.. But what’s gravatar?

  30. Yeah reetika di. ……………… But I am little bit tensed about my results which are on 19th this month

    1. Don’t u worry! Just believe in God and c how he makes things easier fr u! U r sure to get good marks!

    2. Oh dont worry Trishita. You will do fine. If you have studied with full effort, then you will do very well.

  31. Thanks to both of u

  32. Guys! Good news! I guess many have managed to sign the reporters petiton. And the good news is that the target is not far enough now! 500 followers, is what the target is. Many silent readers have also signed it. I am glad, as any other fan of reporters would b.

  33. Ohhh that’s great news

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