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Reporters 9th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manav talks to his khabri Hanuman and asks him to keep an eye on Ananya and Kabeer’s khabri’s Tinu and Laxman. Ananya enters and congratulates him first for reading apology on his news slot and starts insulting that he is shameless and black dot on journalism and is helping culprits instead..etc.. Manav fumes.

Kabeer speaks to Khurana about the case and asks about a person. Khurana says his men could not find him since 1.5 days, so he must have died. Kabeer says his instinct says he is alive and they should continue searching him.

Shreya calls Ananya to her cabin and asks her to drop RG’s case as it is affecting business badly. Ananya says she will not. Shreya says she just needs publicity, so she is just using her papa’s and ronnie’s case for it. Ananya fumes… Shreya says if someone would have killed her father, she would have shot him, so Ananya should also shoot RG. Ananya is shocked but leaves. Shreya thinks b…ch is trapped now and she should call RG.

Khalid comes to Kabeer’s cabin and informs that he spoke to KL and KL is shocked after seeing Shreya’s medical reports and will speak to investors to replace Shreya soon, after all how can they let a maniac be business head. Kabeer says he is at his full form. Khalid says he is just worried about KKN and will never let anyone ruin it.

Shreya enters with RGand tells whole KKN staff that RG wants to forgive Ananya and Kabeer and continue his association with our channel. RG starts his drama and tells Ananya that Ronnie died due to truck’s break fail and her dad did suicide and was not murdered. Ananya reminisces truck trying to kill her and Ronnie saving her but getting killed instead. Kabeer asks RG to shut up and don’t scratch the past.

RG says even Kabeer had made mistakes in the past. Ananya walks towards RG and says he made a mistake by coming here and points gun on him. Kabeer asks her to stop, but Ananya continues and is about to shoot him when Kabeer holds he hand and throws gun on floor. Kabeer sees Shreya smirking and realizes that she brainwashed Ananya.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: Life works on heart and to control heart, brain is used, so brain is always on top.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Please writers don’t spoil the serial with nonsense

  2. when it is going to end in few days , why cant dey make happy ending. why did they kill ronnie and are making it a sad ending 🙁 🙁

  3. Rashmi Kishore

    Calling off the engagement, introducing Rg, killing Ronnie , ananyas immaturity , unnecessary filler episodes have already spoiled this beautiful show. Nothing left to watch. Feeling very bad to say this, but I am glad that its ending. Should have ended after the engagement. At least we would have had some pleasant memories

  4. How the hell Shreya still can manipulate Ananya? She knows Shreya is a bipolar and Kabeer repeatedly told her about Shreya’s manipulative skills. Still she didn’t understand from RG’s words that Shreya tried to manipulate her so that she reacts like this in front of the whole office.

  5. If Ananya resigns, Kabeer should accept it and tell Ananya that he can’t left KKN as he needs the media power. Kabeer has been very patient but he should also give a bit of his mind, he is trying so hard to handle the situation maturely and Ananya is messing it up.

  6. Oh please let’s hope for the best. ………anyway mujhe lagta hai ki yeh shreya ka plan tha ananya ko attempt to murder k case mein aur kabeer ko uska saath dene k liye. ……………I hope ki kuch bura na ho

  7. Ananya is dumb or what she can’t understand what shreya is … alway pretend like sheis very smart…. how can be so immature and yes writers show is just going to end now only 5 episodes are left and you are showing ananya immaturty and shreya’s smartness why you take this show to an happy ending and give us some beautiful memories..
    Plz show something sense making scencens plz plz it’s an request….

  8. arey yar ananya e kya kar diya tu ne aab sab kuch spoil ho gaya nd i hope till last episode hame kuch kaya scence dhek ne ko mile

  9. Shreya made it look like Ananya attempting to murder and Kabeer preventing it. So this was Shreya’s plan to through Kabeer out of KKN.

  10. Last episode me Ronnie ko ek Punjabi ki tarah dikhaega.. ………….aur richa ke saath dikhane wala hai shayad

  11. Spoilers me diya hai

  12. Story writers stop messing with the serial take a break the serial will write its own story bad guys punished good guys cheer there is no need for u to add suspense will ananya get arrested fired etc etc

  13. which spoiler? can anyone give me the link?

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