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Reporters 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer tells Ananya that she is beautiful and looks more beautiful without specs. He goes near her face and removes her specs. She asks why did he remove it. He then asks her to turn back and while speaking cuts her rope. She frees her hand and tries to cut his rope when they both hear door opening sound and sit back in their position.

Madhav enters and says report has come that govt has approved to release film. He points at Kabeer and says he will teach govt a lesson now with blood. His men shout blood blood…Kabeer says he is using his men for his benefits and is a coward. He says Gesu was right, his men are dying because of his mistake, etc. He promises that he will get them justice with is news. Madhav says he is just trying to mislead them. Kabeer says he is not and he will leave

Ananya as surety here. Ananya asks if he really will leave here here. He says he has to get them justice, so he has to. Madhav says he does not believe her. Gesu says he does though. Madhav shouts at gesu. Kabeer senses an opportunity, snatches gun from Madhav and points it at him. All his men keep guns down. He asks Gesu to come along with them and locks Madhav and his men in. Gesu shows him route to highway. Kabeer promises that he will get their truth out and gun is not a solution for any injustice He hands over gun and runs with Ananya. Madhav’s men break door and start searching them.

Khalid ges producer’s Kishen’s call that his film is delayed for 1 week. He informs all reporters and Ananya’s mom and brother Arav. They all get happy. Arav tells Ronnie that he is feeling that Ananya and Kabeer will be back soon.

While walking in jungle, Ananya gets leg sprains and she sits down. Kabeer says they have to reach highway before it gets dark. She says she got leg sprain. He tries to correct it, and she shouts in pain. Madhav’s men hear her shout and run towards them. They both hide/sleep under a fallen tree. She holds him tight. He asks if she holds everyone tight when she is afraid. She relaxes. Madhav’s men move ahead.

Richa reads news and informs that Kishen’s film has been delayed. Kishen speaks over phone and informs that due to some official purposes, his film is delayed but will release for sure due to public demand.

Ananya walks with Kabeer’s help, but gets tired. She says she cannot walk, so he can leave. He smiles and walks carrying her. She looks at his ace and smiles. He says he wants to tell her something. She asks to speak. He asks her to reduce her weight. She asks him to get her down. He drops her down and says he was joking. They both then see Madhav and his men in front of them.

Kabeer gives end of serial moral gyaan.

Precap: Madhav asks Kabeer and Ananya to stop, else he will shoot them. Ananya hears bullet sound and closes eyes in fear.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Hai guys….Superb MA and thank u ? for ur fast update.
    What to say about KAYA guys they r rocking as usual and Kaya moments rocking.When Kabir was trying to cut the rope with glass then He Asked Ananya that what she was thinking when he came forward towards her face then Ananya’s expression was cute to c..and in the jungle when She holds Kabir then to he ask Ananya that too was cute and The last scene in which he told about her weight that too was cute and funny ?…love ❤ u KAYA and Reporters..
    I think that Kesu will come in-between and they will shoot him in his hand or leg that’s y Kabir too didn’t gave any reaction.
    Somebody tell me when is the repeat telecast of this serial.Whenever I switch to Sony TV it always has the programme like CID and Indian idol junior…

  2. Hello guys..hum log itne dinon se KAYA and Reporters Ki barre Mein baat karte hain but still now we didn’t know each other.So Can v make friends have a friendly chat.Don’t take me wrong I just said to make friends.

  3. Oh hai Piya.Let me introduce u myself my name is Aaliya this is my cousins I’d .that’s why I am using her name.I am from Tamil Nadu and where r u from.

  4. Hai karuna but when I switch to Sony TV at 6:30 I saw only Indian idol junior.That’s what I am asking u guys..and at 12:00 midnight too it was repeat telecasted but now Indian idol junior is telecasting.then I don’t know the other timings.

  5. fari

    pyaar pyaar..kuch tu hua hai kuj khu gaye hai..dooriyaan kam hau rahi KAYA ek duje ke pyaar mae khora hai…love KAYA….cant wait for the next episode. ..I agree with you all its torture to wait for 24 hrs for the next episode. ..

  6. Rocking is the kaya chemistry.and both ananya and Kabeer is doing their character with full enthuiasm..Guys its repeat telecast come at 8.30 am.and whole week repeat telecast comes at 8.30 am to 11 am on all can watch it at that tym

  7. Hai Nishi my exam was not good and not bad…? I am getting worried for that.Don’t know what is gonna happen.and where r u from.and What studying.

  8. I think desu his gonna shoot the bullet coz Kabir gave it to him…the moment were so kwl between them hope it happens today too…..hello muskaan…nice to meet u….my name is aadila….

  9. Sidra

    I don’t think guys kabir can be shoot because it can happen like inspector khurana has come and he shoot bullet to madav and annanya eyes were closed

  10. I welcome you all here guys.Nice to meet u Piya Nishi,Sidra ,Asifah dears.Kash hum sab log mil pate.main bekarar hoon ap sab se milne ke liye.Par ye sab kaise Ho sakta hai…?

  11. Piya

    Me too..if its psbl.guyz i hv seen on youtube the next days shooting sum parts kabir and ananya both were in black.ananya looks stunning,kabir’s brother introduces himself to her.

  12. Desu will shoot madhav probably and then they will run desu will give them clothes to wear or something like that will happen I think….I have a idea we can chat on whatsapp …by making a group chat

  13. asifah

    itll be fun irrespective of our ages how old ar u???? i mean dos anyone have a poblm if all group ages join in

  14. And I am 17 and wat abt u Asifah.No problem but my question is how to give our number because it is public site every one is visiting here and if anyone misuses means what to do.?……

  15. Rekha

    Love this series. It is so refreshing and not like the other serials that are currently aired. Please scriptwriters do not spoil this series with adding negative roles and the usual love tri angle rubbish.

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