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Ananya reaches home. Mom gets emotional seeing her and apologizes her for doubting her decision to marry Kabeer. In the morning, Arav and mom get busy arranging Ananya and Kabeer’s engagement. Ananya leaves for office. Mom looks at Shreya’s gift and realizes that she forgot to inform Ananya about it.

Ananya reaches office. Richa and Ronnie joke with her to stop taking risk as she is going to settle in life now. She says when her would be husband wants to take risk, how can she stop following him. Sunny enters and asks what was Baby’s reaction seeing him covering Ananya’s news and risking his life. Ronnie jokes that Baby was not at office. Sunny gets tensed. Ananya asks him to stop joking.

Manav taunts ananya that she took limelight yesterday with her

drama, what will she do tomorrow. She asks him to attend her engagement and watch. He enters Malvika’s cabin and says kabeer did a big drama yesterday and took over bulletin at last moment. Malvika asks him to stop eyeing on other’s bulletin and build his own repo. He then tries to flirt with her and says his fake acting will not work on him now.

Khalid tells Kabeer that he was tensed seeing him risking his life yesterday. Ananya enters and says kabeer she is leaving home now and will see him tonight. she invites khalid for engagement. Khalid says she will be half Mrs. Sharma tonight. Kabeer asks if he will be Mr. Kashyap then. Khalid says yes.

Shreya stops Ananya and says she sent her a sari and mom would have forgotten to inform her, she should rush home and get ready for engagement with her gift sari. Ananya is surprised. Shreya says she cannot attend her engagement though as she is busy. Ananya says okay and leaves for home.

At home, mom shows Shreya’s gift and Arav says she forcefully invited herself. Ananya says she will not wear Shreya’s gift and goes to her room angrily.

Richa and Ronnie enter Ananya’s house and mom greets them in. Richa while getting Ananya ready reminds her how she was nervous when she met Kabeer for the first time. Ananya says yes. Richa asks if she was in love with kabeer from the beginning. Ananya nods yes again. Ananya then pics her dad’s pic to take his blessings and drops it by mistake. Mom sees her tensed and consoles her that dad wanted to say her cheers, so he broke glass himself. Ananya says it is a big abshagun/inauspicious. Mom asks her not to worry and take it positively.

Taruni gets Kabeer ready for engagement. Anurag says he would have looked more handsome if he would have taken him there. Taruni says she told him he cannot attend engagement. Kabeer says Ananya herself will come and meet him first. Taruni sees Kabeer tensed and asks what happened now. He says can she imagine, the girl who loves him so much does not know the truth, he cannot hide it anymore. Anurag asks what is he hiding. Taruni says Kabeer wants to surprise Ananya and taunt her. Anurag says he got it. Kabeer says he is genius. Taruni asks him to go out and play. and he leaves. Kabeer tells her he is feeling very guilty now hiding truth. She asks him to not do dig old graves and think of his future.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: One cannot live with a burden of guilt for a long time.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What the Hell?!!! Kabir whats wrong with u ?? Why didn’t he tell Aananya abt all his shit past…. Now if at any condition that Shreya or Manav get any idea abt this then Kaya is over… Oh !!for God’s sake plz don’t anything like that happen…

    1. Its not a past of kabeer but is related to ananya’s dad. Hope kaya hamesha saath rahe. after all true love never dies. Agar kaya ke bich separation aata bhi hai to kaya phir saath aa jayenge. at last sab theek ho jayega.

  2. Even I think that the secret is about Mr Kashyap… Shreya will be coming for the engagement! Who invited her?? Kebab mein Haddi!!!! Kaya are very cute and hope they never separate!!!!!!

  3. Serial going well it will sound very funny to see them separating because of misunderstanding come on what can a man do more than give his life for the woman he loves and how can a woman ever doubt this man. What the serial should show is shreya trying and not succeeding cause kaya are one. Otherwise it will b like normal stupid everyday serials

  4. My request don’t ruin a perfectly good serial

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