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Shreya tells Manav he called her bipolar maniac, now he will see what a bipolar person can do and asks him to get out.

Kabeer drops Ananya home and tells mom that Ananya was with him all the time and is safe. Mom says she knows he will protect Ananya. Arman asks him why he calls mom as Mrs. Kashyap and not mom. He says he has not got right yet and leaves. Ananya reminisces insulting Kabeer and breaking engagement with him, Kabeer’s brother apologizing and telling kabeer is innocent, etc.. and tells mom if papa would have been alive, what he would have done and continues emotional talks.

Shreya meets RG and tells about her plan that if Ananya agrees, she will lose her job and even Kabeer and will die herself. RG says it is impossible and she is taking high risk. She says he should wait and watch how she will execute her plan.

Kabeer at night prepares coffee for Ananya and she gets a bit emotional. In the morning, during breakfast, he tells her that he will get RG behind the bars soon..She holds his hand and apologizes for her mistake. Laxman calls him.

Kabeer meets Laxman and Tinu and they both inform about RG and psychiatrist. Tinu says Ananya will teach RG a good lesson. Kabeer asks them not to worry about budget as it is personal now and not professional..

At KKN, Sunny tells Baby and Richa that Shreya will fall flat soon and will be in heaven. Richa gets emotional and says Ronnie is in heaven and Shreya will go to hell. Baby asks if she loved Ronnie. Richa reminisces joking with Ronnie that if they don’t get anyone, they can marry each other and starts crying.

Ananya and Kabeer reach office. Sunny asks if they will bring out Shreya’s truth today. Richa says if they have proof, then why they are delaying, she cannot wait to get justice for Ronnie. Kabeer says if they force Shreya to resign whole management will be in soup. Richa runs crying and telling she wants justice for Ronnie. Kabeer and Ananya continue to discuss..

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: If one has true determination and pure mind, he/she cannot get away from success.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Only a few days left now why r they delaying shreya should b out now and then RJ so that enough time is there for marriage and happy scenes
    If they leave it for last episode it will b a real shame a terrific serial should end well

  2. Today was a waste having coffee etc get on with it

  3. Guys Ronnie is alive. He’s not dead.

    1. really ?????

  4. Lekin as kabeer says we should have patience and wait for everything to be put alright

  5. But it was not a waste of time. ……… Unlogone kuch to discuss kiya

  6. How??? How can Ronnie be alive?

  7. How Ronnie is alive? And I saw Malvika at the rap up party Video. Are they bringing her back?

    1. No that video isnt the real cuz it has all characters with same dress as kaYa s engagement

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