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Traitor Madhav takes Kabeer and Ananya via jungle. Ronnie on the other side consoles Ananya’s mom that she is alive and purposefully dropped her locket. Aarav says he is right, she took article from locket.

While walking through jungle, Ananya asks Kabeer what will they do if animals find them. He jokes that they will get afraid seeing her. He asks how does she know about him so well. She says she is following him since 8 years. She finds her locket missing and panics. He hugs her and says it is safe. She says it is important and runs. Kabeer tries to run behind her, but traitors hold him. Madhav takes out gun to shoot her. Kabeer shouts not to shoot Ananya, but Madhav shoots her and she falls on ground. Traitors go and check her.

Khalid gets a call. He calls Malvika that

he has spoken to all media fraternity and will pressurize govt to do something.

Madhav and his men take Kabeer to another hideout and pushes him in a room. Madhav sees news where Ananya’s mom pleads to free her daughter. Manav continues news that two innocent reporters have been kidnapped by traitor Madhav and are tortured. Desu comes and says history is reporting. They kidnapped innocent reporters again and because of that, police raided their village and are torturing innocent children and whole village. They just started this fight for their justice and not to kill innocent people. Kabeer says he has lost his mission and asks where is Ananya. he gets up. Madhav asks his men to hold him and throw inside room back.

A man enters KKN channel office, meets Khalid and introduces himself as Kabeer’s brother Rajveer. Khalid greets him in. Richa says they did not know Kabeer has brother. ronnie informs him that Madhav is still holding Kabeer. He gets his wife’s call and informs her about the situation. Malvika tells Khalid that Kabeer did not inform about his family. Manav says Kabeer keeps all his relationships secret. Malvika gets irked and asks him to open his mouth only to relay news.

Ananya is brought to Madhav den unconscious. Madhav tells Kabeer that he spared her this time, but will not tomorrow. They drop Ananya and leave. Kabeer picks mug from his mouth and drops waater on Ananya and she wakes up. he jokes that he tought she would kill herself.

Pandit tells Khalid that all media fraternity will start rally from theater where movie is releasing and march till parliament. Khalid calls Kishen and asks if he is releasing movie. Kishen says he cannot bear losses. Khalid says he is able to release movie because of his channel’s pubilicity and it will not run even for 2 days and shouts at him dare not to call him again.

Kabeer asks Ananya not to repeat her mistake and asks what was in that locket that she risked her life. He says her papa is missing since 8 years. He asks how. She says he was working in pharmaceutical company and was trapped in a scam and he had to go to jail. When he got bail, he did not return home. He used to tell only one thing that outside noice can be stopped, but what about inner noise. Nobody listened to his truth. Ananya continues that she was trying to find the truth and read Kabeer’s article in which he wrote about her papa. He asks what is her papa’s name. She says Sudheer Kashap and only he wrote positive about her dad and she got impressed. She asks if he remembers that scam. He says no as it is an old story. She feels sad and says when he joined KKN she thougth she will reach her destiny. He asks waht is her destiny. She says to reach her papa, she does not know if he is alive or dead, she wants to reach him and his truth. She asks if he will help her as a junior or a friend. He says yes and says his hands are tied, else he would have shook her hands. He says she is very beautiful and especially her eyes, so she should remove her specs. He takes his face towards her face.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I m spellbound after watching today’s episode..out of the world

  2. Today’s epi rocked it only KAYA MOMENTS…I said na nothing gonna happen to Ananya and she will be fine When Madhav shot Ananya I thought Kabir will be crying but he didn’t.he just shouted no and Ananya stop.
    When Ananya told him about her father Kabir didn’t react I think there is some connection with Kabir’s past that’s y he haven’t identified her father.Whose that New man entered as Kabir’s big bro.?
    Kabir u r so NAUGHTY man flirting with Ananya to divert her Mind and as usual LOVED UR NAUGHTINESS.and the last Kaya moments….I think he was going forward to remove her hand tied with rope and so she will remove his hand.On seeing the precap I guessed.What’s say….Love u KAYA and Reporters….?❤

    1. Yes, you are right, Kabeer had already recognized Ananya’s father, when he saw the news clip from her locket. When Ananya asked him about her father, he deliberately showed as if he did not recollect.

  3. Today’s episod its just like woh! My heart feel like 🙂 Waiting 4 tmrw episod

  4. Precap is kabir takes the gun from madhav’s hand and asks ananya to leave with him while he keeping the gun at madhav

  5. Thanks a lot PIYA for the wonderful update…..muskaan I also
    Think the same and whtS the relationship with tarani and anurag and how’s he related to them….?????? Please explain

  6. They sooo cute 😉

  7. i think he came near her to remove her glasses. dont u heard that kabir said that her eyes are beautiful without the glasses

  8. this was a rocking episode

  9. i thinking what will happen when they would go to KKN office this katti-meethi ,romantic journey

  10. i thinking kabir is thinking of helping madhav and his village people

  11. Ananya close her romantic couple wid brilliant acting spcly wid the eyes..luv u kritika

  12. Sweet so romantic and trill

  13. Loved d episode. ..just to cute are they…

  14. My My My just so lovd is episode KA ul rock. Hope romance chalo raheee. Not like iknmp dwindling around also others eish
    So Reporters at the moment u ar my 1 series….

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