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Kabeer continues trying to diffuse bomb on Ananya. Khalid watches it live and says Shreya that Kabeer and ananya risked their lives to save others and did not go for their engagement shopping, so should watch her works before complaining.

Kabeer sees only a few seconds left and asks Khurana to vacate the premises. Sunny says he will not go. Kabeer says it is his order and asks Khurana to get everyone out. Khurana takes everyone out. Richa cries seeing it live and cries that her thinking against Kabeer was wrong and only kabeer can keep Ananya happy and safe. Kabeer tells Ananya that he loves her, asks her to close her eyes and cuts final wire. Bomb stops and Kabeer asks Ananya to open her eyes. Everyone get happy seeing bomb being diffused. Kabeer asks Sunny to give him mic as he wants to read his 9 p.m. news from here and addresses viewers that his reporter got a tip off about terrorist activities and he and Ananya with the help of police could diffuse it. He gives message that every citizens should be alert and think it is their responsibility to protect other citizens. Ananya’s mom and Armaan also watch news and get happy.

In car, Ananya tells Kabeer that she realized life is so short and saw death so closely. She continues that she made many mistakes. He jokes if she has realized her mistake, then she should not repeat it. She says let us get married. He says it is a good idea and they should next month. She says next month is mom and papa’s wedding anniversary, she is angry on papa that he left mom alone and suicided. He says her papa did not suicide. She is surprised to hear that. He says he means how can such a sensible person suicide. She says he is right. He says then their marriage on her papa/mama’s marriage anniversary is final.

Shreya calls Kabeer and he ignores. Ananya asks him to pick it as she is our colleagues. He picks it. She says she was worried about him and Ananya and saw everthing live. It is good, he was with Ananya during tough times. He says he is even now. She gets jealous, but starts praising him. He informs her that they are getting married next month. She gets more jealous.

Precap: No precap today.

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  1. Kabeer ka moral gyaan superb tha

    1. why kabir ka moral gyaan is not available for the episode of 7th sep..

  2. nice episode par aab tho engagemnt cancel hogi na soooooo sad for that

  3. I pray ki shreya k plans fail ho jaye……… Aur kaya eksaath rahe

  4. guys synopsis me e tha ki ananya nd kabir get engagged but after that ananya gets mail abt her fathers death par ye bhi uss shreya ka hi kiya dhara tha nd i hope kaya alag na hooo

    1. I too hope the same bhagi. I m happy ki kaya is safe and richa realised her mistake that her thought about kabeer was wrong. I too hope ki ananya ki papa ki news ki wajah se kaya alag na ho jaye. and kabeer shud not be responsible for ananya’s papa’s death. Fingers crossed. But pata nahi ab shreya kya karegi? Wat u say bhagi?

  5. I am so happy that kabir diffuses the bomb in time… Also car talk was so romantic oh! I just love both of them… But the end part Shreya the f**king b*t*h i hate her.. I feel like kicking her hard in her butt…

    1. Same here.

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Same tracks writers use dead or blame others for rejection n i tink shreya is the cause….love conquers all…so i hope AnK stay 2gether

  7. Nooooooo Kabir kya baat chupa rahe ho aur kyu u know u cannot afford such mistakes phir bhi… .. Fingers crossed

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