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Ananya gives love letter to Kabeer instead of notes and asks how is the story. He says it is good and asks her to sit back on her seat. He stammers and asks Manav where were they. He asks where is he and says Malvika wants to know. After meeting finishes, Kabeer asks Ananya why is she getting romantic in office when he asked her to be professional. She says she cannot and tries to get romantic. He asks her to behave. She says he told he wants to change, then why is he stopping himself. He leaves.

Ronnie sees Trisha and asks what did she teach Ananya. She says she asked her to be friendly with Kabeer as they are colleagues. He asks that means to be friendly. She nods yes. He asks what next. She says nothing. He says he will find out. She jokes that he will keep entertainment alive

after she leaves.

Manav comes to Malvika’s cabin and asks if she is irked that her plan or sending Ananya from this office failed. She says it is none of his business. He says as a reporter he can say Kabeer and Ananya are in love and she gave him love letter instead of note. She asks why he always tries to ruin her happiness. He gets a call from his khabri and leaves.

Trisha reads her last weather report, comes out of news room and addresses whole staff that she is leaving KKN finally. She starts getting emotional. Khalid says he did not except this from her and asks her to smile, else people will think KKN people tortured her. Kabeer tries to cheer her up and says they all will missing him, but soon she will be engraped in her new environment. She hugs him. He announces dinner party for whole staff tonight. Khalid says he is surprised to hear that and says this is not change due to trisha. Kabeer stares at Khalid and Khalid asks him to sms venue and leaves.

During coffee break, Trisha asks Sunny to settle down in life. He says he was behind her, but she did not respond. She suggest him to have arrange marriage. He says he tried, but could not. Trisha asks Ananya to give him some tips to lure girls.

During dinner party, Richa tells Ronnie that he gave best gift to Ananya by patching up with her and helping her patch up with Kabeer. Trisha comes starts her witty jokes. Kabeer enters. Ronnie asks Ananya to go and serve him dinner. Malvika gets irked hearing that. Ananya goes near kabeer and asks if he will have starters first or direct main course. He stands silently embarrassed.

Ananya gives food plate to Kabeer. He says he told her to be professional and asks if she had food. She says she was waiting. He asks her not to embarrass her. She says she was waiting for Trisha. He says that means she was not waiting for him. She asks if he is upset now. He says they should behave maturely when they are in office. She says it is his perception, she is not calling him baby, babu in office. Malvika sees them chatting and comes near them. Ananya changes her word and says she is talking about politician’s PA babu and they should cover story. Malavika tries to feed curd rice to Kabeer. Ananya stops her and says Kabeer is allergic to curd and he told her that. Kabeer nods yes.

Ananya goes to get dessert and sees peon, asks if he had food. He says he will and says he felt good that she stayed back and prayed god yesterday to hold her back in KKN. she says his prayers fulfilled and thanks him. Once she leaves, Malvika asks if he was there when Kabeer came to office. He says yes and says even Ananya had come. She realized why Ananya is hired back.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Awesone…ananya is so naughty ! 🙂 I just love kaya <3

  2. Yr kya episode tha.tooooooooo gud.ananya n Trisha were awesome. Kabir kitna cute lg RHA tha.I loved it.PR yr koi ise malvika ko mar dooooo pls I hate sooooo much

  3. Love this episode….. love you kaya….♡…soo romantic….they both make the best couple….♡♡

  4. Nice refreshing episode……loved the childish behaviour of ananya…..and how she tries to bring kabir out of his dark and lonely world….. Kabir gets irritated yet enjoys everything that she does…..loved the part when he gets upset…..manav and malvika were as usual irritating…..god knows what malvika will do now after knowing the truth…..but one remark from malvika made my heart skip a bit….. When she asked manav tum meri dimaag me hamesha zeher kyun bhar dete ho……first time I thought that she is genuinely and directly speaking from her heart….anyways its just my assumption… thing to be noticed is although she flirts with kabir but is more frank and comfortable with manav…..the characters are very well represented in this serial….even the villains….good job team reporters….<3

  5. Truly its superb episode

  6. Awesome episode. ?i just lv it.too good kaya.

  7. Awesome episode. ?i just lv it.

  8. Awww… We’ll miss Trisha.

  9. Nice episode !!
    Pleasant to watch !! Ananya u r seriously very naughty!! But I think sometimes u should behave as professionally … Otherwise kabbir will irritate..

  10. Love u kaya??

  11. Hello crystal muskan lila shruti kavya ankita n all frds
    How r u all ??

    1. Hai ishani.
      Not fine dude…?

    2. I am sad ? because my First Crush in my life got Married ? today..My Shahid Kapoor is not mine now he is Mira’s Shahid…that’s y Sad.
      But happy for him that he got his love ❤..
      Congratulations Shahid and Mira..Stay blessed and have a long life..?

      1. I m fine dear !!!
        don’t worry dear Wish ur true crush will marry u

  12. Miss u trisha ….
    …hope tumari jagha koi tumare jesa hi aaye

  13. yah ishani i agree with u bt its soooooooo funny yar………..i am just loving reporters trisha ananya sab super yar aur kabeer ko e sab akward lag raha hoga par he is enjoying every moment par yar ye precap kyom nahi dhika rahe hai…….

  14. I agree with u Ishani. .. kabir will get irritated with such childish behaviour of ananya

  15. Epi was good…Ananya so naughty yaar bechara Kabir..?
    Kabir ko dekhne layakh tha jab Ananya usse dinner serve kar rahi thi.. Loved it..
    Moron stupid,insane Malvika go and get some sense and brain..jab dekho KAYA ko disturb karti rehti hai..and behave like a boss not like a person who interfere in every matter..
    First go and apologize to Manav and accept him he is perfect for ur sense….?
    Anyways love ❤ KAYA and their moments..??

  16. Hey ishani hw r u

  17. Will miss u Trish. . U r sweetheart. . U United Kaya

  18. I even loved khalid’s dialogue that this change cannot be because of Trisha ofcourse

  19. yar par muje na tension ho rahi hai aab kya naya drama shuru karegi malvika……..

  20. I agree with you Ishani… kabir will soon get irritated with ananya’s childish behaviour. .

  21. Malvika will try to find out Ananya’s replacement

  22. Hmm frds
    that’s why i m worrying …
    we all want to see them together ….
    n if ananya will be have like this i can’t imagine what will kabbir do ……!!

    1. Love the episode….i like the kaya movements and their chemistry… u kaya….u both are just superb….can’t wait for next episode…i have download this and watched it again and again till morning…

  23. Just afraid about malavika. What will be her next step? ?? Need precap. Love kaya.

  24. plz tel me na yeh serial ke repeat nahi aata hai kya???

  25. ashona singh

    awesome episode, love the KAYA moments, Ananya is much younger than Kabir in the serial, therefore she is so naughty, alive and very much in love, it’s expected that she will behave like this. But Kabir is much older and her boss, so she has to behave professionally at work. As much as Malvika will try her best to replace Ananaya, she won’t be able to, as the story is about Kabir and Ananya and KKN. Also Kabir’s ex-wife is coming soon, so Malvika will have more to worry about. Just love those moments when Ananya acts naughty and Kabir gets so flustered, his expression is priceless.

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