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Ananya’s mom asks Ananya to go to office and patch up with Richa. She agrees and goes to office, but Richa is not ready to talk to her. Kabeer interferes and asks Richa to come to his cabin. She follows him. He explains her that her and Ananya’s will adversely affect KKN and even their personal lives. He says her fight with Ananya will get her thinking power down and she will not be able to help him distinguish between right and wrong. Ananya is his str2ength and even weakness and she guides him now. Richa asks what can she do in this. Kabeer says Shreya is his past and he does not want his present ruin his past.
Kabeer gets a call from his Khabri laxman about a lead. He calls Ananya and asks her to cover story. He calls Ronnie and asks him to add Ananya’s

story in Richa’s 8 ki baat. Ronnie smiles and says his idea to reunite them is very good.

Ananya meets laxman who tells her about villagers kidnapping their MLA for not fulfilling his promise of electricity and roads and even shows her pics. She asks how did he get it. He says a friend of his clicked.

Richa starts her 8 ki baat news. Ronnie says he is infusing Ananya’s live story and moves to Ananya live. Ananya speaks to MLA and asks about his kindap. He says it was his constituency people’s love and not kidnap. She shows him kidnapping pics. Ronnie takes break. Richa asks where did she get these pics and clue from. Ananya says Kabeer’s kabhri. News starts again and Ananya and Richa coordinate well and smile, patching up. Ronnie says Kabeer at last they patched up. Kabeer prays for their long lasting friendship.

Shreya convinces a businessman to invest in KKN and says she will give him proposal’s presentation personally. He asks to bring Kabeer along. She asks peon about kabeer who says he is in changing room.

In changing room, Ananya praises Shreya in front of Kabeer for her sharp business mind and promoting Richa. Kabeer asks her to stay away from Shreya as she is not the one she looks like. Shreya enters, hears their conversation and says he knows very well how to badmouth about others and says he is doing it as he has not forgot her yet. He says he forgot her long back. She says then why is he holding her gifted kerchief still. He looks at his blazer pocket with kerchief. Ananya also sees that and gets suspicious.

Precap: Kabeer alleges Shreya that she always tries to be degrade him and show herself as great. She asks why did he badmouth about her in front of Richa.

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  1. Loved the scene of ananya richa pacthup. Good job kabeer. Hoping ananya kabeer se ohir jhagda na kare

  2. Chhhhiiiii….end dis show…wtF yaarrr

  3. are yar guys i just hope Aab tho ye richa samaj jaaye aur haaa i just hope ki kaya ke beech koi jagdaa na ho plz plz plz………fingers crossed…….can’t wait till monday……..,. kabir ne sahi kaha ye shreya aapne aap ko jaisa dhikane ki koshish karthi hai na sach me vo esa hai hi nahi…….

    1. Ha bhagi.same here. Ab shreya dono ke bich na aaye to achcha hai

    2. kabeer ne agar ananya aur richa ki peoblem solve kardi par jo khud ke liye problem khadi karli what about that? I mean shreya?

      1. yah i hope they overcome this prblm being together……..

  4. i dnt think so fatima usne tho already dhonom ke beech dharar kada kar diye……..aab dhekna ye hai ki kaya kaise react karengi……

    1. True love doesnt fail. Aur kabeer ananya ki maa se kiye wade ko nahi bhoolega. Afterall usne richa ko bhi mama liya. Ab agar richa bhi kabeer aur ananya ke saath hogi to shreya kuch nahi bigad payrgi kaya ka bhagi i hope so. Fingers crossed for next whole week.

    2. kabeer hai na sambhal lega waise bhi kabeer ne kaha tha na ki kisi aur ki wajah se ananya aur uske bich koi misunderstanding nahi honi chahiye aur ananya ne bhi to kaha tha ki agar kabeer aur uske bich sab clear hai to kuch nahi hoga.

      1. What u say bhagi?

      2. yah i really hope so fatima aaj kal har week ki starting me kaya ki fight dhikarahe hai aur phir kabir ne ananya ko manana par i hope iss bar kuch alag ho i mean kaya ki date ke baadh tho unki koi romance nahi dhikaya i hope iss week hame kuch romance dhekne ko mile……..

  5. Yesterdays epi was okay …. Kabeer and aananya don’t fight again please… Please show sum romance

    1. I hope shruti aisa hi ho. Waiting for kaya romance

  6. Why to waste two three episodes on that stupid Richa ????

  7. i think kabeer purposely tells ananya abt shreya so that shreya hears it n showx her tru colors so that ananya can see her tru face

    1. Ya. May be

  8. This is for shriya, if she doesn’t like the show no one is insisting her to watch, People are there who love watching it and mind ur words

    1. Same here shriya. Next time while typing something think twice.pls.

  9. So nice of u both kaya

  10. What was kabir doing with that stupid kercheif given by tat shreya n one more thing how tat kerchief was shining til now????

  11. guys have a look at this synopsis…..
    Episode – 82 9:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 10 Aug Ananya leaves from the green room. Kabir looks distracted while giving his bulletin. Agitated Shreya tells Khalid to talk to Kabir.
    Episode – 83 9:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 11 Aug Shreya apologises to Ananya and leaves. Ananya’s mother learns about Shreya and she gets upset. Ananya assures her everything is fine and that Kabir has moved on.

    1. Ananya Kabeer se naraz na ho to achcha hai.

  12. lagtha hai shreya become successful in creating prblms b/w kaya……..yar plz concentrate on kaya’s life their romance its boaring har roj koi na koi unke beech prblms create kartha hai aur use solve karthe karthe hafthe cmplt ho jathi hai phir new week new prblm……this is nt done guys

    1. Ha yaar bhagi ab koi problem na ho to achcha hai waise bhi all telling ki reporters sirf 120 Episodevls series hai. Agar ksya apni problems hi solve karenge series aisechi khatam ho jayegi. Pls for God sake after all its a love story yaar. pls no problem btw kaya only romance.

  13. yah fatima its 130 episodes ye baath kritika karma ne kudh ek interview me bola tha so ya there should be more romantic nd more dangerous string operations of kaya…….then it will b intresting……..

    1. Of course. What about richa.? Wo kaya ke saarh hai ki nahi bhagi? Pls tell

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