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Kabeer says Ananya it is to stop crying and get back to action, she will have to fight for Ronnie now. Kabeer reaches office. Shreya asks he should have informed about his breaking news to her beforehand. He says he already today he is on a war and will not reveal his plans to anyone. He then goes back home where mom asks him to take care of himself. He says he will as now even Ananya is with him. Ananya comes out of her room and says she will also accompany him in his battle and goes to office.

At office, Ananya goes to Shreya’s cabin. Shreya says it is good to see her back. Ananya says she is more strong now and says she knows Shreya’s friend is involved in her papa’s murder and Shreya herself in Ronnie’s, now she has her papa and her bestfriend Ronnie to protect

her as angels and asks her to protect herself if she can. Shreya is shocked. Kabeer tells Khalid that Ananya woke up very strong as if she was preparing for a battle unconsciously.

Ananya goes to Ronnie’s desk. Richa asks her not to cry. Ananya says she will not and says she is more strong now and will get justice for Ronnie.

Laxman comes to meet Kabeer and Ananya and tells them that Shreya after divorce with Kabeer and many breakups got a bipolar disorder and was under Dr. Das’s treatment in Dehradun. He says Dr. Das is very expensive and may have taken money to keep his mouth shut. He continues that Shreya is very dangerous and when she gets attacks, she can even kill someone. She is still under medication. Kabeer says if they prove that Shreya is having bipolar disorder, KL will kick her out of KKN.

Ananya discusses about Shreya’s bipolar disorder and Dr. Das with her friends. Baby says her uncle’s family stays since a long time in Dehradun and they may help her find out about Dr. Das. Ananya asks team to be careful as Shreya is very dangerous. Sunny says it is time to get Shreya off track. Peon says even they can seek his help as he will be happy if he can anything for Ronnie. Ananya thanks him. Richa gets emotional.

Shreya gathers whole KKN staff and introduces RG’s company lawyer to them. Lawyer tells Kabeer that he wrongly alleged RG and defamed his name, so he has brought a legal notice against him. Kabeer says if he wrote his words on paper and has so much spare time. Shreya says it is a serious matter. Lawyer says dead person’s letter is considered invalid and how can Kabeer prove that it is written by Sudhir kashyap.

Kabeer’s moral gyan: A wrong person’s wrong deed can ruin someone’s life and a good person’s good deed can bring simple on someone’s face.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. oh no Reporters is ending….very nice serial…All the best to the entire team

  2. love this show

  3. Shreya ko pata hai ki vo haar chuki hai iss lawyer ko lakar vo jaise dubta hua insaan (by the way she is not a human) apne haath paav chalata hai ki shaayad vo bach jaye vo kar rahi hai.. lekin vo abb bachne wali nahi hai

  4. I agree with you samaira

  5. That dialogue of Kabeer was super. “Ab main batting kar raha hoon aur tum no ball dal chuki ho” amazing. I also loved the way Ananya caught Kabeer’s hand, as if she is indirectly saying that their relationship is not only professional anymore. I know at the end everything be sorted but they can show some stress free fun and loving moments at the last two episodes.

  6. Ya it’s gona end on 16 Oct Friday that’s really bad ,it’s going so well they can show more………

  7. No the show will end on Monday cause the next show starting on 20 only

  8. No the show will end on Monday cause the next show starting on 20 only
    I liked Khalid and manav diologues a lot very well written

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