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Kabeer proposes Ananya and they both kiss and hug. Malvika in KKN channel gets nervous seeing Kabeer missing and tells Khalid that kabeer’s speech is in 5 minutes and he is missing. Manav comes and says Kabeer asked to give his speech as he has some important work than speech. Malvika gets confused.

Kabeer and Ananya spend a quality time in each other’s arms. He says he wants to tell her about his past. She says she does not want to know about his past and make him realize that she trust him with closed eyes. He says he needs to learn a lot from her. She says Khalid accepted her resignation, what will she do now. He asks him to trust her editor in chief and come to office in the morning as usual. He says their relationship at office would be of boss and employee as usual and

says her mom will be happy seeing her back. She realizes that mom would be waiting for her at airport. She calls mom and says she is not going to Mumbai and asks her to reach home back.

Ananya waits for her friend at their tea adda, calls Richa and asks where are they all, she is waiting for them at their adda. Richa reaches spot and starts joking. Ananya sees her and happily hugs. All friends ask why did not she go. She says she thought of mom and brother, so could not. Trisha asks Ananya if Kabeer proposed he and they kissed. Ananya gets nervous. Sunny hears kiss and asks who kissed. Trisha and Ananya both change topic and start talking weird. They all reach home. Mom happily hugs her and thanks Ronnie for stopping Ananya back. Ronnie realizes that Ananya lied them both and thinks Kabeer must have proposed Ananya and stopped her. Ananya comes back and jokes that she will not spare Ronnie so easily. Ronnie says he will tolerate her for a long time and says he will leave now. She says ok.

At KKN, Ananya’s friends request Kabeer to cancel Ananya’s resignation. He says he cannot but agrees later. They all thank him and leave.

Ananya comes to KKN and her friends get happy seeing her. Malvika stops her and says her resignation is accepted and she cannot come here. Ananya says she did not want to come, but…Kabeer comes out of his cabin and says he stopped Ananya and calls Malvika to his cabin.

Ananya and friends enjoy snacks at canteen and discuss if Kabeer will stop her resignation. Trisha who knows everything taunts Ananya and says he will. Ronnie says he will accompany Ananya to Kabeer’s cabin and convince him. she gets nervous and says she herself will go and apologize. Trisha taunts that she can even hold his leg.

At Kabeer’s cabin, Malvika does not agree and insists that she will not accept Ananya again. Kabeer insists that Ananya should be promoted and made senior reporter. Khalid says Kabeer is right as Ananya proved her competency under Kabeer’s guidance and became #1 reporter here. Malvika fumes and leaves.

During conference, Kabeer asks Manav about today’s lead and asks him to get a politician’s interview. He says politician does not want to come into channel. Kabeer asks Richa to get interview. Malvika sees Ananya sitting silently and says she must be sad that she did not get a new job with promotion. Ananya says she got a lead from her source and was noting it down. she asks to show it. Ananya gives note to Kabeer and he gets nervous seeing her loe letter.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. NIcee… will have to wait to see the episode in the evening! looks like Ronnie and Ananya patched up… Kabir and Ananya patched up…Malvika ko shaant kar diya… everything is on track…! probably toofan se pehle ki shaanti hai! dont understand why didnt Ananya want to know about Kabeer’s past!? leaving space for more misunderstandings when Shreya comes along! Phew!! anyways… till then enjoy the good episodes…

  2. awesome epicode! really liked it……kaya looks cute together………

  3. Nice episode bt wer s precap? always no precap. . Hi frnds hw r u al?

  4. is there any repeat telecast of reporters

  5. Morning 9.15 and evening 6.40 on Sony hd

  6. Plzzz.. Precap do

  7. surbhi agrawal

    Super duper episode. … loved to watch both of them together. …

  8. It was wonderful! I really enjoyed it. Thank god it was all real.

  9. kya episode maine tho poora ka poora episode download kar liya path Nahi kithni baar dhek chuki hu subah se phir bhi dhekne ka man kar raha hai………????

    1. Main bhi

  10. Woooow no words to say….the starting kaya romance movements was just superb….can’t wait for next episode…I have seen the kaya movements till morning even a number of times and I am just waiting for today’s episode..kaya you have become my favourite couple ? even in this short spam of time….just love u kaya and the shows charm is going on day by day…

  11. Ananya went little forward in yesterday episode kabir told ananya that they have boss and employee relation in office but ananya gave love letter in the office and that all so in the conference meeting hope now kabir will not shout on ananya
    And want to see more kaya movements don’t bring kabir’s x-wife now

  12. Ufff…wat d hell is dis dumb malvika’s prblmm….shes like a kabab Mai haddi

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