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Kabeer asks Ronnie about today’s leads. Ronnie says 2 Indians got Magasayay award and no news channel is talking about them. Kabeer says they will. Ronnie says parliament session has started both in Delhi and in KKN. Ronnie reminds him of Richa and Ananya’s fight. Kabeer says he will throw them promotion party in cafeteria and asks him to bring them somehow to cafeteria.

Khalid during briefing today’s agenda informs Shreya about Kabeer’s promotion party for Richa and Ananya in cafeteria. Shreya starts praising Kabeer that he has leadership qualities and knows how to motivate his team.

Ronnie briefs Sunny about his plan to reunite Richa and Ananya and asks him to bring Richa to cafeteria. Sunny says baby will get angry if he brings Richa, so he will bring Ananya.

Ronnie agrees.

After Richa finishes her 8 p.m. news, Ronnie asks her to solve her problem. She says he will have to drop her home then. He agrees and takes her to cafeteria. Sunny also brings Ananya asking her help. Ananya says she will help him tomorrow as cafteria is already closed. Whole staff comes scream from inside cafeteria and switch on light. Ronnie says Kabeer has thrown them promotion party. Ananya asks if everyone is coming. He says yes. She asks even mom and Arman are coming. He says yes. She takes him to corner and asks how can they come here when Shreya is here. He says he was joking.

Shreya stops Kabeer and asks if he is going for party. He says yes and says she can join. She says she will not as she promised to keep professional and personal life aside. He nods yes and leaves.

Richa tells Ananya that she told her many times not to befriend with Kabeer as she cannot even call her family for her success and will have to face this situation her whole life with she marries Kabeer. Ananya asks her why does she interfere in her personal life always. Their argument starts. Kabeer enters and asks what is happening. Richa says because of him, her childhood friend is her enemy now. She starts yelling at Kabeer. Kabeer is surprised. Ananya interferes and asks Kabeer to keep quiet and let Richa leave. Richa leaves saying their friendship is over now and she will not talk to her again.

After party, while walking home, Ananya tells Kabeer he does not have to intervene as Richa dared to blame him wrongly and even wants to break their relationship.

In the morning, Ronnie calls Ananya and requests her to patch up with Richa. She says she will not as she blamed Kabeer wrongly. Mom hears her conversation and asks if she fought with Richa. Ananya asks her to stay out of it. Mom says friendship is more than relationship and she should go to office and patch up with Richa. Ananya hesitantly agrees.

Ronnie comes to Kabeer’s cabin says his idea of throwing party for them was good, but everything went wrong and apologizes. Kabeer says he should not apologize as it is not his mistake and asks if they fight like this usually. Ronnie says after Richa came to know about Ananya and his lovestory. Kabeer asks him to suggest if he should intervene as he is feeling guilty from Ananya’s side. Ronnie says he should.

Kabeer’s moral gyan: One should not interfere in friend’s personal life and it is immaturity.

Precap: Kabeer tells Ananya she should stay away from Shreya as she is different from what she looks. Shreya hears their conversation and claps.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Whoa!! This is getting better and better with every passing day. Indeed A benchmark for all the other Indian TV shows!

  2. What will shreya do now ?

  3. Shreys ab kya karegi kaya ke saath?

    1. Pls bhagi tell me what will shreya do with Kaya?

      1. no fatima i have no idea what will do baas ithna patha hai ki office ke baadh shreya Directly ananya ke ghar jayegi……. aab vo kya baath karegi aur kya karegi koi idea nahi fingers crossed…….

  4. Wow… sab ke sab kaya ke piche pade hue hai… Malvika, Shreya and this foolish Richa also..
    Kya problem hai in gals ki? I guess all 3 of them want Kabir and r jealous of Ananya..?

    1. Yah Julie u r right…why everyone is trying to spoil kaya’s cute love story……they looks awesome with each other and these three dirty minds Shreya,malvika and richa are spoiling their chances of being together..

  5. I absolutely love this programme and seriously wish it continues for long. The interactions between kaya are beautiful and want to watch it again and again. Hatsoff to team reporters. Guys Richa’ s intentions are not wrong unlike malvika who wants to create trouble bcos she wants kabeer. She is genuinely concerned about her friend but is overreacting because of whatever she has heard at kabeer. Hope things get sorted out . Malvika and manav will take advantage of this situation .

  6. any way richa has crossed all the limits how could she talk to kabir like this infront of everyone he is the boss there atleast she would think of his reputation………hating her know

    1. ya. Sahi hai. Richa ki iss tarah baat nahi karni chahiye thi bhagi.

    2. v tru i thnk richa s more immature than ananya although pretends to b mature. i thnk as kabeer said n his moral gyan without knowing someone making a judgement abt that person is immature

  7. ok bhagi. Just pray ki shreya ananya ko kabeer ke khilaf na bhadkaye. And koi problem na khada ho kaya ke bich. Pls stay together kaya. Love u borh. Fingers crossed.

  8. Fatima I m sure shreya will do that… she is here to prove kabir wrong

  9. Shreya pakka ananya ko bhadkayegi…
    But question here is kya ananya waha par bhi immature behave karegi and kabir per se apna trust hata dega?

    1. I think nahi. Bcoz she loves kabeer and usne kabeer par trust kiya hai.

  10. ya i’ll fatima par julie is correct dhekna ye hai ki ananya kis par viswaas karegi…….mujhe lagtha hai ki iss baath ki javaab ke liye hame mon day tak intazaar karna padega jo muj se bilkul bhi nahi hoga………fingers crossed

    1. Of coure. Kisi se bhi wait nahi hoga monday tak.

    2. Filhal to kal ke episode ka intezaar hai

  11. i think it will b interesting to watch how kabeer solves differences between richa n ananya as he said to ronniee.kabeer knows shreya v well so he s warning ananya she shd listen to him n start behaving maturely. n cold headedly as suggested by shreya.

  12. nice episode …i think he can listen kabeer and solves difference between them. I hope good..

  13. omg!! so exited for Monday’s episode….

  14. lovena verma

    mine also fingers crossed….

  15. mujhe to shreta ka darr lag raha hai. Hipe wo koi gadbad na kare and kaya saath rahe.

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