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Traitor Madhav nath tries to strangulate Ananya angrily. Kabeer tries to rescue her, and Madhav pushes and injures him. Kabeer says he is donig wrong by hurting innocent. He says even he was innocent, but his family was snatched from him and he was troubled. He says he is fighting and will never compromise. He takes Kabeer’s pic on mobile and leaves.

In the morning, at KKN office, Khalid gets call from minister who asks if the news is true. He says if many channels are airing it, it is true. He gets call from Daily Kranti news paper’s Pandit, whom kabeer used to work under and is his guru, and tells whole reporter fraternity will not keep quiet and will fully support him. Khalid asks about Kabeer’s family. Pandit says even after working with him for many years, he could

not get info about Kabeer’s family. He then calls Laxman who is sleeping and informs him about Kabeer’s kidnap by traitor Madhav nath. Laxman is shocked to hear that.

Ronnie brings Ananya’s mom and brother to KKN channel. Mom cries looking at Ananya’s kidnap news. Richa tries to console her and says nothing will happen to Ananya. She also consoles brother Armaan. She tells Ronnie they should inform even Kabeer’s family and asks if he knows them.

Ananya sleeps on Kabeer’s shoulders. She wakes up in the morning, realizes it and apologizes. She asks why did not he wake her up. He says his shoulders are not weak and at least one got rest. she asks if he did not sleep whole night. He says one of us had to ebe awake. He gives her specs. She thanks and gets up, but drops her keychain. He picks it. Madhav’s goon take Ananya out. Kabeer opens key chain and is shocked to see his news report about her dad in it. He also waks out behind her.

Madhav shows Kabeer news in which Manav questions politician who says he does not care if reporters are kidnapped and will not budge to traitor’s demands. Pandit asks why did not he solve traitor’s problems. Politician says Madhav nath is a power broker and is eyeing on becoming politician. Pandit continues questioning him.

Madhav says Kabeer that politician is forcing him to become harsher. he points gun at Kabeer. Ananya gets tensed and asks him not to shoot. Madhav says he will shoot her then. Kabeer says he is making a big mistake, until they are with him, everything is under control and if even one of us are killed, his demands will go unheard.

Ananya’s mom goes to meet producer Kishen and requests him to stop his film. Sunny asks her not to request him as he will not do anything, they will not let anything happen to Ananya.

Khalid gets Madhav’s SMS with injured Kabeer’s pic with SMS that next pic will be of 2 dead bodies. He gets inspector Khurana’s call who informs that he has reached Kabeer’s location and will get him out soon. Khalid says he believes him, but to be careful.

Khurana reaches spoint with his officers but does not find anyone. He gets Ananya’s locket, calls Khalid and asks if Kabeer or Ananya wears locket. Khalid asks everyone and mom says Ananya and it has news paper bit in it. Khurana says nobody is in this spot, but locket proves they were here. Khalid asks if they are alive or not. Mom ggets tensed.

Kabeer gives end of serial moral gyaan.

Precap: Ananya tells Kabeer she is following him since 8 years. She sees her locket missing and runs. Madhav shoots her and she falls down.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow..marvellous performance by both ananya and Kabeer,awsm were the moral gyan given by Kabeer at the end of episode.the show track is now going on the high track…

  2. The show is now going on its right track.loved ur performance Rajeev nd kritika.

  3. I just don’t have word to say I just loved it

  4. Can anybody tell me when it update

  5. ohhh nooooo shocking precap!!!!!!! wt ll happen nxt!!!!nd sry Sidra ji I donno.

    1. It’s all cool nishi

  6. I Like reporters soo much

  7. I love kritika so much rajeev is so good

  8. Shocking…precap..what is this going on..

  9. Kya gole sach main ananya ko lagi hai ya it just seen that . Idont understand bt l love this show.

  10. Yesterday night I came at least 18 times yaar but u didn’t uploaded the update I was waiting.pls Try to update soon its my kind request to u MA.
    Coming to the track epi was good especially KAYA moments when Ananya slept over him.and I like Kabir’s smile when he sees Ananya.
    Precap was good and bad.Good thing was Ananya and Kabir conversation she said na that she is following him and his article for the past 8 years and the bad thing was Madhav shooting Ananya I don’t think anything gonna happen I think he had shoot at her leg or hand if he shoots her then how gonna the story move forward with out the heroine.
    After this conversation I think Kabir soon gonna develop feelings and Soft corner for Ananya.
    Eagerly waiting for Monday’s epi and Feeling nervous because my exam is on Monday.

  11. muskan lpu to study kr rhe ho tusi

  12. I love this. But plz try to upload fast. My parents won’t allow me to sit wake up at mid night . so plz update before 11 pm

  13. Cant resist monday’s episode


  15. Will any 1 tell me from where we can get the written updates of star one’s shows??????plzzz tell me its a humble request……

  16. Ananya in that party was so attractive that kabir has fallen for her.yes the clumsy look the drunken eyes were enough to steal anyones heart..irrestbl what say frndss??

  17. 🙂 ur right miss piya…..who knows what’s gonna happen on Monday….I mean can any body give a muskaan I came here tons of times but no updates and ma MBs were also finish I so wish rimjhim or someone else could take the responsibility to update reporters on time….along with the precaps

  18. I SO WISH MONDAY TO CUM FAST…all the best for ur exams…mera bhi he Monday ko exams….need good wishes

  19. Good luck asifah,u will hv a grt xam,n yes previously i always wanted monday to nt come enjoying the sunday.but after watching this Reporters i m eagerly wating for monday to come:-)

  20. hi all my frnds and s i agree with muskan wat she said abut d precap

  21. Thank u guys for ur wishes….Asifah all the best for u too.Getting worried for my Exams and Eagerly waiting for Reporters Monday’s epi.Mixed emotions right now guys…can’t explain…thank u guys…

  22. Sry Preet my ntwrk was damn slw.i hv studid bt it is exm na so i hv tensn.Stl nw mch mre lessons r dr.

  23. Yaar seriously its a shaking precap bt waiting for this. I m so excited to watch nxt episods. I think it like to be more romantic btw ananya n kabir. Yuupii!

  24. I don’t think something bad will happen to Ananya, ma be it would only be a warning from Baghi Madhavnath. However I like the moral gyan of Kabeer–it’s more of a precap. Whatever he says in each episode gets reflected in the next.
    The locket carrying something related to Ananya’s father was already shown earlier. It seems the key to the secret of disappearance of Ananya’s father lies with the Kabeer.

  25. offf 1 more day remaining fr nx episode! nd Al the best fr those whoever have xam. don’t take any tension just relax nd do ur xam vry well.

  26. I think something must be happen because it was as written annanya fell down or if madav shoot on his leg than kabir will carry annanya so if something goes wrong something will also go right

  27. samaira jund

    Waiting for tomorrow

  28. Ey my exam was so so……and by the way even I can’t wait for the episode infact I even updated my whatsapp status and profile that just can’t wait for tonight

  29. Hi….. 😉 please update today’s episode early

  30. ₹) please it’s a request


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