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Reporters 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer tells Ananya that he has taken oath to live and die with her, so he will not go from here. Khurana connects call to his bomb squad who guides kabeer to diffuse bomb and which wire to cut.

Shreya gets tensed that kabeer didn’t come even by 9 p.m. Manav enters and Shreya says if kabeer does not come, producers will back off and they will incur losses. Manav says he will read news and she should make him co-editor soon. She says news should be good. He says it will be. They both walk out and see Khalid and Ronnie talking. Shreya asks what is happening. Khalid says kabeer and ananya had gone behind terrorists and terrorists made ananya a human bomb. She is shocked. Ronnie says sunny was covering nearby and he has sent him there.

Sunny reaches spot crying and tries to

enter, but police stops him. Khurana says he cannot enter as kabeer may make mistake. Sunny gives vahe guru photo. Khurana says everyone here are praying their god and asks constables not to let him in. Kabeer follows bomb squad’s instructions and continues trying to diffuse bomb.

Ronnie calls Sunny and asks about situation. Sunny says kabeer is trying to diffuse bomb. Malvika asks sunny to cover footage and asks Manav to stop his rivalry and cover news. Manav starts news and says ananya and kabeer went behind terrorists to cover for their 9 p.m. slot and shows live footage where kabeer is trying to diffuse bomb and cut wires.

Armaan watches news and shows it to mom. He calls ronnie and asks what is happening to ananya. ronnie says kabeer with ananya and will not let her happen anything, says he will call him back and disconnects.

Ananya tells kabeer that she wants to say something. Sunny hears that and tells ronnie that Ananya wants to tell something to Kabeer. Ronnie takes Malvika’s permission and switches on mic. Ananya tells why her life is ending so early, she wanted to spend life with her and have a happy family, why did he meet her so late, he gave her happiness of life. He says he has not accepted defeat yet. She says it is over now and she will have to go.

Manav restarts news after break and starts live telecast. Ananya asks kabeer to leave her and go from there as they will meet in next life. He asks her to shut up and listen that he does not believe in 2nd life and wants to fulfill his promises made to her in this life. Ananya’s mom and everyone get emotional seeing it. Khurana’s battery drains and his connection with bomb squad breaks.

Kabeer’s moral gyan: Terrorists should realize that this world runs on love and not on hatred.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Omg super duper great episode just love kabir and ananya
    Aur kya yaar ananya itne pyar bhare drama ke baad bhi engagement cancel kar di not fair

  2. Just hope ki kabeer sahi wire kate aur ananya ko bacha le. Kabeer ananya par cgilata hai ki shut up and listen to me jab ananya marne ki baat karti hai. Manav was so wrong. Kaya ki jaan khatre me thi and he was talking about their romance. I hate him for this. And just read spoiler ki kaya ki engagement me shreta aayegi. Hope ki kaya ki engagement ho jaye. Aur kaya separate na ho.

  3. Kabeer shouts at ananta to shut up and listen to him ki wo dusre jabam me wishwaas nahi karta and he will fulfill his promise made to ananya in this life only. they will live and die together. Awesome epusode filled with thrill.

  4. Spoilers ki link koi post karo please

      1. Until know sirf yehi hay

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Hah bekol pls kyo link behjo i took lv series..

  6. now only 29 episodes left for reporters to end .feeling sad

  7. Thanks

  8. OMG……… Fingers crossed………… Hope kabeer will sort out everything

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