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Traitor Madhav Nath tells Kabeer and Ananya that his team has received tape and once they relay it, he will release them. He asks them not to provoke him. Ananya asks him to finish it once for all as he is untrustable and tricked them. Kabeer scolds Ananya to stop her nonses as he is listening to her since 1 week. He asks Madhav where to go and signals Ananya.

They are taken to a room with a guard. Ananya sees guard staring at her and asks if he did not see a girl before and angrily gets up but silps. Kabeer holds her and asks if she is fine now. He tells guard that she is mentally unstable. He tells Ananya that we don’t know where we are, so we have to keep them engaged to get some time. She asks what he will do with time. He says we can get time to think. He continues that guard

is her love and even she touched him. She says it was not called touching and asks what next. He jokes a bit again and then says KKN must have got footage by now and will be planning to release them, so till then they will have to be friendly with them.

Manav sits for news reading. Malvika taunts he must be happy that Kabeer is out of his way. He says first he is a reporter and then Kabeer’s competitor, so even he is worried about him.

Ananya requests Desu to free her as they called him and confined with tricks. He walks out. She tells Kabeer that they are so insenitive and don’t know love language. He smiles.

Ananya’s brother and mother watch news about Ananya and Kabeer being kidnapped by Madhav nath and his men by tricking. Madhav on the other side asks Ananya if she is happy now. She says her mom would be seeing this news and she must be tensed. Manav continues that Madhav called them for interview and kidnapped them. He hopes to see them soon and asks viewers to pray for them.

Ronnie gets Ananya’s mom’s call and asks Malvika what to tell her now. She asks him to tell they are fine. He picks call and tells he is coming home and Ananya is fine as he just spoke to her. Malvika asks him to bring mom here as she will feel better. He reaches ananya’s house and mom asks where is Ananya, he told lie, and slaps him. Brother says it is not his mistake and apologizes him. Mom starts crying vigorously.

Ananya starts crying and tells Kabeer that her mom would not tolerate all this and even her brother is very small. Kabeer asks who is she, she is not Ms. Kashyap which he knows, she used to find a ray of hope even in dark and was a fighter till she wins. He continues consoling her. She says he must be repenting as he is kidnapped and Manav is free. He says he is not repenting and says if Manav would have been here, she would have taking care of him and not he. She would have heard many disease names along with appendix. She smiles and asks if he agrees that he manipulated to attend this interview. He says yes and says he knew there is a risk here and knew he would get a big news here and will succeed himself and his channel to news heights. he made a mistake before by not trusting her, but will not repeat it. He says he has courage to see in her eyes and if she has courage, she should forgive him. She nods yes.

Madhav comes and hits Kabeer with rod. Ananya says he is a beast. He strangulates her and says he is right. Kabeer tries to rescue her, but he pushes him again.

Precap: No precap.

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  1. Precap anyone please

  2. Precap
    Ananya is sleeping over kabir’s shoulder , then she wakes up and asks kabir why didn’t he sleep. Kabir says that somebody should be awake . Then those bagi call hurry her locket falls on ground which kabir takes and looks at a piece of paper which was in that locket..

  3. Today’s epi was awesome especially KAYA moments.When Kabir holds Ananya in his arms and explains her was too good and when he was Consoling Ananya and asked his forgiveness was good.When Kabir said to Ananya that don’t u know what is gonna happen Love story is going to Start I thought he was saying it to Ananya but he pointed out to that guard was quite funny.
    I saw a change in Kabir’s character since when Ananya insulted him in the party he always smiles whenever she speaks that Is cute.In my point of view Kabir’s character is well suited and portrayed by Rajiv.loved his acting.Love u KAYA,Krithika,Rajiv and Reporters Show.
    The Show is getting more interesting day by day what’s say guys?…..

    1. yeah its getting more interesting! juz waiting fr nxt episode

  4. Thank u Kaya Ki fan for the precap and I think that bit of news paper which Kabir found was relating to Ananya’s dad and Ananya is finding justice to his dad and that’s y she was eager to meet Kabir…

  5. Naaa, nthng like that muskaan. its just that when ananya’s father was alleged than it was kabeer who supported her father. and thats why she feels so strong about him………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. luv their chemistry. and by the way annanya’s mom’s slap was osum………………………………………………….. poor ronnie phele ladki haath se gyi, aur ab ye thappad.

  6. Nice episode n precap s also interesting! thank you so much for the precap

  7. Very nice but I have listen that they will fall in love then kabir past will take entry I am not sure but I have listen

    1. It’s a serial. It has to happen.

  8. Thanks alot

  9. Kaya ki fan and the rest who r giving precaps I so love u guys and thanks a lot can’t wait’s episode

  10. But why MA isn’t providing the audience with precaps…….and I knew that something like that would come up Lol……..but something like….that bhagi gets to know and then alleges ananyahs father and she gets angry bwt it ……..THATS What I THOUGHT …..I don’t think it’ll happen

  11. Asifah lol I also thought something like that to cum up in the story….also agreeing why MA AINT GIVIN US PRECAPS…I don’t live In india I live in america so wish to see the precaps and etcetera which the other members linked to this web are giving me ….thanks a ton to muskaan.kaya ki fan and the rest and HI TO EVERY mEMBERs LINKED HERE

  12. Ur super awesome both keep going

  13. I must say that the conversation between ananya and Kabeer was very very strong and the way they portayed it was too good.kaya u both r going on right track.

  14. Can anyone tell me what happened in todays episode. I couldnt see it plz

  15. Where is 5th June 2015 written update?

  16. see i think it is funny this shows character looks like yhm lets see how ;- kabir is like raman because raman is khadoos arrogant man and raman is divorcee -ananya is like ishita sweet kind and bubbly lady and the most funny part is news is like ruhi because of ruhi raman and ishita came close and the situation is same here I KNOW SOME YOU MAY THING WHAT RUBBISH I AM SAYING BUT THAT IS THE THOUGHT CAME TO MY MIND

  17. The best episode till date in this serial. That the locket has something related to ananya’s father has been shown in previous episodes and key to secret of her father’s disappearance also lies with Kabeer.
    Kabeer’s moral gyan is not moral gyan–it is actually precap to the next episode.
    I think ananya will be ok.

  18. What are the expressions given by kritika
    .she speaks with her face.what a combination of beauty n talent,commandble..rajeev as usual briliant.the best couple

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