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Ananya forgives Kabeer after he explains her why he is against her promotion. He in turn asks her to apologize and convince him as she made him suffer for 2 days. He holds her hand and says he will not until she convinces him. She says it is very easy for him and is about to kiss him when peon informs that Shreya is calling her.

Malvika smirks seeing Kabeer and Ananya’s intimate pics and sends envelope to Shreya’s cabin. Ananya enters Shreya’s cabin and apologizes her for her misbehavior and says she can punish her. Shreya says her punishment is senior report designation. Ananya thanks her. Peon gives envelope to Shreya and leaves. Ananya says she will leave now. Shreya stops her and hands her promotion letter. Ananya happily walks out. ronnie asks what did Shreya say.

She shows him promotion letter and he calls her senior reporter. Peon informs her about editorial meeting and she walks towards board room. Shreya opens envelope and is shocked to see Kabeer and Ananya’s intimate pics.

Ananya sits for an editorial meeting with all colleagues. Baby taunts that she is blushing like a baride. Kabeer starts meeting. Shreya enters, throws pics on table and says someone sent her. Kabeer and Ananya are shocked to see their pics. Kabeer asks Shreya why did she bring it editorial meeting. Shreya says whoever sent this should be ashamed of themselves. Malvika says it is against KKN rules. Shreya asks she means 2 employees cannot marry. Malvika says yes. Shreya says she will change the rules and says she wants to tell everyone that Kabeer and she are already divorced long back and moved ahead in life, so Kabeer has right to move ahead with Ananya. She asks Khalid to make new contracts without marriage clause and get it signed by her. She sees Ananya crying and consoles her that it is not her mistake. She asks Kabeer to console her and leaves. Malvika angrily walks out.

Ananya sits on her desk and cries. Ronnie and Baby try to console her. Kabeer comes near her, wipes her tears and extends his hand. She holds his hand. He walks from the office, leaving whole staff surprised. Malvika burns in jealousy.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: Truth is very difficult to look at, but once we looks into its eyes, you will not shy away from it.

Precap: Ananya sees Kabeer tensed and asks reason. He says he is confused if Malvika is more dangerous or Shreya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ooookkkkk shreya is soo playing a game

  2. Shreya is sooooo cute ,ananya as well,both looking pretty

  3. Shreya is playing game with kaya but what is her plan……..this malvika is too irritating….love u kaya.

    1. Love today’s episode. I think Shreya is not playing game. She will not trouble kaya. she shud not interfere un kayas life. Fingers crossed.

  4. wowwww last part was awesome…….jis tarah se kabir ne ananya ko support kiya its just awesome…….nd ha am thinking that even am sure ki shraya is upto some plan kyom ki agar vo iss tarah se react karna chahthi hai tho vo Kaya aur khalid aur malavika ke saamne bhi baath kar sakthe hai esa sabke saamne kaya ko beijjath karne ki kya jaroorat thi,…….

  5. If Shreya is really concerned about them sh should not throw the pictures in front of everyone and make them ashamed, inspite of that she should change the contract ….. She is much more than stupid Malvika and I am sure she will be proven to be more witch over Malvika as well….
    Kabir is smart show become more interesting…. Very nice the way sometime Kabir become childish Along with ananya and a very second moment she behaves mature….. Too good Kabir I know this situation also Shreya even after try also can not harm you and ananya??

  6. Ohh god… kya plans hai iss shreya ke??

  7. I just wish she ( shreya) is actually professional hopefully she is not worried about Kabir’s personal life… fingers crossed

    1. i hope Shreya is not playing game bcoz usne pehle hi clear kiya tha ki she will nof interfere in Kabeer’s life. Fingers crossed.

  8. Wow!! Todays episode was just wow i really like it especially that last part.. There is going to a big twist in the serial because i also think that shreya is playing a naughty game with kaya.. Today Malvika’s face was a must watch she was on fire…

    1. Loved last part when kabeer holds ananyas hand and walks away. I think ab richa ko akkal aayegi. And she shud atleast suport kaya now

  9. Must say reporters is becoming more and more interesting and keeps us totally engrossed. There is definitely a game going on, because if shreya was such a professional then she will not show these pics publicaly instead would have called ananya or kabir in her cabin . Her intention was to expose them indirectly

  10. Shrijita Datta

    I knoe shreya is not a good person and she is playing a game to saport kabir and annanaya. But the last scean when kabit wipe ananay’s teats its touch my heart.

  11. shreya s playing games for sure n kabeer is aware so he will definately b careful. now loved the way he showed everyone that thy r together n all situations .sweet couple .

  12. richa is so selfish she doesnt want to support her friend as she thinks that there will b awkward situations that ananya cld fall in as she loves her boss n his ex wife is his boss n she doesnt want to b known as ananyas friend .so selfish richa not a tru friend

  13. Omg this shreya is definitely up to something! >.<

  14. guys muje tho jyada dar lag raha hai kyom ki synopsis me likha tha ki shreya will go to ananya’s house use kuch baath karne ke liye kahi vo kabir ke baare me kuch ulta sida na keh de pathA nahi shreya ke dhimaak me chal kya raha hai par kuch bhi ho i just hope kaya will face by supporting each other i mean they shall b together……….,,

    1. I too hope so bhagi

  15. guys chill!!!!!!!!
    its just a serial and definately it must have a happy ending!!!!!!!!!

  16. Richard should have an arranged marriage and experience a marriage without love to appreciate Ananya’s feelings

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