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Kabeer starts Madhav’s interview. Madhav says he wants producer Kishen’s movie stopped from releasing. Ananya asks why so. He says he is portraying him wrong. Kabeer says court has given approval order and nowhere his name is taken in movie. Madhav says he was a farmer and govt snatched his mobile. When he opposed, he was shot in leg and his children were left to starve. He was declared triator and whole system is aginst him. Kabeer asks what next. Madhav says he will fight until he gets his right. Ananya and Kabeer look at each ohter.

Malvika says reporter team that she is going home and they should also go home and rest as they will be covering traitor Madhav nath’s interview and leaves. Richa says she will wait, Ronnie says even he will. Trisha says she will leave.

Richa asks if she is in management and wants to leave when all reporters are staying back. Trisha says she is just joking. Trisha sees Manav and asks even if he will stay back. Richa taunts that he is having appendicitis and will not. Sunny gives him weird home remedy. Manav angrily leaves.

Madhav tells Kabeer and Ananya that he helped them, so they should also help him in his fight. Kabeer asks what does he mean. Madhav says he will keep him as guest/hostage for some days. Ananya says he invited them, so they came here, but he is forcing them. Madhav says he requested them, but they are not understanding it. He signals his man Desu and he points gun on Kabeer. Kabeer says this is wrong. Madhav asks Desu to control media. Desu takes kabeer and ananya with him.

Sunny and Richa, Trisha play game. Richa asks Sunny to act. He acts like Khalid and Malvika. Trisha says he has a hidden talent. Sunny says he will show her when her turn comes. She asks what should she do. He says Ronnie is tensed, so she should kiss him. She runs behind him to hit. Ronnie asks them to stop their game and says Ananya is not reachable and don’t know what happened to them. Peon comes and informs that Ananya and Kabeer’s car came back, but they are not. Ronnie runs to check vehile and sees a letter. He reads Madhav’s letter to broadast clip. He runs and plays clip and they all 4 are shocked to see Kabeer and Ananya being kidnapped and Kabeer says Madhav wants Kishen’s move to be stopped and court order anulled to free them. Madhav says film is releasing on friday, so they have only 1 day and 1 night, until then Kabeer and Ananya will be with them and says if they trick him, reporters will be killed.

Khalid watches video and calls Khurana. Khurana says he needs a copy of video. Khalid says he did not file a report and he is here just as Kabeer’s friend. Khurana says he want to analyze footage and find location. Ronnie asks Khalid if he should air footage. Manav says they will not as they will make Madhav a big traitor. Ronnie says if they will not, Madhav will kill Ananya and Ronnie. Khalid asks Khurana what is he doing for his friend. Khurana says he will do his best to save them and has taken permission from police commissioner to send police force without filing a complaint.

Malvika sees Khalid trying to call someone. Khalid says he is trying broadcast minister and his secretary, but they are not picking his call. He gets Madhav’s call who asks him to relay his message to govt and fulfill his demands to release Kabeer and Ananya. Khalid asks Manav to air footage.

Ananya angrily walks around and scolds Madhav’s man. Kabeer asks her what is she doing. She asks why is he tolerating this nonsense and says she can die but not tolerate it. She tells man they always killed innocent people. Man points gun at her. Khalid stops him. Madhav comes out and asks not to provoke him, else he will start killing spree. Kabeer says Ananya is telling same and asks if he wants that. Madhav says he still has time for that.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Ananya tries to provoke Madhav’s man and slips. Kabeer holds her and asks if her drama is over. She says it is still there.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. 1st
    I love this serial
    waiting for next episod-ananya slips & kabeer holds her…

  2. Unfortunately, I found Ananya’s behaviour a bit irritating–I mean seriously what was she trying to prove by yelling at her abductors and also telling Kabeer coward (‘buzdil’). In such situation one needs to maintain certain amount of calm and show some restraint at least. To me she was making a scene. Should have behaved a little more maturely at such time of crisis.

  3. I also agree with u… ananya always showing more attitude…

  4. waiting fr nxt episode! n thanks fr the update

  5. maybe ananya is purposely doing this drama to escape from here..kabeer will also notice her daring act in front of goons..waiting fr tdys episode..cant miss this serial, just love it..

  6. It’s not Ananaya’s fault that she got such a character of being such a overactor……and she doesn’t make the dialouges herself

  7. I agree with Nsb coz it maybe her plan

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