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Ananya informs her mom that she got a better pay job in Mumbai. Mom tries to convince her to stay back, but she is adamant. Her KKN friends come and ask mom to stop her. Mom says if they can stop her, they can. They try to convince Ananya, but she say she is just going to Mumbai and not away from them.

Malvika tells Kabeer that she appointed a new employee in Ananya's place who will cover even bollywood. Kabeer says Ananya is more sensible and competent reporter.

Ananya comes to KKN channel to say final bye to everyone. Peon asks if she is really resigning. She say yes and asks if she can look at office once. He lets her in and she watches each room and place and reminisces her emotional moments attached to it.

Kabeer comes seeing her. She says he should have been in conference. He says even she should not have been here. She says she came to meet her friends last time. He says he came to meet his friend first time. He says he asked her to leave channel and wants now to stay back. She says she does not have any reason to stay back. He says he will give her reason and says he cannot live without her and loves her a lot, asks if this reason is enough for her to stay.

She says this is not enough and tries to leave. He says he does not want to lose himself, so he is stopping her. He says he does not know who he is. People call him selfish, womanizer, etc., and it does affect him as he used to live for himself, but now he wants to live for her. He reminds her what she said in party. He goes near her and says he is very stubborn and can lose anything to get her, his egoism, arrogancy, etc. It is not easy for him to break these walls which he has built around him. He wants to make her as his identity and requests to give him one chance. He touches her face and says I love you. She starts crying emotionally. He kisses her and wipes her tears. They both then hug each other with satisfaction and happiness on their faces.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan about love.

Precap: No precap today.

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  1. Epi was AWESOME…..??.Finally they accepted their ❀ it..
    I hope no more misunderstandings and fighting guys…
    If u want to fight na then fight for each others love ❀ .ok..
    Love ❀ u my KAYA and Reporters…?

  2. jyotii

    Omg its awesome guyz . I m blushing even right now. Wowwwww just memorable. Actually i don’t have even word what to say….β™₯;-)β™₯:-)β™₯

  3. Oh my gosh !!! What a episode i’m in love with kabir the way he kissed her so passionate…… Plz make malvika see this . :-P:->;->
    kaya u r the BEST luv u a lot:-*

  4. Crystal

    Waaaaooohhhhh……..awesome episode……jst loved it……how kabir conveyed his feelings has totally made me speechless… was just out of the world……ananya’s emotion was also very well depicted….,,justtt loved kabir today…..well so lets get ready to have romantic scenes btwn kaya in the week ahead…..<3

  5. km

    Woow….no words to say…..I am just speechless..kabeer’s confession was just superb..I just love ❀ you kaya and always with each other…can’t wait for Monday…..

    • km

      I wish it not to be a dream…….else it would become a show like other daily soaps……if this happens.,I will leave to watch also this show

  6. soni

    Yr super ye dream n ho qki mujhe lg RHA h.wat u all say?I feel it as a dream qki SBS k segment m aj dikhaya gaya tha ki kabir was till trying to say I love u to ananya but couldn’t. I pray ye dream na hoooooo.pls wat u all feel?????

  7. bhagi

    really its an awesome episode how cute……..and how lovely………par yar dnt say this is a dream because i dnt think its a dream i gave 2reasons to guys who think its a dream
    1.kabir ne kaal aur aaj jo moral gyan diyana usi hisaab se lagtha hai ki its nt a dream aur vaise bhi kabeer hamesha usi baath pe moral detha hai jo show me really huva tho usne moral ne kaha ki pyaar ko express karna jaroori hai tho i think its a true……..
    2.spoilers me bhi kaha tha ki kabir ki pehli wife vaapas ayegi aur kaya ko disturb karegi iska matlab tho saaf hai na ananya stays back in kkn aur ananya bina kabir ki proposal ke kis baath ke liye kkn me rukhegi i dnt think so……..
    anyway lets hope for best…….just loved the episode….,,,

  8. sameeha

    TotLlllyyy fake…its a dream definitelyyy….warna kabeer sooo easily propsng her??????noo…defntly a dream sequence..

    • sonam

      I agree with you sameeha…’s totally a dream…kabeer couldn’t purpose too easily….it’s definitely a’s sad ? but it’s true..

  9. Ishani

    Awesome episode!!!!??????
    Just love it ……
    Kabbir u made me speechless today …
    The way you confess your fellings that was superb!!! N Ananya your are also fantastic…
    Love u kaya!!!!:)

  10. Please i beg this epi can’t be a dream sequence..if it is i will stop watching this show. Anyways hello ishani whats up??? Hope in gud health

  11. minna

    It’s from both sides can’t be a dream also spoilers mentioned it if dream serial ends .liked the show today very well scripted and acted

  12. Riya

    Reporters isn’t another run off the mill show. It’s a periodic drama with good content and with which people can relate to. So chillax people, the confession today WAS NOT a dream. This is not a saas bahu drama or a sappy romance. The makers of Reporters won’t cheat the audience with stupid dream sequences.

  13. Hami

    ma frst day to commnt hea…….surly 2 dy episode was fabulous ….i lost ma hrt it md mi cry… emotional n hppnz

  14. Sonya

    Beautiful – awesome episode. Hope the recap that Kabeer gives at the very end is also translated into English as I my knowledge of Hindi is very limited and I feel I miss the best part of the episode. Thanks and please take this into consideration. I love this serial and watch and read about it too so I don’t miss out.

  15. rachna

    This was really a dream…..i have came to know this from sources….so sad…but what can we do.

  16. sharon

    Love this show kabeer finally told anaya he loves her because of him she is staying excited for monday epsiode I hope they marry soon

  17. kaya ki fan

    Guys…this may be a dream…. as u can c a video on youtube.. saas bahu aur saazish about 12 min..
    It shows how kabir trying various ways to say his dil ki baat to miss kashyap!!!
    Check it out… its funny and super cute!!!!

  18. subhra

    It is not a dream guys in every spoiler it mentioned that kabir propose ananya and kiss her. So this is not a dream l am sure.

  19. Sri

    He guys chill yaar it’s not a dream it is real . For more info you guys check the reporters news from TIMES OF INDIA

  20. Sri

    Episode – 57
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 06 Jul Set Alert
    More show timings
    Everyone is happy that Ananya has decided to stay back at KKN but only Trisha knows the real reason. Meanwhile, during a conference, Ananya hands Kabir a note that has ‘I love you’ written on it.

  21. Sri

    Episode – 58
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 07 Jul Set Alert
    More show timings
    Kabir gets frustrated with Ananya’s childlike behaviour. Kabir announces a farewell dinner for Trisha. Meanwhile, Malvika finds out that Kabir left the conclave to come to office.

  22. Dais

    No dear it’s not a dream but the sad news is that reporters is for 100 episodes only

  23. Ryan

    Yuppie!!!! Luv kaya….finally β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

  24. Hi Aaliya Asifah piya subha sidra sruthi ishani Ashona…..hw r u al frnds? do anyone know the news tht reporters is fr 100 epi only? is it really true?pls anyone tell is it really true or justa rumour?

    • Dais

      Hii nishi on you tube watch reporters 50 episodes celebration in which kabir said about how many episodes are going to be there

  25. No it can’t be……how can it be only of 100 epis!!! I am so desperate to see tomorrows epi plz tell me what the spoilers tell abt tomorrows epi…

  26. Dais

    Dear ” kaya ki fan ” you r right that video on you tube is super cuteeeee but then this was a dream :-((
    But guys everyone should watch this video of sbs in reporters plzzz.

  27. ashona singh

    hello Nishi and everyone, was a beautiful episode, loved every
    minute, Kabir is so romantic, love KAYA, hope it was not a dream. Actually I dont think so, hope it has more than 100 episodes. Ananya too was so beautiful and intense, tears rolling down her cheeks, was awesome.

  28. kritika

    See guys if it is a dream never matter actually we will get one more time to see the hug the kiss and the confession so it is cool right and the final if the serial is just for 100 episode so may be it is just to confuse us or on public demand it gets more than 100 so u guess u never know so it’s all good just for me
    Than rather than anyone can understand what I am upto to say so alright

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