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Khurana calls Kabeer and informs that his info was right, some terrorists are trying to plant a human bomb in a political rally. Ananya’s mom with ananya and brother enters his cabin and invite him for dinner tonight. He agrees. Ananya says they will come home after office. Once they leave, ananya asks why is he tensed. He says Khurana called and informed about human bombing in political rally.

Kabeer reaches Ananya’s home with bouquet and she greets him and takes in. Aarav says he bought gift for them, but it is small. Kabeer says great gifts are small. He opens gift wrap and takes out laughing buddha. Aarav says he wants them both laugh their whole life like laughing buddha. Ananya says mom has prepared dark choc cake in dessert. Kabeer says then they should start dinner

with cake.

After dinner, Kabeer asks ananya’s mom if she is happy by heart. She says ananya’s happiness matters to her and he can call her mom from now. He says ok. She says ananya her papa would have been very happy and it would have been his best day. Ananya says she feels papa with them always.

Shreya panics reminiscing kabeer and ananya’s engagement and breaks things. She shouts that kabeer is only hers and she will not let him marry ananya.

Ananya takes kabeer to her favorite balcony. He asks if she planned trapping him sitting her. She asks not to joke. Khurana calls him and asks to meet him right now. He says he has to meet khuarana now. She says she will inform mom and accompany him. He says it is late night now. She show engagement ring and says they are one now officially. He agrees.

They both reach khurana who tells about suicide bombers and sleepers cells, how they life inactive life for years and then act suddenly. He shows suicide bomber’s pic. Ananya says she knows this man and reminisces him coming with babya and when she questioned baby, she hold he is her friend and works in some production company, she uses him to get bollywood news. Khurana asks if they should question baby. Kabeer says they will test baby first and then decide.

In the morning, Ananya keeps terrorist’s pic on Baby’s desk and wait till she comes. Baby comes, looks at pics and asks sunny who kept these pics. Sunny says he does not know. Kabeer also watches this. Ananya goes to kabeer’s cabin and says it is good baby is not involved in this. They both call baby and inform her of her suicide bomber friend. Baby is surprised to hear that and says she will help them get his info, but needs some time.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: Loving someone and forcing one to love oneself has a big difference.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. nice episode bt i missed if am nt wrong i think baby is also with them shayad aab ananya koi prblm me hogi baby ki wajhe se

    1. No bhagi. Baby is not with them. Kabeer and ananya ne test kiya baby ko uske desk par us admi ka pic rakh kar. And they talked to baby also. Baby ko shock laga tha yecjaan kar ki wo ek terrorist ke sath ghum rahi is not involved.

  2. Nice epi every is fine now

  3. this is just not fair.why dey dont give precaps sometimes.if dey give small precaps it will create curiosity. and da moral gyan is awesome.morals of kabir bounds us to think on dis matters.its good.

  4. Loved today’s episode. Just saw spoilers shreya manav ke saath milkar kaya ko alag karne ki planning karegi. And kabeer will say to ananya ki wo shreya ko engagement par na invite kare. Hope bhagi ki abanya kabeer ku baat mane aur shreya ko invite na kare. Fingers crossed. But aaj precap nahi dikhaya yaar.

  5. No shreya had already planned and kept herself free for the engagement! Kuch bada hungama khari karegi woh engagement pe! Hope kaya goes like this forever! Nice episode! But I gape ki woh log phir se pehle ki tadah precap dikhana bandh na kar de…

  6. Baby will b involved wid terrorists.. she is gonna create some big problem for kaya

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