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Ananya reaches Kabeer’s house with baigan bharta. Kabeer asks how come she is here. She says she brought baigan bharta. Anurag gets happy and introduces himself to her. She also shakes hands. He asks if she works with Kabeer. She nods yes. He tastes bharta and says it is very tasty. She tries to leave. He asks her to have coffee made by him. She looks at Kabeer. He says Anurag means he will prepare coffee on his order. Ananya says he does not take anyone’s order. Anurag insists. Kabeer asks she needs how many spoons of sugar. She says one. He brings coffee. Anurag asks Ananya if her mom prepares tasty food always. She asks what he likes. He gives his list. She says her mom prepares all this. He asks if she stays with her mom alone. She says she as an younger brother.

He sees they both sipping coffee silently and asks if they keep silent even in office, then how do they blabber during news. She says he is very smart. Kabeer thanks her for bharta and says she did not have to bring it as it is not in her job profile. She says she brought it for Anurag out of office hours and if he did not like coming here, she will not and leaves. Anurag scolds Kabeer.

Kabeer tries to sleep Anurag. Anurag asks him to tell a story. He tells old story. He asks him to tell new one. He tells new story and repeatedly takes Ananya’s name. Anurag asks if he is in love with Ananya as he is repeating her name. Kabeer says he is smart as Ananya said. Anurag falls asleep.

Ananya reaches KKN office in the morning and sees Nalini describing her novel’s chapter to Richa and Sunny. They continue praising her. Richa asks why her novel’s character did not accept his love. She says he did not want to surrender and continues describing. She sees Ananya and says let us start interview now, says after interview they will talk for hours. Ananya smiles. Nilini then says she can see another Nalini seeing her eyes.

Manav sees Ronnie in his cabin and asks how is he now. Ronnie says he also wanted to meet him and thank for supporting him. Manav gives him a paper and asks him to sign it. Ronnie asks if it is his support letter against Kabeer. Manav says yes. Ronnie says his support may be invalid after some days. Manav asks if he is leaving job. Ronnie says maybe and he will know about it first. Manav says he believes him. Ronnie leaves handing letter back to him.

Ananya finishes interview with Nalini and asks if she can question her. She tells a phrase from her new novel and says she can. Ananya asks if she loved anyone. She tells how her boyfriend betrayed her and left her waiting whole night. She went to Mumbai and then to Dubai to earn money. Ananya asks if she did not return home back. Nilini says she wanted to move away from he memories, but it haunted her often. Her pain lessened when she picked pen and paper. Ananya asks if Shekhar did not tell why he did not come. She says she did not but got his letter. She asks if she loved anyone. Ananya looks blankly.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. See set india this is very unfair to us

  2. Really a nice episode……kabeer ananya anurag scenes were awesome… can b understood from kabeer’s expressions that he is vry happy that ananya brought the food as per his request in meeting…….anurag is really a smart boy (as said by ananya) as he also understands that kabeer loves ananya as he takes her name repeatedly……nalini’s dialogues are really very touching and pleasant to hear…..but no precap…..disappointing..:-(

  3. Why the hell they are not us the precap??? How ridicuolus …… Anyways i liked the episode good one 🙂 :&

  4. Hello Muskan and crystal how are you??

    1. Fine dear….
      How are u?…

  5. Kaya scene was superb and today kabeer’s attitude towards Ananya was also good…he looks nice while smiling …but why they does not show the perecap…

  6. Kaya we luv u !

  7. They aren’t giving precaps…I guessed they stopped givin precaps

  8. Can anybody clear my doubt ??? Who is shreya and what is her role in the serial??

    1. She is kabir’s ex wife

    2. Shreya is kabber’s x wife n a rich biasness woman n according to the spoilers Ankita bhargava will play the role sherya

  9. I loved today’s episode. It was awesome. Kaya rocks. No disturbance i mean malvika.

  10. Hi Muskan. How are u dear?

    1. Hai Lila dear…i am fine dude….
      How are u?..

  11. Hi Muskan. How are u??

  12. Each and evry episode of reporters are gning vry gud dis show is oasam great gud nd it rocks just 1 msg frm my side especialy for kabeer and ananya ga saku apka nagma voh saaz kaha se lau suna saku kuch apko voh aandaz kaha se lau yu toh chand taro ki taref krna aasan hai kar saku apki taref voh alfaz kaha se lau

    1. Wah wah !!☺

    1. Thank u so much !!! 4 update lila ☺
      Can we be frds ??
      U me Muskan Shruti Crystal!!!!

      1. Ur welcome ishani and yes we can be friends

    2. Ofcourse Ishani….all r friends here…so welcome to our friendship gang..
      Where r u from dear…and wat studying?…

    3. Nd Thank you Lila ji fr sharing dis.

  13. Ur welcome and yes we can be friends

  14. Vry nyc epi…Kaya rockzz

  15. todays episode was nice….

  16. Isn’t tarini kabirs ex wife not shreya

    1. Hai Asifah how are u…
      I think Tarini is Kabir’s friend and Shreya is his ex-wife.

  17. Sorry I am late today..
    Today’s was too good when compared to Past episodes…love ❤ the way when KAYA and Anurag were having a chat….So sweet Anurag…In home Anurag should make KAYA together and chat with them and in office Nalini will make them together then it will be awesome to watch…
    Guys did u notice no stupid Malvika scene was there today I am happy for that…
    So sad for Nalini..don’t worry dear everything happens for a reason..
    No precap so disappointed….
    I am waiting for KAYA’s Proposal…
    Lets c what is gonna happen in upcoming epis after Shreya’s entry…
    Love ❤ u KAYA…

  18. Wow today’s episode was great happy to see kabir ananya anurag moments please nalini Trisha just unite kabir and ananya love u kaya
    But noo precap itna atyachar mat karo pleaseee

  19. Hai guys….Piya,Nishi dear how are u…

    1. Hi Aaliya.I m fin Hw r u?if I m nt wrong its ur frst day tdy, so Al the bst Aaliya nd sry fr late wish.

  20. M also fine

  21. Nice episode no disturbance in kaya scene tdy nd dis s nt fair y thy didn’t show precap?

  22. Hi frnds Asifah subha piya sidra Ashona.Hw r u al?

  23. Aaliya wer s subha?

  24. Great episode love Kaya! !!!!
    Hey can I be friends with everyone over here??????

  25. ashona singh

    Hello Nishi and everyone, yesterday was a very sweet episode, loved it.
    read aon that Trisha is going to tell Kabir that Ananya loves him and he ia going to realize his love for her, should be one of these days, as Ananya is also going to give Kabir her resignation and Trisha will tell him before she leaves to get married, exciting times ahead.

  26. Hey hi ishani sorry 4 the late reply ofcoure we can be friends…:-):-P

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