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Malvika informs Richa that Shreya is calling her in her cabin. Richa asks the reason. Malvika says she will ask reason and get it printed for her. Richa says she did not mean that. She continues that Kabeer and Shreya have patched up now and are taking major decisions. Ananya hears that and asks what does she mean. Malvika says she mean what she heard and leaves.

Ananya angrily goes and sits on he desk. Ronnie sees that and asks what happened…

Khalid comes to Malvika’s cabin and tells her that he clearly wants to warn her to stay away from Kabeer and Shreya. Malvika asks why will she do that. He says there are many reason, especially her ego. Though she is KL’s daughter, she is an employee of KKN and does not have special talent or qualification like Kabeer and

Shreya to be promoted and should keep her mouth and ego shut. Once he leaves, Malvika fumes.

Richa enters board room where Shreya, Khalid, Kabeer and Malvika are in. She greets everyone and calls Shreya as madam. Shreya asks her to call her as Shreya as she is also en employee like her and will be working together professionally. She suggests Richa should read Manav’s 8 p.m. news as she is very talented and Manav should be given another slot as he is very senior and people will get adjusted easily. She asks Kabeer’s opinion and he says he agrees and says he trust Richa and had even given her to prepare her bulletin some time ago. Richa says she will not disappoint them and leaves.

Ananya enters next. Shreya welcomes her as senior reporter. Ananya says she is junior reporter. Shreya says she is promoted as senior reporter for her talent. Kabeer says she should have discussed with him before taking any decisions. Shreya says Ananya deserves promotion, so she gave it to her. Khalid interferes and says Kabeer means she should have informed them first and then announced. Shreya says her decision is final and congrats Ananya. Ananya leaves fuming seeing Kabeer’s angry face.

Richa informs her friends about her promotion and taking over Manav’s slot. Baby asks if Manav is demoted. Richa says he will be given another slot. Sunny says he should have been demoted instead.

Ananya goes to Kabeer’s cabin and asks why he was opposing her promotion. He did not that. She asks he meant that. He says he does not her to be promoted because of him. She says he thinks she is not talented and competent for promotion and is getting promoted for being closer to editor-in-chief. He says he did not mean that and she is not understanding Shreya’s motto. She says he was taunting and blaming her since many days and leaves cabin fuming. Kabeer angrily sits on his chair and sees her best of luck note on his desk.

Ananya walks out of Kabeer’s cabin fuming and tells Ronnie she does not deserve to be promoted as she is not talented. Ronnie asks what is she telling… Shreya comes and announces about Richa and Shreya’s promotion and asks them to get their promotion letter. Ananya says she does not need promotion looking at Kabeer and thanks Shreya. Shreya says she heard she wanted to leave KKN as she got senior reporter position, so she gave her this position. Ananya says she feels she is not competent for promotion.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: A person cannot be explained if he/she does not want to understand.

Precap: Shreya praises Kabeer in front of Malvika that people get excited hearing kabeer’s sensational news. Malvika says looks like she still loves Kabeer.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ufff shreya… Y has she come

  2. Ananya is really immature.

  3. Omg…why Shreya is doing this…..she is creating misunderstanding between kaya……what is her motto….plz out this Shreya..

    1. I think kaya should sit and talk and discuss peacefully. Or tarini and anuraag should come in action and bring back kaya together again. Love to see kaya moments.

  4. Shreya comes and announces about Richa and Shreya’s promotion?? Seriously yaar please write the correct names at least. Also there are so many words missing it is like fill in the blanks…

  5. High time now… ananya should behave maturely and writers please stop all this misunderstanding between KaYa..
    Please show some moments shared after office in which kabir solves all misunderstanding between them by telling what he feels for Ananya and Shreya intention

  6. The way the serial going both lead actors are showing immaturity the way kabir left and the way ananya is now behaving
    one doesn’t like to see lead actors in a sorry light .
    thanks for the updates we r v grateful and people should not b complaining abt mistakes made while typing

  7. Areee yar….. what the hell !! I really do want to see some kaya moments instead what i am gettings are the misundestandings….day by day this serial is becoming damn serious please writers lighten it a bit..

  8. Surbhi agrawal

    this shreya is disgusting. . plz ananya understand kabir. His point of view is right in someWays. .

  9. pls yaar, don’t drag this situation. solve kaya misunderstandings ASAP pls yaar

  10. This Baby may b knowin shreya.. she might b working for shreya already..

  11. I feel that kabeer and ananya should keep their personal n professional life different.
    or else Shreya and malvika will take advantage of disssss

  12. Just saw spoiler that there is rain dance sequence coming up of KaYa

    1. hiii julie if u dnt maine can u please post the link here please am unable to find that…..

  13. Saw it on FB page somebody put that link in a comment.. hope things sort out fast and we r able to see their chemistry.. also want to see them working g on a mission..
    After all reporters is all about reporting

  14. I hate ashole richa !!! U r jealous of ananya cuz u dnt hv ny dashing n successful bf! Stop badmouthing abu kabor nnget a lyf! I really lyked u in d beginning bt ad of nw u suck n I really wanna smash ur blo*dy face….

  15. gosh! what is ananya’s problem! 1st she doesnt want to listen to Kabeer’s past.. 2nd when Malvika says they have patched up she fumes…for whatever reason… if things really dont matter to her then why over react! and saying that I dont want promotion …thats soooo ridiculous! nobody in real life says that.. and that is not proffessional at all!! richa..shreya..malvika..kabeer…ronnie…keeping all of these aside…Ananya has started irritating me… if it were me in Kabeer’s place I would give her a tight slap!
    and our Mr Lover is no less too.. by doing all these dramas he just shows he still hasnt forgotten his past..! move on Kabeer… put things right otherwise you’ll loose Ananya because of that…

  16. Bhagi I m trying to post that link but they r not updating it.. We just need to wait and watch for that..
    KaYa please be together and face this problem

  17. What nonsense is going on ????? why Kabir can not forcefully communicate his things to ananya as that stupid ananya all the time talk some nonsense and does allow him to speak…….
    But please ananya dont be kidish and irritate like a stereotype house wife!!!!!!!!!!

  18. k julie thank u

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