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Kabeer and Ananya walk out of KKN for Madhav’s interview. Some men click their pics. Kabeer is about to enter car when Taruni calls him and says he should have taken inspector Khurana for his protection. He says even she was a reporter knows the criticalities, so she should not worry. He sees men in car and says someone is protecting and following him, so not to worry. He starts car. Disha asks who is following them. He says Madhav’s people. Madhav on his laptop sees Kabeer’s pic on his laptop. Kabeer sees men following them and tells Ananya that they just want to make sure that nobody is accompanything them.

Doc checks Manav. Trisha asks if he will be alright. He asks who is she. She says it does not matter who she is and asks how is Manav. Doc says he must have gastric

trouble and not appendicitis attack. Trisha is surprised to hear that.

Ananya asks Kabeer to slow dowan as Madhav’s people must be somewhere around. He says they may not be here. Police stops them and asks license. Kabeer says following van missing. He sees policemen pointing gun on them and one of them says Madhav is waiting for them. Kabeer says he told her already. One of them asks them to come out. Kabeer gets out while Ananya delays. He signals her to come out. Ananya gets afraid and holds Kabeer’s hand. Kabeer asks her not to worry and relax. She says she is not afraid. He asks why is she holding hsi hand then. She leaves his hand and stands apart.

Following van reaches the spot. One of men asks his men to take ananya’s mobile. She says she does not want to take interview as she did not expect them to confine her like this. Madhav calls her and says it is for everyone’s safety and asks his man to bring her safely. He says he asked her to come alone, but she brought someone with her, but it is okay. Kabeer asks her to relax as it is their way. Ananya asks if they want even her watch. Man says no need.

Richa reads news that Manav cannot read news today as he is ill. Ronnie and trisha worry for Ananya and ask Khalid if he got any call. Malvika says she is tensed and asks if they will reach by 3 p.m. He says of course, there is no doubt. Ronnie says he ahs a doubt and what if they change route. Ananya’s mom calls him and asks how is ananya as she is tensed. He says she is fine and not worry. Manav comes back. Malvika says he looks fit. Trisha says doc gave 2 days’ medicine and said no need for surgery yet. Manav starts his usual drama and yells at Kabeer. ronnie says they did not get any call from Kabeer and hopes they are fine.

Ananya and Kabeer reach Madhav’s lookout and look at the place carefully. Ananya says Kabeer if she knew they would behave like this, she would not have agreed for interview. He says that is why he accompanied her. Madhav’s man asks him whatks he should do of these 2. Kabeer asks to start interview. Madhav enters limping and looks at Ananya. He gives her news paper and asks if he is the producer of that film. She says he attended their office party. She asks why did she click pic with him and asks why did she bring Kabeer with her when he phoned her to come alone. Kabeer says it is their office’s rule that junior should accompany senior. Madhav says he is a big celebrity and he is honored to see him. He says his associate that he must have come for Ananya’s safety and laughs. He asks Kabeer if he is able to save madam from him and asks him not to get angry. Kabeer says they should start interview and leave before it is late. Madhav says they are his guest and only what he likes matters here. He walks out while Kabeer and Ananya look at him helplessly.

Precap: No precap.

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  4. Loved it when Ananya holds Kabir’s hand.I think this gundey twist will be the Starting love journey of ANANYA and KABIR.Waiting for the next episodes…

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  7. Love dis serial
    Splyyyy rajiv khandelwal?

  8. Nice episode n tanx fr the precap.

  9. Did anybody notice when Ananya catched lkabirs hand and when he her not to be scared he said ananya instead of miss kashyap

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  11. i like this serial.
    kabir is ususual but this stupid ananya is showing more attitude i just hate her

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