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Reporters 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer continues interviewing Nalini and telling her that she misjudged Shekar and hates her wrongly. She gets angry and asks him to wrap up interview. He asks her to wait for 2 min as someone wants to confess. He goes and brings paralyzed Shekhar on chair. Nalini is shocked to see him. Kabeer says she knows he did not return, but did not know he met with an accident and paralyzes, so he did not want to become a burden on her and stop her succeeding in life. Nalini starts crying. Kabeer takes a short break and asks audiences to wait for further confessions. He restarts interview after a break and happy Nalini looks at Shekhar and say she came here to celebrate success of her previous novel but got an idea for her new novel. She will write a successful love story and it’s title would be “pyar,

kuch to hai.” Kabeer ends interview with a positive note and everyone clapping for him.

Ananya runs from her place. Ronnie sees her and runs behind her. He stops her and asks where is she going. She says she is leaving this channel as she hurt her bestfriend and is lost in life. He forgives her and hugs her. Kabeer passes by and gets jealous seeing them hugging. Ronnie says just like Nalini’s story there must be something more to Kabeer’s story and she is misunderstanding him. She says she is not.

Khalid comes with Malvika into Kabeer’s room and praises his interview, asks how did he do this. He says love changes everything and is powerful. He gives Ananya’s resignation letter. Malvika smiles and says it is better for Ananya and they should let their employees succeed in life. Khalid says he senses something else and leaves from cabin. Kabeer sits on his chair and Malvika smiles, but he ignores her.

Malvika addresses staff and tells 2 people are leaving their channel for a better life, one Trisha who is getting married and Ananya who got a better job. Richa and Trisha are shocked to hear that. Once Malvika leaves, Richa asks Trisha where is Ananya and how can she take such a drastic decision. Trisha says Ronnie went behind her and will know the reason. Richa says she will go behind them. Trisha says she will finish her pending work and join her.

Manav comes to Malvika’s room and tells he knows she is behing Ananya’s resignation. She denies. He says he knows her since 8 years.

Trisha goes to Kabeer’s cabin and he asks why did not she stop her friend. She says Ananya is very egoistic and will not stop. She requests him for a coffee and he agrees. While sipping coffee, she directly asks if he is an womanizer. He says nobody questioned her like this and asks her the reason. She says Ananya loves him and is leaving job because of her. He says she loves ronnie. She says Ronnie loves Ananya and she loves Kabeer. They are just friend and shows him Ananya’s letter for Ronnie. He scolds her that he would have dismissed her even if she had not resigned and asks her to go from his cabin. She goes to her desk and thinks Kabeer does not know to scold at all and should accept his love for Ananya. Kabeer reads Ananya’s letter or Ronnie.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap.

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  1. Oh oh…Trisha love ❤ u yaar u did a awesome job today….i will really miss u in upcoming epis atlast u r the 1 who made KAYA together…Richa kuch sikho Trisha se….
    Tomorrow will be the superb epi in Reporters history…?
    After a hard tiring day todays epi made a good time to me…
    Eagerly waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting for tomorrow’s epi….
    Love ❤ u KAYA and Reporters…??

    • Crystal

      I agree with u muskaan…..richa shd learn sumthing from trisha… first I thought richa is mature nd trisha is childish…..but nw trisha has done the best thing ever… till nw kabir thought that ananya loves ronnie…..but thank u so much trisha that u told him that ananya loves him and not ronnie…..he is just a good friend… tomorrow is finally the confession scene…..just cant wait…..<3

  2. muskaan

    Arey yaar they are still not giving precap but love you TRISHA Thanks for telling kabir that ananyaa loves him not Ronnie and the last line was cute and want your wedding track please plz

  3. km

    Wow………awesome…yar Trisha you were superb today……i just love your job…..thanks Trisha,you did a great job and I hope in your wedding ceremonies we will see kaya together….eagerly waiting for the love confession of kabeer and Ananya..can’t wait for the show and you kabeer and Ananya….

  4. Crystal

    I just wanted to make a confession…..plzz dont take it otherwise guys……just a thought I would like to share……if two people r in love with one another why does a third person need to come and make one of them aware of the other’s feelings……the directors and writers shd have shown something different…….i knw there r misunderstandings but dont they feel the love……they shd clear their own problems without the help of a third person… here…..if trisha would not tell kabir that ananya loves him he would totally b unaware of it…..and they would never unite… least after nalini’s news I thought that ananya will get some sense and feel bad that she doubted kabir without even talking to him once…..they shd both see and feel the love in each other’s eyes……why does s third person have to interfere to clear their problems…???……just a thought……but trisha u really did s good job….hats off to u…..:-)

    • kb

      very well said. to me you are absolutely correct. in fact there misunderstandings are also nothing serious and baseless. they have fallen for each other and that’s why feeling jeolous thinking somebody else in their prospective partner’s life. in an way the relationship has not started yet. so they should have approached and solved t themselves. both are supposedly matured person. atleast this was expected among them. what Trisha did was great but could have shown in a little indirect manner. why a guy like Kabeer and woman like Ananya need such direct intervention from a third party.

      Very nicely said Crystal.

  5. Subhashree

    Hy guys .. missing you a lot Bt hv a upcoming exam so .. hv 2 prepare ,… byee tc cya .., kp ☺??? awaz

  6. avi

    ek SABDHAN INDIA channel he usme kabhi kabhi LIFE OK program dikhne ko milta he…likewise.. CID channel he usme kabhi kabhi SONY entrainment aata he…..plz CID repeat kam karo nd REPORTERS ko repeat jyada karo

  7. km

    Sorry crystal..i don’t think so..sometimes the circumstances and misunderstandings are too high..persons are not able to think the right or wrong…in that state a clue for right direction is the show..trisha was that clue because the misunderstandings between kabeer and Ananya were very complicated…so I think it was the right way to clear their misunderstanding….it is my view…plz..don’t mind.

    • Crystal

      Its fine km…..i do not mind at all….i just shared my view…..what u r telling that is also not wrong….,.anyways ppl have diff opinions…..:-)

  8. Oh!! Today’s epi was so nice …. finally kabir came to know about anaaya’s feelings i felt so good. I am so eager and desperate to see what happends tomorrow….I wish that time flies away like wind

  9. Nice episode.I m vry sry to say its getting vry irritated to see malvika’s behaviour…..Atlast Kabir’s misunderstanding s cleared really gud wrk Trisha nd kabir’s scolding s vry funny.The novel name “pyar,
    kuch to hai.” s also nice.

  10. hiiiii guys am new here bt i watch this serial every day wowwwwww aaj tho kamal ho gaya jo baath kaya ne ek dussere se ithne din se nahi keh paa rahe hai vo baath trisha ne ek jhatke me clear kar diya after so many days ronnnie acts like a mature person nd ha trisha so sweet of u

  11. Hi Aaliya Asifah piya subha sidra.hw r u all frnds?nd subha after long tim gud to see u. its ok subha Al the bst fr ur xams Tc bye subha nd u too.

  12. Asifah

    Wow! Thanks Lila for the website..I saw it…love this episode eager to watch it …hi friends!! ??

  13. Hey guyz in d nxt week slot shreya create a vry strong nd hard tiff or fight btw kabir nd ananya i just came to know about dis

  14. km

    Yah Nishi I also hope so that it wouldn’t be a dream and kabeer and Ananya will confess their love in reality..i hope to see romance between kabeer and Ananya…and the nok jhonk also must be romantic…

  15. priya

    It’s a obvious dream sequence. No one present in the office main area.
    I know we love the things to happen in real, but I think it’s a dream of either kabir or ananya.

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