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Kabeer addresses daily early morning conference meeting and briefs everyone about their work, especially to his friends. Manav and Shreya get irked seeing their unity. After meeting, Manav tells Shreya they are united and will not let them break it, they had even a meeting at Ananya’s house and even kabeer was there. She gets angry and asks if Ananya forgave her father’s indirect murderer. He says she may not, but they all have got some solid clue and are working on it. She says if kabeer is not hers, he cannot be even Ananya’s and asks who is Ananya’s khabri. He says Tinu. She thanks him and asks to leave. He leaves smiling.

Shreya meets RG and tells Kabeer and team are planning something big against him. RG says kabeer is repeating same bravery again, calls

his puppet and asks if he found Kabeer’s brother and family. Puppet says no. RG asks him to keep searching. Shreya says she has a plan and explains him.

Kabeer gets busy with his 9 p.m. news when Tinu calls Ananya and informs that RG is meeting some people. Ananya says she will reach there right now and leaves informing Richa that she is going to meet Tinu. Shreya sees her going, calls RG and says their plan worked. RG laughs looking at tied Tinu and says Ananya will meet her father soon. His goon calls him and says Ananya is coming. He asks him to crush her with his truck.

Tinu frees himself and calls Ananya with his secret mobile, but her mobile is switched off. Richa tells Ronnie that Ananya went to meet Tinu giving a note for Kabeer, she is worried for her now. Ronnie calls Ananya, but her phone is switched off. Richa asks to call Tinu. He calls, but Tinu’s phone is busy as he tries to call Kabeer repeatedly. Tinu sees Ronnie’s call, calls him and informs that RG’s men kidnapped him and forced him to call Ananya there, he is worried for Ananya now and they should save her life. Ronnie asks Richa to sit on his seat and leaves. Kabeer during news break asks Richa about Ronnie and she says he went to washroom. He tries to get up, she asks him to sit back and resumes news. After news, kabeer asks Richa where is Ananya. She says Ananya got Tinu’s call and left.

Ananya comes under trick but escapes. Truck tries to crush her again, but Ronnie pushes her on time and himself strikes his head on stone and falls unconscious. Ananya runs and tries to wake up Ronnie. Kabeer also reaches in his car and tries, but to no avail.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: Some evils have human face and trouble innocent people.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The spoiler. Was true now kaya’s one team mate is lost in the battlefield but I wish he shouldn’t die and come back and help them unite I wish the spoilers are false

  2. See Ronnie is Dead. ………….so sad

  3. He compromised a lot for ananya

  4. Oh!!! It was such a intense episode…. Cant wait until tomorrow to see what happens next… Guys n girls what do u think what will aananya do forgive kabir and be back with him or will she blame kabir for ronnie’s death or accident what ever it is??

  5. I think now ananya will understsnd why kabir was not telling her about it….. and she will understand and get back back with kabir.. hopefully…….

  6. Kaya plz be back again….and yes shreya,manav and specially rg should be in jail in last epidode for what they have done..& for killing ronnie(or trying to kill) !!!!! writers plz keep ronnie alive..plz………..

  7. Kaya ha to get back. If kaya doesn’t get back the viewers will be depressed

  8. if anybody to be blamed for this incident of Ronnie it is Ananya and only Ananya. Being a journalist can’t she show some patience?? Kabeer repeatedly told these people are dangerous. but she is always on run and hurrying and working without thinking. If after that she blames Kabeer–that will be stupidest thing to show. Why Ronnie has to be sacrificed for putting some sense in Ananya–I don’t get it.

  9. Ananya is the stupidest journalist I have ever seen. Kabeer repeatedly told her to be very careful and discreet. But She is just too impulsive and impatient. When she knew that Kabeer and Ronnie both are unavailable couldn’t she call Khurana? If Ronnie dies, Ananya will be the sole reason.

  10. I agree if anything happens to Ronnie its cause ananya is stupid impatient impulsive childish hardly the qualities a heroine should have so I guess they can’t kill Ronnie anyway someone did say he was sitting somewhere injured so I guess he will live and this is a positive serial why on earth would they kill rony when shreya manav are available to kill

  11. Ab koi toh iss problem ko suljhao

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