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Reporters 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer serves breakfast to Tarini’s son Anurag and Anurag starts chatting. Kabeer tells he should not talk while eating. He shows DVDs and asks why is he holding them. Anurag says he cannot speaks. Nurse comes and Kabeer asks her to come before 8:30 a.m. as he has to get to work soon. She brings maid Priyanka with him and says she will take care of Anurag from today. Kabeer greets her in, gives his numbers to Anurag, asks to call him if needed, and rushes to work.

Ananya takes Nalini Verma into KKN office. Khalid greets her in and tells Ananya is our junior reporter and will coordinate with her. Nalini says she likes Ananya and believes she is her soul sister. She tells a lengthy weird shayari/poem. Kabeer enters and Khalid introduces him to Ananya. He says she is a queen of tragedy

and love and asks Nalini if he is right. She says he is wrong and gives her view. Khalid jokes with Malvika that she cannot understand Nalini’s words and invites Nilini for coffee in his cabin. Malvika looks at Ananya and asks Kabeer if they can discuss schedule in his cabin, her cabin, lunch table, or during dinner. Ananya leaves fuming. He says Malvika that he is busy during dinner and lunch he will have at office, so they can discuss it now at his or her cabin.

Sunny taunts Trisha and she runs behind him. He clashes with ronnie. Ananya sees Ronnie and tries to speak. He says he is busy and leaves. Kabeer sees that, and Malvika tries to divert his attention. He says they should discuss schedule now and takes her conference room.

During board meeting, Kabeer gets maid Priyanka’s call and excuses himself. Malvika says Priyanka must be his stinger. Manav says if she is stinger, he would not take her name. Kabeer speaks to Priyanka who says Anurag is not having food. Anurag says he is tired of daal chawal and needs baigan bharta. Kabeer asks staff if they know to prepare baigan bharta. Trisha says Ananya knows and she prepared 2 days ago. Ananya says her mom prepared it and she will not call mom and asks as it is not in her job profile. Kabeer says she is right and tells Anurag that he will order pizza now and will prepare baigan bharta for dinner. He then starts discussing schedule with staff.

Trisha and Richa discuss that Ronnie was very rude with Ananya. Manav interferes and starts discussing that Anurag is Kabeer’s son from Tarini. Trisha ignores him and says she will go and take Ronnie’s class. Ronnie is busy sipping coffee and watching Richa’s news. Trisha sits next to him and says she is leaving job in 2 days. He says he will not stop her. She says asks what gift he will give. He says he has already bought it. She asks him to throw it as she needs what she likes. He asks what she likes. She asks him to patch up with Ananya. He says he cannot as Ananya loves Kabeer. She acts as surprised. He says yup and leaves sadly. Trisha then asks Richa why did not she inform that Ananya loves Kabeer. Richa says she did not want to. Trisha says now wait and watch what she will do.

Kabeer tries to prepare baigan bharta for Anurag. Door bell rings, he asks priyanka to open door and tell not to disturb him. Ananya comes in with baigan bharta. He asks why is she here.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. If something goes good something have to go wrong no precap

  2. No precap I wanted to see it

  3. Precapppoop

  4. I hope ab kch acha ho kaya k sth

  5. Why no precap???? So disappointing

  6. Woh….!!!!….awsm episode today……eagerly waiting for tomorrow……first of all the wallpaper of reporters is changed and it looks great..,..nalini is so sweet…..she would b the one to bring kaya together……and ronnie is too much yaar…..why is he showing so much attitude…???…he knows that ananya luvs kabeer and nw he shd regain his friendship with ananya…..and the most weird thing is whenevr ananya luks at ronnie kabeer finds her staring at ronnie……but before leaving I think trisha will do a good job…..she will unite both kabeer and ananya’s love and ronnie and ananya’s friendship……so guys get ready to see sparks btwn kaya very soon…..and manav is as usual irritating…..kabeer’s babysitting is too good to see….and ananya coming to kabeer’s house to give baigan ka bharta was just out of the world and really unexpected also… precap today……cant wait for tomorrow’s episode….i think its gonna b awsm…<3

  7. Yeah today’s epi was good ….. But why didn’t they show the precap??? Disappointing

  8. Hey muskan !!! Firstly how are you??? Hope in a good health :-):-)

    1. Thank u so much my friend for ur care.?
      Little bit fine but this cold is irritating dude…?

  9. Epi was gud…i am sure Nalini will make KAYA understand each others love ❤……waiting for this…
    Oh my god Ananya u bought baigan ka bharta to Kabir’s home…loved it man….
    Oh no precap disappointed man…
    Precap soch soch ke neend hi nahi aaye gi mujhe….eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s epi….
    And most importantly waiting for Ananya’s Proposal…..Waiting. Waiting Waiting…………
    Love ❤ u KAYA…?

  10. Hai every one…@Piya dear thank u for ur care…i am little bit fine…and thank u for ur YouTube link…..

  11. Guys pls clear my doubt that Reporters have only 100 episodes ki…
    Pls I can’t take this…

  12. Today’s episode was good ananya at kabir’s house awesome yr but NO PRECAP pora ek din kaise rahenge hope everything will be fine tomorrow and the new wallpaper is great love kaya

  13. Me too muskan and reporters should be of one hour really

  14. wow…..just going something best ……,®®®®®®

  15. Love the serial but don’t like this teenager type behavior of manav and maalvika

  16. Ji Muskaan I also hope serial is only going 2 be 100 episodes Pls Goldie if serial doing pls continue .Rajiv pls so more episodes u doing a great job
    U have to for y many fans

    1. Narisha dear u can call me Muskan or Aaliya.not ji I am not too old dear….,
      No this can’t happen I want Reporters…I watch Sony TV only for this serial..pls don’t do this to me…

  17. I think Trisha will unite kabir and Ananya

  18. huh at last my cmnt s postd.Hi Aaliya Asifah piya subha.hw r u frnds? Aaliya hw s ur health? r u fin nw?

    1. Hai Nishi dear…i am fine ? now how are u?…

      1. I m fin Aaliya nd gud to hear tht u r fin nw.

  19. I looooooov this serial, I hope they will continue shooting more episodes☺️
    Only serial that I watch

  20. sry frnds I could nt talk with u all fr few days.pls nt to mind

      1. thank you Aaliya.

  21. No how can it be 100 episode till now they have not done their patch up, Shreya has not come till now, their wedding has not done till now, they have to stop malwika and manav, and the last but not the least Ronnie and Richa I think they will marry so I don’t think that it will finish in 100 episode I think u can evenly trust me it will take more than 100 episode

    1. I too know dear….but in yesterday’s episode update someone said that 50 episodes over and only 50 episodes left…after reading that I was shocked so I asked u guys here…
      I can’t take it..if they r closing Reporters show soon…pls don’t do this…

  22. hello everyone, just read that Spoiler Alert; Ananya decides to quit KKN, after Malvika secretly gets an offer for her from an outsider and she accepts it.

    Another Spoiler Alert: Shreya, Kabir’s ex wife is coming in soon to create more hurdles in KAYA love story.

    Now KAYA have Malvika and Shreya to contend with.

    1. What the hell yaar…wat is going on..will u pls give the link dear…

  23. Guys kaya gonna kiss on Friday .its latest spoiler. Can’t wait.

  24. The link is

    Reporters- tellyDhamaal/get latest News and Gossip

  25. wat s happening here!a new twist!

  26. nd Ashona ji thank you so much fr sharing the information nd the link.

  27. Muskan who told u that some news channel or our comment

  28. These kritika Is sidra do u all remember me muskan, nishi, any one

    1. Hi ofcourse I remember u sidra.after a long time hw r u?hw s ur studies gng?gud to see u.

  29. Nishi…u most welcome, are you all from India, I’m from South Africa, we don’t have precap here, programme is getting very interesting. Kabir is getting irritated with Malvika, so now she wants Ananya to leave KKN.
    at least we have Nalini Verma to help the lovebirds.

    1. Hi Ashona ji.hw r u?ya I m frm India nd Aaliya some commenters frm SA too Ashona, one of my frnds Asifah s frm SA. nd ya Ashona I also hope tht nalini wil hlp thm.

  30. Hello Nishi, and everyone, that’s great you both from India, I love India, have been there 3 times. hello Asifah.Great show.

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