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Kapoor asks Shreya why did she join KKN. She says for him, then says if he thinks that he is wrong. She talks about his and Taruni’s affair. He says it should not matter to him. He says when it does not matter, he should not bother if she works here and he should stop scratching past again.

Mavlika stops Ananya and tells she must be happy that she is girlfriend of part owner and also should concentrate on her promotions. She continues here dramatic speech when Ronnie comes and she leaves.

Ananya calls Kabeer asks him to come to cafeteria. He comes and asks what is she up to now. She asks if he back in KKN. He says he wanted to discuss about it and asks he to come to his cabin. She asks him to speak here itself and says he has accepted Shreya’s offer. He says they should

talk tomorrow then. She says as he likes and he leaves.

At home, Kabeer reminisces Malvika announcing Shreya Bhagat as new business head and Ananya asking him to stop looking at his back and he yelling at her twice. He calls her, but she does not pick call. He gets irked. Tarini calls her and says she heard he resigned. He says a lot happened in his life. She says she knows and asks what happened now. He says Shreya. he asks where did he meet her. He says she is KKN’s business head now, so he resigned. She asks what did she say. He says she is acting professional for the time being. She asks what about Ananya. He says she does not want to talk to him right now.

Ananya calls ronnie and tells she joking told Kabeer that she will be KKN’s part owner’s girlfriend. He took it very seriously and started blaming him for everything. He says she is overreacting, Kabeer may be wanted to tell her something, but she backfired on him. She asks if he is her friend or Kabeer’s. He says her friend, suggests her to give Kabeer some time and support him.

Tarini scolds Kabeer that he did wrong by yelling at Ananya and asks him to go and apologize her right now. He says he will tomorrow and asks how to apologize her. She says he is grown up and should thinking himself.

In the morning, Kabeer calls Ananya to his cabin, but she does not come. He starts yelling.. Shreya enters with Khalid and Malvika and asks him to stop his work. Khalid interferes and says he came to inform everyone’s duties here. Shreya is business head, so is responsible for channel’s finance. Malvika is technical head, Kabeer is editor-in-chief and is responsible for whatever is aired. He will be HR head. Shreya says Kabeer that they are not in so bad terms that they cannot be colleagues. Kabeer sits silently. Khalid says they all have to work as a team for KKN’s sake. Shreya repeats her words and says for KKN’s sake and extends hand. He shakes hands. She says he will help her take KKN to new heights. He says if her points are valid, he will. She says we will meet in board room in 5 minutes.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: One will know the difficulties of journey only when they start walking. Stumbling legs cannot reach destiny and only who reaches destiny will know its worth.
Precap: Shreya promotes Ananya as senior reporter. Kabeer asks Shreya why did not she discuss with him before. Shreya asks when Richa can be promoted why not Ananya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. God this thing is so bad!!!!! I mean shreya… Shes gonna problems btw kabeer n ananya now

  2. Thank god! A precap at last!!!!
    Kabir needs to apologise…

  3. Todays episode was something!!! Aanaya was supporting kabir and he was just blaming her…for all the mess…. kabir plz do not create misunderstandings aanaya is the only one who will support you.. Anyways richa is not right abt shreya loving kabir and the stuff she said just badmouthing maybe… Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode… Please show some kaya moments a hug will also do…

  4. Hello friends wass up??? By the way what did the spoilers abt today’s episode ???!?

  5. Nice episode but can’t understand the motive of Shreya…what she wants by promoting Ananya inspite of kbeer’s refusal…if she wants to create misunderstanding between kaya….

  6. Both Ananya and Kabir is actually not able to handle this situation and both were correct on their part… but yaar kisi ko to jukna padega and this time it should be Ananya…
    She should understand Kabir’s state of mind and discuss out everything in detail instead of behaving immature..
    Kabir should also have not blamed Ananya as she is his welwisher and his true love..

  7. Writers we want to see strong bonding between KaYa that doesn’t mean only romance but also mean trust and faith on each other

  8. I really loved this series, as it was away from all that high voltage drama and bringing up girls and ladies as devils. This series had the essence of youth in it, when it started. It bloomed up when Ananya and Kabir made good stories and news together. It was so interesting to see them working on projects and finally falling in love.

    But why all this family and high voltage drama now??? Can’t this series just be a great reporting series, where two compatible personalities get together and bring in critical and interesting news stories. This is my opinion, as I feel, this series, not having that whole background of only ladies running the family and showing two extreme ends of any lady character, is an excellent selling point among the youth!!! Please don’t drag the high voltage drama and can we please see the best pair (Ananya and Kabir) out in action with presenting news stories!!!
    In any case!!! I love both the leads as they are awesome in acting!!!

  9. Initially I thought this serial will be like crime patrol etc where they do the reporting and focus would be on how to resolve the case through reporting and getting media involved. Thought it will focus more on reporting as the name suggests… and bring out all the hardships etc the reporters face to get news. “Indian Reporters” as anyways not in good books as they twist n turn the whole though this serial will make the viewers understand how hard reporting is…and ofcourse teach fake reporters how they should be relying on facts while reporting. BUT it is just a normal love story…lost interest long back… now I just come in one in a while to see if there is anything interesting! but naah… always disappointed! anyways…

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