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Kabeer and Ananya check Chibber’s footage and simultaneously tell that Chibber is leftie and is not found with his brother always. He asks her to continue. She says Chibber is leftie and gun was found in his right hand, so it is a murder. Kabeer calls inspector and tells what he found. Ananya also continues. Inspector asks who is she. Kabeer says she is his stupid reporter. Inspector says he has a plan to get out killer.

Inspector gives news interview and tells he found Chibber’s driver in coma and will speak to him once he wakes up in the morning. He tells Ananya that inspector gave a wrong statement that Chibber’s driver is alive and will give his statement. He asks how will she go home. Just then, Malvika comes and asks if they can leave. He says he was

waiting for her and walks out with her. Ananya gets sad. He stops and says his driver is outside and will drop her home. She gets happy. Ronnie says he will drop her. Manav comes an asks Ronnie if he saw Malvika. Ronnie says she went with Kabeer. Manav gets angry.

At Malvika’s house, she servs wine to Kabeer and says her papa brought it from south african and is very old wine. She asks if he liked it. He says yes. Manav enters and says he has spare keys of her house and brought wine for her, but got surprised seeing them together. She says she was working on Chibber’s case with Kabeer. Manav asks if he can join for dinner with them. Kabeer says it is Malvika’s house and why should he mind. Manav gets cosy with Malvika and then tries to provoke Kabeer. He asks about his marital life and asks if he is married. Kabeer says he was.

Ananya at home reminisces Kabeer going out with Malvika and asking Ananya to go in his car. She thinks Mavlika and Manav are together since a lont time and Malvika must have taken Kabeer for dinner as he is channel’s editor in chief. She thinks why is she getting disturbed.

At Malvika’s house, Manav goes in to bring alcohol. Malvika follows him. Kabeer leaves. Malvika scolds Manav for asking about Kabeer’s personal life. He asks what was he doing with his girlfriend. She says she was doing dinner.

In the morning, Ananya comes to office and asks Trisha if Kabeer came. She says he was with Malvika last night and she must have enjoyed the dessert. Ananya says Kabeer is not like that. Kabeer comes just then and tells Ananya that inspector’s plan worked and killer was caught when he came to kill driver. He asks if she will have Malvika’s prepared dessert. She says no and says she will go and cover story.

Manav calls his khabri/stinger and asks him to give news. He asks him to meet him at their usual place. Ananya hears his conversation and thinks Manav is planning something and professional ambition kills person’s brain, she should inform Kabeer. Varun comes and shows his selection badge to Ananya. She says he deserves it. Kabeer comes out and scolds her for not covering story yet and asks her to go fast and take interview. She goes to Ronnie’s room and informs about Varun’s selection. Ronnie asks what was she talking about Manav. She says she heard Manav speaknig weirdly, so wants to inform it to Kabeer. He asks her not to break her head much and cover story. Kabeer asks why did not she go. She rushes out.

Manav meets his khabri who gives him a girl’s pic. Manav says he saw this girl before and realizes she is Kabeer’s stinger. Khabri gives few more stinger’s pics. Manav says he wants to gather more evidence and evict Kabeer from editor in chief position at once.

Ananya covers Chibber’s murder report. Inspector comes there and identifies her as stupid reporter. She says yes and asks if he knows kabeer from a long time. He says he met Kabeer during a pharma company scandal when Kabeer was working for a small news paper and he changed the whole news. Ananya realizes it was her dad’s report in which Kabeer made her dad as murderer.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan to Malvika.

Precap: Manav sees Kabeer and Taruni together and thinks Taruni is not just a stringer to Kabeer and he will exploit their relationship.

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