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Kabeer’s brother tells Ananya and her mother truth about Sudhir kashyap’s death and says Kabeer kept quiet fearing their daughter’s life and apologtizes them. He gives Sudhir’s letter, which he did not give it to Kabeer. Ananya reads letter in which Sudhir requests Kabeer not to feel guilty that he could not save him and to tell his truth to whole world. Kabeer says he will find truth now at any cost. Ananya says she will help him professionally, but he should know their relationship is over. Kabeer says her company is enough for him.

Shreya tells her plan to Manav and says if he does what she says, she will make him co-editor. Manav happily agrees. Shreya thinks she both uses people’s weakness and gets them into trouble also.

Richa, Ronnie, and

Sunny also reach Ananya’s house. Kabeer explains his plan to them all. Ananya goes to prepare tea. Ronnie tells Richa that kabeer and Ananya’s relationship should revive soon. Ananya prepares tea and asks Armaan to give it to kabeer. He asks why don’t she give it. She says he knows the reason. He says just like papa trusted kabeer, he trusts him.

At KKN office, Richa asks Ananya if she does not love Kabeer now. She says she does not want to talk about it. Richa says she is her friend and wants to know reason. Ananya says she knows reason. Richa says now truth is in front of her and should accept Kabeer. Ananya says she will not. Richa says she is angry on herself and is venting it on Kabeer instead. Ananya says kabeer’s mistake is he hid things from her.

Manav asks Ronnie how is Ananya now and if Kabeer is troubling her again. Ronnie says it is their personal lives and he should not interfere. Manav says he got an insider news that management is angry on both of them and want to remove either of them. Ronnie asks him to mind his business and dare not to interfere and says he came here to earn from Lucknow, but he is localite from Delhi and if he messes with his friends, he will not spare him.

Ananya knocks Kabeer’s cabin door and asks if she can come in. Kabeer says she does not need his permission. She says she sent pics to his said person. He discusses next strategy looking at her.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: There is a slight difference between understanding and misunderstanding a person, but it affects a lot.

Precap: No precap today.

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  1. Hey guys !! I’m new here…
    I love to watch Reporters.. 1st I liked Ananya very much. But now , I just hate her . She is overreacting in every situation … She is acting very immature . I just hope

  2. Richa was injecting some sense into Ananya for a change. But how come nobody understands Shreya’s full plan? It’s like compartmentalized scheming. Is she that good at scheming that that RG is also doesn’t know or realize everything?

  3. that , she stops acting childish and doesn’t hurt Kabir anymore ..

  4. Ananya needs time to gulp down things and react sensibly to it but I think her mom should be the one explaining her the things and facts whatever it is I know kabir will definitely manofy his girl and I hope after Ronnie’s death she understands why was kabir hiding things from her.

    1. Ronnie’s dead ????? it is true? are you sure ??

  5. Hey hi guys!!! Well… Todays episode was better … soon kabir and aananya are going to be together I just Love them so much they are the hottest couple ever I’ve seen…… But on 20th October 2015 Reporters is going off air. Some other stupid serial is taking its place there were literarely tears in my eyes i was so damn attached to this serial… Oh God!! This so unfair i really do hate this decision !! ;-(:-|:-/:-(

    1. Wont it end on October 8

    2. My sentiments exactly ??

  6. Rashmi Kishore

    Ronnie’s death? ? Where does this come from? ?

  7. But how can Ronnie die

  8. Ronnie dead??

  9. Me too i hrd about ronnie s death

  10. Rashmi Kishore

    All viewers of this show are waiting and hoping for happy days to come back. And that means happiness of not just Kabir and Ananya but also their families and friends. Now with just a handful of episodes left, we really don’t want to see anymore sad and negative tracks please. Please work towards making the remaining episodes pleasant and memorable for the viewers.

  11. There will be a truck trying to knock Ananya down but Ronnie comes and tries saving her but both meets wid the accident and Ananya survives however Ronnie dies!!!!! Pic has been uploaded of this particular scene in the spoiler.

  12. What ??? Sruti are u sure that Reporters is going offair ???
    I was very attached to this show and Kaya is my Favorite couple .. How is this possible ???

  13. What ??? Sruti are u sure that Reporters is going offair ???
    I was very attached to this show and Kaya is my Favorite couple .. How is this possible ?????

  14. yes fariha actually the show aired just for 130 episodes

    1. I agree with u. They told us that in one of their interviews

  15. Aaliya can you please post the spoilers link?

  16. Aur ananya ne bhi to bohot sari baate chupayi kabeer send.. …….jaise shreya ka uske ghar ana. ………..

  17. Lekin kabeer ne use maaf kar diya toh ananya kyu nahi

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