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Anany scolds Richa that she should stop interfering in her life and stop badmouthing Kabeer. Once she leaves, Richa complains Ronnie and he also asks her to stop backbiting about Kabeer. She says he is not understanding howmuch Shreya loves Kabeer and will reunite with him at any cost.

Kabeer scolds Ananya that she forced him to accept KKN shares in exchange of 3-year-old contract. He resigned and will be fight legal battle against KKN his whole life now because of her. She wanted to boast herself as KKN’s owner’s girlfriend. Ananya asks why is he blaming her, it is his decision and what problem does he have working with Shreya. He himself told her mom that he will not let his past haunt his relationship with her, he just be professional now. He asks what she knows about his

past. She says she does not want to know and he should forget his past for them to lead a happier future life. He says this past is his and he will decide what to do. She says it is his life and he can do anything, she just needs his happiness and he should stop blaming her for his mistakes.

Ronnie asks Sunny who will take Kabeer’s place now. Sunny says Manav may take his place and it will be hell at KKN. Ananya comes and sits on her desk tensely without talking to Ronnie or richa. Sunny asks Ronnie if they fought. He says they did not, but Ananya and Richa fought. Sunny asks Ananya to forget her grude and speak to Richa. She ignores him and walks. He then goes and talks to baby who says she is excited about an interview of some art film heroine who will directly come from Cannes and give her interview.

Ronnie takes Ananya to his relay room and asks why is she fighting with Richa for 3rd person. Ananya says 3rd person is Kabeer sir and she loves him, so she will not tolerate Richa’s nonsense. He says Richa is her friend, so is worried for her. She says she does not know.. Ronnie asks Shreya’s presence does not make her any difference. She says yes and says Kabeer wanted to tell her about his past many times, but she stopped him. She says they are her friend, but should not badmouth about Kabeer.

Kabeer walks restlessly in his house. KL calls him and asks if he made any mistake. Kabeer says he is betrayed. KL saw Shreya’s track record, he hired her and he needs him also as he is KKN’s face. Even then if he wants to go, he will not force legal formalities on him and will not even force him with his contract. Kabeer says he needs sometime to reply and cuts call.

Khalid speaks to KL over phone and thanks him for trying to stop kabeer. Shreya enters and he says if kabeer quits, KKN’s shares will fall down, they need him badly. She says she knows and even she wants to retain kabeer, but who will read today’s news as manav is on leave. Khalid says Richa will. Shreya says she has come here to handle business and has to show profits to her bosses, she will not trouble kabeer professionally though.

Malvika informs Richa to read Kabeer’s news and says with new boss, there will be promotions, demotions, etc…, so she should do her best for promotion. Ananya hears and tries to react, but ronnie stops her. Baby tensely asks Sunny if they will demote her. He says he will not let her demoted.

Richa reads news in absense of Kabeer and continues. Kabeer enters into Khalid and Shreya’s cabin. Khalid says he will leave them alone but kabeer should not do anything wrong. Kabeer says he is not KKN’s employee now and if he does anything, it will be a breaking new for him to raise channel’s TRPs. Once he leaves, Shreya tells Kabeer that they are not into logger heads that they cannot become friends and promises that she will not interfere his professional or personal life. He asks why did she come here. She says for him.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: Even with Truth and reality being very near, they live separately. Truth lives with us and reality we have to find out. We can get away from truth but have to face reality.

Precap: No precap.

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  1. There was a precap

  2. knowing someone’s past does not mean that person does not trust another. Relationship is not only about going to dates, or dancing together.
    To me knowing Kabeer’s past, Ananya will be helpful in supporting the him and understanding him. Now every body finds Shreya more professional and better. but in reality she must have done something very serious, which is why Kabeer is reacting in that way. So its time Ananya should be more flexible.

  3. I just feel sorry for kabeer that how hard he is trying to tell his past, why cant she understand?

  4. Kabeer’s reaction is really a Mistry….why is he reacting too much about Shreya when he loves Ananya…..what have happened in his past which makes him too rude…..

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