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Reporters 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jeweler delivers Kabeer’s ordered ring for Ananya and tells Taruni that he made it according to given measurement and if there is any mistake, he will send his artist to correct it. Taruni says Kabeer she kept ring simple and asks if he liked it. He says it is beautiful and will become more beautiful if ananya wears it. She asks if he thought how will he propose Ananya. He imagines proposing her.

In the morning, Sunny sees Manav and Malvika walking hold each other’s hands and shows them to Ronnie. Ronnie says after new changes, they are together again and it is good for KKN. Ananya enters and Ronnie asks where was she. She says she went to meet Tinu’s man who is demanding money to give her lead, she told him only if his news is right, he will get money. He asks what did

kabeer say. She says he did not come with her. Ronnie congratulates her and says happy journey. she asks what journey. She then goes to her desk and Richa also says same and wishes her good luck. Malvika hears that, gets into Khalid’s cabin and asks if Ananya took permission for vacation. He asks if she and Manav took permission to be back again. She gets jealous.

Kabeer comes near Ananya and in front of whole staff says he will be with her his whole life, will fight with her and get angry also, but whatever it comes, he will not leave her hand. He kneels down, shows her ring and asks will she marry him. Ananya is surprised and says he knows mom does not like their marriage. He says when her happiness is with him, how he keep her happiness away. He points at mom and Arav. They both come near her and mom says she wants to trust kabeer and asks her to wear ring. She looks at Shreya who looks tensed. Kabeer asks Ananya’s and she extends it. He kisses it and dorns ring on her ring finger. Everyone clap for her, including Shreya. Malvika leaves saying she cannot see this drama. Kabeer hugs Ananya. She asks that is why her finger was looking fat to him. He nods yes. Mom congratulates her. Kabeer says whenever she likes, she can fix their engagement. Mom says she will fix it day after tomorrow. Khalid says it is the best proposal he saw till now. Shreya fumes in jealousy.

Kabeer meets Shreya and tells he was thanking her for this and because of her, he could get engaged to Ananya. She fumes. He asks her to hug him and forcefully hugs her. She says she is happy for him. He asks then why is her face angry and asks her to smile at least for Ananya. She then goes to ananya and says she is very happy for her and asks Khalid to throw party on KKN’s side. He asks now or after marriage. She asks them to marry soon and leaves making jealous face.

Ronnie asks Kabeer if he can hug him and Ananya. Kabeer says of course and hugs him. He says thanks him and Richa for letting him to engage their friend.

Sunny sees that and asks Baby if she thought about marriage. She says she did not find boyfriend yet. He says he sold his scooter and is planning to buy horse and asks what quailities she needs in her boyfriend. She says she must know to play guitar, violin, etc and even sing.

Khalid enters Shreya’s room and sees her missing, thinks Kabeer and Ananya engagement should not affect her. Shreya throws vases and panics and says kabeer is only hers and he cannot get away from her.

Kabeer’s moral gyan: True happiness is finding it in other’s happiness.

Precap: Shreya panics and says she will not let go Kabeer easily and will make Ananya herself break Kabeer’s heart and ditch him.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Fatima

    Awesome episode. But shreya is so mean and selfish. Pata nahi ab shreya kya karegi? Pls kabeer aur ananya hamesha saath rehna. Fingers crossed.
    wat u think bhagi?

    • yah fatima aaj ka episode tho kamaal tha its so nice aur shreya ka face dhekne layak tha nd ha aab uski asli chehra sab ke saamne aagaya nd ya i just hope kaya ke beech koi prblm na ho par yar maine ek news padi usme reporters ki ek script writer ne bathaya tha ki 100 episodes ke saath ek dhamaaka hone wala hai…… i just hope ye dhamaka accha vaala ho

  2. Pulu

    I hope this sherya wont succeed in her plan.This show has had a unique storyline till now.So they should definitely show,how people in love can outdo every obstacle and remain neutral to manupulation and misunderstanding.They should completely emerge in love and win from this b***c shreya!!

    • Fatima

      Of course. Kabeer aur ananya kabhi alag nahi honge. After all reporters kabeer aur ananya ki love story hai.

  3. yhmluv

    Yayyy he proposed!! I’m soooo happppyyyy 😀 😀 love this episode!! <3

    But Omg shreya's true colours! o.o scary…

  4. Minna

    The reason we like the show is because it is positive negativity is there villains and vamps but the moral love can triumph against odds is good . always in all serials its shown bad people win hero heroine suffer till the very end nice to see a different serial where the bad are sorted out straightaway . malvika getting it now shreya only thing lacking is that clip should have been found so that the corrupt cop gets punished story writers forgot abt it I think

  5. wowwwwww wt an episode kabir ne kithni cutely ananya ko propose kiya i just cant describe that…..patha nahi aab tak kithni baar dhekchuki hu phir bhi dubaara dhek ne ka mann kar raha hai i just loved it nd ha jab kabir ne Ananya ko propose kiya tho muje tho laga ki agar ananya nahi jaldi haa kahegi tho kalid tho jaroor kehne vale the he is sooooooooo funny…….kaya u guys are just rocking

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