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Reporters 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya gives her sting operation footage of selector Krishna to Kabeer. Kabeer gets irked seeing selector’s true color. Khalid who is also there says it is their channel’s green room and he will sue Ananya for doing sting operation not being an employee. Kabeer says whatever it is, what if this girl sells this footage to rival channel. Ananya says she did not think of it. Khalid says it is his property now. Ananya says she has copy right though and says if they don’t hire her, she will sell these kind of footage for them on hefty amount. She asks if she is hired. He says she is. Ananya asks him to give credit for her work also. He says she will not change and walks out for live interview.

Kabeer enters broadcast room and asks Ronnnie to blur child’s face. Selector

asks whose face he wants to blurr, if he is talking about a child who got molested. Kabeer says he is right. Selector asks why is he repeating same story and says our society is going towards filth. Kabeer says he agrees. Selector praises Kabeer for being so calm in real life and cruel on TV. Kabeer says it is his nature and asks if they can start interview.

Selector gets happy seeing Kabeer interviewing him and says he will enjoy it. Malvika in broadcast room tells Ananya she is getting what she deserved. Varun at his home asks his dad to switch on TV as his dream will come true.

Kabeer starts interview of selector and asks his opinion regarding selected children. He says they are too good. Kabeer asks what quality he needs in under 19 children. He says they should be patriotric and ambitious. Kabeer asks if they need to be rich. Selector says not necessary. Kabeer asks he heard there is corruption in selection team. Selector says there was, but since he took charge, he removed all corruption from the system. Kabeer signals Malvika to start sting operation footage. Selector is shocked to see the footage and says he trappped him, he will shut his channel and runs out. Varun’s father and everyone get happy seeing the footage. Kabeer says truth cannot be hidden under shouting and as we all see selector is against corruption, but why he himself is corrupt, it is his contribution for swach bharat adhiyan. He gives credit to Ananya and says she bravely covered this footage and takes break. Ananya feels out of the world and happily looks at Kabeer. Kabeer salutes her. She cries emotionally.

Malvika in her room walks restlessly. Kabeer enters and asks all good. She says she respects him, but he should inform her before taking any last minute decision and says her life is already complicatedd and she is trying console a crying child. He says he already told Manav to take interview, but he did not agree. He continues yelling. He says he will have dinner with her tonight. She asks if he is flirting. He says he just knows to read news.

Ananya’s friends praise her that she is lucky that Kabeer took her name and starts boasting. Ananya’s mom calls her and says she is happy that her name came in news and prays for her success. Varun calls her and says his papa wants to thank her. Dad thanks her and says she fulfilled her life’s dream.

Kabeer stares at Ananya from his cabin. Malvika sees that and asks if something special in this girl. He says she smiles always, even he was like her and likes clean child-like smile. She says childhood goes when priorities change. He says let us go back to work and says Chibber’s case is troubling him.

Kabeer shows Chibber’s murder footage and asks her to sit with him, says they will leave only after editing and she will get late. she says she will inform her family and will be back in 2 min, asks if he needs coffee. He says he does not need coffee, she can have food and whatever she likes, but once she comes back, he needs her complete attention.

Ananya comes out of editing room. Her friends asks her to give them party. She says sir asked her to stay back. Friends taunt and then say to continue her work. Ananya says she made many mistakes, but sir gave her another opportunity. She calls her mom and says she will be late as she is finalizing a news with Kabeer sir. Richa asks Ronnie to come with her. He says he has some work and will come with Ananya. She says she knows he loves Ananya and asks him to express before it is too late. He says she is way ahead of love and he cannot lose her friendship for love.

Kabeer gives his end of episode moral gyaan regarding corruption.

Precap: Kabeer tells Ananya that someone is manipulating Chibber’s murder and telling murderer is still alive, even police thinks same. He asks how will she go home as it is too late. Malvika just then asks Kabeer if they can leave now.

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