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Ananya calls mom and tells she will come home late as she is going on a late. Mom asks if she is lying and going with Kabeer. She says kabeer is coming with her professionally and not personally and says she knows she does not lie to her, then why did she ask. Mom says bye and disconnects call.

Kabeer enters Shreya’s cabin. She asks if he upset with Ananya’s mom’s decision. He says he is very happy seeing her friendship gesture and even he wants to be his friend and soon he will give her good news. She gets tensed. He extends his hand and insists. She hesitantly shakes hand. He says he and Ananya are following a complicated lead and if they get successful, it will be a big news, so as a friend she should wish them good luck. Shreya fumes seeing her plan failing.


tells Ronnie, Sunny and Richa that she does not know goons will come with parcel to dhaba or not. Sunny says it is very danger and if she gets trapped again, how will they get another ananya. Ananya says very funny and asks if he learnt horse riding for Baby. Kabeer enters and jokes that his friend is selling horse and he can get him a great discount.

Kabeer with Ananya reaches dhaba disguised as rajasthani couple. He meets dhaba owner who says Tinu informed him already. He shows him voice recorder and says he will teach him how to operate. Owner takes him to kitchen. Kabeer then joins back Ananya and reminisces Taruni’s words of getting Ananya’s finger size for ring. He jokes with her that her fingers are very big than him. She asks if he is calling her fat. He says he called her heavy with heavy bones and not fat. He then takes his ring measurement via straw and asks her to take her also. She takes ring finger measurement and he says he has bigger finger.

Goons enter and Ananya signals Kabeer. Owner fixes voice recorder under goon’s table. Kabeer switches on his mobile and records their voice. They discuss about planting bomb in India in a code language. Kabeer then plays recorder in front of Khurana who thanks him and says he did not have any proof, so he could not speak to his superiors.

Kabeer drops Ananya home. Ananya enters home. Mom asks if she had food. Ananya nods no and says she did not get time and was busy in her lead. Mom serves her food and asks if she needs more. She says no. Mom goes to her room and speaks to her husband’s pic that he could not see Ananya’s tears and wanted to live for her happiness, even she cannot see her sad and asks what he would have done if he was alive. Ananya also speaks to her father’s pic and says she does not want to sadden mom, but she is helpless and requests to show her a way.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: When there is fog all over, destination is seen blurred, but when fog is in mind, destination will be not seen at all.

Precap: Kabeer proposes Ananya in front of whole KKN staff. Shreya gets jealous.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wowwwww jus luv the precap can’t wait fr tomorrow’s episode

  2. Reporters: Kabir is invited at Ananya’s place for a dinner. Shreya comes to know about it. She gets agitated. She wants to have Kabir back in her life.Shreya offers Manav the position of a co-editor. Manav tells her that he wants the position of an editor. On the other hand, Shreya plans to make herself available for Kabir and Ananya’s wedding.!!!!!!!a SPOILER

  3. wow yar kal 9 kab hoga i cant wait……….shreya ka tho band bhajegi

    1. ha bhagi. I am also waiting for tomorrows episode. Shreya ka facial expression dekhne ka maza aayega. Just loved todays episode also.

    2. kabeer ne jis tarah shreya se baat ki i just loved it. Shreya ka face dekhne layak tha na bhagi.

      1. yah uska tho koi javaab hi nahi tha…….kabir always rocks this type of scence……kithna cutely handel kiya aur i hope aab ananya ki mom ki doubts cmplt ho…..

  4. Just wow wow wow 9 kab bajege please bhagwan ji jaldi
    Love Kaya

    1. BTW which episode number was today ??? Anyone ??

      1. 95th episode tha aaj dais

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