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Ananya fixes camera in trial room and walks out. She goes near her friend’s desk when she sees Manav walking and hides. Manav takes selector Krishna into interview room. Ananya then goes to Varun and tries to take him into interview room. Kabeer sees her and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to take back her job. He says she tried already, has 15 hours left, so she should concentrate on saving her job. she says she came back to take her money as she is not rich like him and needs money to cover her story. He says his decision was right to restricate him. She says she still has 15 hours to prove herself. He asks her to go ahead. She murmurs that he has a lot of time. He hears that and angrily leaves.

Ananya then goes to Ronnie’s broadcasting room and says Varun

is stuck as Kabeer saw her out, so she did not get him to green room. He asks her to get him to green room soon. She goes to Varun and asks him to come with her. He says he cannot do it. She encourages him and asks to rehearse by going out and entering in by knocking door. He rehearses and Ananya acts as a selector. Varun says his papa arranged money and will pay him, requests him to select him and starts crying. Ananya says he will rock.

Khalid asks Kabeer to meet selector once before interview. Ananya sends Varun into trial room. Kabeer comes there. She stops him and says he cannot go in. He asks if she is mad. She says she is as Kabeer has challenged her. Malvika sees that, comes and asks what is she doing. She says she came to apologize Kaber and even sent him apology message before, but he did not agree at all. He says she did not.. She says sent message before he threw challenge and insulted her. She continues what does he need. Malvika asks him to reply. He asks Ananya to find answer herself. She says she will. Varun speaks to selector Krishna and comes out. Ananya introduces him as her brother and takes him from there.

Kabeer meets selector who insists for a live interview. Kabeer says he will. Ananya on the other side asks Ronnie how was the clip. He says it is fantastic and she will rock. Kabeer comes out of green room and asks Trisha if she can take live interview. She says yes. He asks her to arrange interview in a ground where tennis fans can gather. Manav comes to Malvika who informs him about Kabeer’s live interview. Manav gets irked and says how can he do that without informing him. Kabeer calls Khalid, says Malvika is not happy about his live interview, so he should tackle her. Khalid says he will. Manav comes to his room and asks how can he do it without his consent. Kabeer asks if he does not like live interview. Manav says he will not and walks out asking himself to take interview. Khalid enters and tells Kabeer he is irking his staff. Kabeer gets inspector’s interview who tells he found businessman Chibber’s car. Khalid says it is a breaking news. Kabeer says without proof, he cannot air that news. Ananya enters and says she has a news with proof and says this time sound quality is also better. Khalid yells at Ananya that she cannot insult her editor in chief. Kabeer says he liked her confidence. She says he challenged her to prove herself in 24 hours, so she brought the proof. Kabeer says it will either help ananya or ruin her career, but they will not be affected.

Precap: Kabeer sees Ananya’s sting operation of selector, gets irked and goes himself to interview selector.

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