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Kabeer comes out of his cabin, looks at Meesha and then loudly calls Malvika that they are later for dinner. She comes and asks if he will drop her home after dinner or take her to his home. He says as she says and leaves holding her hand. Ananya feels dejected and walks home.

At home, mom sees Ananya sad and asks why did she reject Ronnie. She says she does not love Ronnie. Mom asks if she loves Kabeer then. Ananya nods yes. Mom says she knew as she was giving these kind of exam since a long time. Ananya continues crying and says she has lost even her bestfriend now.

Kabeer enters Khalid’s cabin and hears him talking to someone and inviting for interview. He asks whom he is talking to so keenly. Khalid says Nalini Verma. Kabeer says broken heart’s queen/toote dilon

ki mallika. Malvika enters, thinks they are talking about her, and says she is not broken heart’s queen. Khalid asks her to stop giving so much importance to her and says he is talking about Nalini verma. He says she is a #1 writer and is going to associate with an international public house, whose exclusive rights KKN Kabeer says he likes her novel and asks when is she coming. Khalid says after 2 days. Kabeer says he will ask Ananya to cover her interview. Malvika reacts, but agrees.

Ananya speaks to Richa and says she will leave channel soon. Trisha interrupts and starts joking. Ananya leaves. Richa tells her that she is getting married and will leave this channel soon. Trisha asks her to stop becoming sentimental.

Ananya clashes with Kabeer on stairs and they both start staring each other and reminisce their kidnap moment when he removes her specs via his mouth and says she looks more beautiful without specs. Ronnie comes there and gets sad seeing them locking their eyes. They realize ronnie’s presence and Kabeer asks Ananya to cover Nalini’s story. She asks why she when Trisha is more qualified than her. He says even now he takes decision in this office and says she is expert in human interest stories and should cover even this story.

Tarini with her son comes to Kabeer’s house. He greets them in. Tarini asks why is he looking so sad. He says people think he is an womanizer and judge him wrong, but he does not care. She asks even if it is Ananya. He asks how does she know about Ananaya. She says she is also reporter and can judge what is going around and she can judge from his change in behavior after meeting Ananya.

Ananya waits at reception for Nalini Verma with boquet and tells receptionist that now reporters have to greet guests with flowers and rose water. Nalini comes just then and asks about Khalid. Ananya identifies her and greets her with bouquet. She says she did not realize a mature autor would be so young and beautiful. Nalini starts depicting phrases from her novel about love and asks if she loved someone. Ananya gets nervous.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: During board meeting, Kabeer asks if anyone knows to make baigan bharta. Trisha says Ananya knows. Kabeer asks her to get it then.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wait what does kabir want to do with big an bharta?????

  2. Lol where did this baigan ka bharta come from suddenly. …

    1. Hai are u..

      1. Hi m good….how r u??

    2. Little bit fine dear…

      1. Why wat happened????

  3. Yr chalo kabir said no to DAT cheap malvika.n wats wrong wid this idiot Ronnie. Itna attitude kis lie use to phele se pat tha that ananya love kabir.dis bharta is for that child who will stay wid kabir.n I read the spoiler in dats its manctioned that ananya will make it n will give to kabir.

    1. Woh thats gonna b superb……thank god at least now they are showing sumthing worthwhile…’s epi was good……at least a relief from what we r watching since last 4 days……all were fine except that ronnie part when he comes in between kabir nd ananya……i am really getting irritated by this stupid fellow nw……lovd the way kabir nd ananya stared at each other nd reminised past moments….and it was awsum when kabir rejectd dinner with that malvika…..but in precap why is ananya behaving so badly with kabir……but its good if she makes the recipe for him……if not lovers at least make them friends again…..and kick out this stupid ronnie…..plzzzz waiting for kaya moments….<3

  4. I just wan kaya to come close thats it.bht hui misunderstanding

  5. bharta myt b that nalinis fav food…hence a new way to lure her n in other words another way of kabirs flirting …fyn…kabeer is defintly using ananya ..feel bad for anu..firstly he dint rpl to any of her qstns in confrnc hall..ofcourse he did it outa anger but still if he was angry he sholdn’t have tolkd to her even in odr matters..but he knows anu is d perfect material for his job..mean kabeer..sahi kaha usne k apna imaan b bech skta hai….

  6. Maybe anurag wants baigan ka bharta…… who knowes??? Thank god kabir said no to malvika

  7. I so wish ananya goes to kabeers house n make for him

  8. Hey hi muskan whats up????:-)

    1. Hai dear..I am not fine…because I have a severe headache and cold..
      How are u?..

  9. I think that anurag will bring kabir amd aanaya closer…..pls show sum kaya moments

  10. Oh i’m so sorry !! Anyways don’t get wet in the rain and also get well SOON!

    1. Y saying sorry dude..
      No I haven’t got wet in rain.I have ate ice cream ? at midnight that’s y..this cold..

  11. I think Nalini will make Both KAYA understand their love and will able to clear misunderstanding.I hope so….
    Stupid Malvika don’t take urself so granted….So mean so greedy…
    Waiting eagerly for Monday’s epi…
    Love ❤ u KAYA…and miss u..

  12. I think his son anurag wants to eat it

  13. No….that bharta is 4 anurag….it’s his favourite

  14. Means bangan ka bharta

  15. I know in last Ananya would bring bangan ka bharta for kabir n anurag

    1. But if ananya comes to kabir’s house to give baigan ka bharta she will see anurag there and will think he is kabir nd tarini’s child… misundrstandings……but hope it does not happen… would b good if she gives in office only….and plzzz nalini and anurag bring kaya closer……<3

  16. I hv heard that trisha comes to know about kabeer and ananya n ll try to make them closer..thnk God after a few episodes today watched a better one

  17. Ohh Aaliya wht hppend to u dear,plz tkcr n get some rest..u ll be fine soon

    1. Thank u so much ? Piya dear…I’ll take care ?..

  18. Tarini’s son Anurag would be staying with Kabeer for few days as Tarini is going for assignment (shown in today’s episode). It is Anurag’s wish to eat Baigan ki Bharta. That’s why Kabeer was asking if anybody knew the recipe.

    1. Oh thank u for ur spoiler…

  19. hey,
    Thanks for the spoiler, I’m dependent on it as YouTube makes me wait long for every episode.

    Well I don’t have any issues with Ronnie, he’s not stupid only heartbroken. At least we know that his love is genuine and not fake like Malvika. For her, Kabir is another Manav; she intends to use him till she’s fed up or find a new conquest (may come in the form of new employee at KKN). She’s throwing her weight around, using her daughter status to get guys in her pants. I don’t like her bullying Ananya. Poor Ananya despite all odds against her she’s still holding true to her character, it is commendable.

    Kabir apparently is in love with Ananya, he doesn’t know it yet or his pride won’t let him admit it. In such case, we need Tarini to make things right between the lovebirds. Enough of misunderstandings, we are eager to see some love between the KaYa duo, come on #Reporters bring it on! pleaseeeeeee 🙂

  20. Ya love in kaya plsssssss

  21. precap seems interesting waiting fr nxt episode… Hi frnds hw r u all?Hi Aaliya so sry I could nt com der pls nt to mind nd Aaliya take complete rest get well soon. Tc frnds

    1. It’s ok Nishi…everyone has their own work..i won’t mind.i know if u r free then u would have came to chat here…thank u so much ? dear..take care ?.

  22. First Remove the misunderstanding that Ronnie loves ananya from kabir’s mind
    Then it will be superb to see Kaya together

  23. thnk god dat annanya wil make it

  24. Guys,i hv seen on youtube that Ananya ll propose kabeer but for the sake of nalini s novel character.but she ll express herself beyond the script n Nalini ll understand her feelings for kabeer:-),excited

    1. Where did you see it ? kaha dekha pls tell us!!!!!! The link please give it to us…..

      1. Youtube search button par type ananya will propose kabir on reporters,n u ll get it..

  25. Woooooooooow.kaise b ho .pir b kch to acha hoga

  26. Please more kaya moments and kaya stop arguing about Ronnie and malvika’s tricks hope anurag will bring kaya close.

  27. Aaliya,how r y dear,hope u r fine now..tkcr dear

  28. 50 episod of reporters os completed with great success and 50 episod had left. Why this discussting thing always happen with such a great show.pls frnds request 4 another season of reporters for kaya.:'(:'(:O:O:’

  29. Yeah definitely another season should be there love u kaya :-))

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