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Ronnie sees Ananya’s letter and reads that she cannot lose a friend whom she can trust and crying keeping her head on his shoulder. She wants them to be best friends. Ananya looks at him while he reads letter. She sees Kabeer entering his cabin and watching him and Ronnie.

Kabeer sits on his chair and reminisces Ronnie thanking him for protecting Ananya from traitors. Ananya coms to his cabin and says she wants to tell that… He says she already told him a lot. Malvika enters and asks Kabeer if she disturbed him. He says no. She says she forgot her bracelet in his house and she does not remember when she left his house and if she was drunk or not. He says even he was inebriated but not unconscious like her and gives her bracelet. She says it would have been good if bracelet would

have missed, she would have taken a new one from him. Ananya leaves from there. He asks how did she drop bracelet. She reminisces Kabeer stopping drinking and saying he cannot afford to lose control and wants to sleep alone. He says he will drop her till door and leaves towards door. She drops her bracelets purposefully on sofa and leaves.

Malvika comes to Ananya’s desk and says she and Kabeer have started an affair since yesterday night. Ananya fumes.

Khalid gathers whole staff in board room and tells Kabeer wants to discus something. Kabeer starts that they all know he went to meet KL and tells KL wants to merge KKN with international company and there will be a few changes. Mavlika asks what is the timeframe of merger. He says 4-6 weeks. Ananya asks if they will be politically pressured after that. Kabeer says he does not know. Manav asks if they are being sold. Kabeer says he will be informed before he is sold. Ananya starts questioning again. Malvika interferes and asks Kaber if she can book dinner tables tonight. He says sure. Ronnie says he wants to go as he is feeling unwell. Kabeer says no. Mavnav starts his drama and asks if he is doubting Ronnie’s loyalty. Kabeer permits Ronnie and he leaves. Disha leaves behind him.

Ananya stops Ronnie and says she did not mean to hurt him via that letter and she does not want to spoil their age-old friendship. He says he can understand and leaves from there. She starts crying.

Richa starts news and reads briefs. She tells about exam paper scam and shifts to Ananya who briefs about the issue and stammers. Sunny asks what happened to her. She says slip of tongue.

In canteen during break, Sunny informs Richa and Trisha that Ananya has changed and is behaving weird. Trisha says even Ronnie is behaving weird. Richa tells about Ronnie proposing Ronnue. Trisha says she knew. Richa says Ananya rejected his proposal and said they are just friends. Sunny says girls are weird. Ronnie told truth and is suffering. Trisha says we should unite them. They all 3 shake hands and say we will start mission of reuniting them.

Kabeer comes out of his cabin and invites Ananya for dinner.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Tarini says Kabeer that he should forget his past. Kabeer says he does not care if someone thinks he is an womanizer. Tarini asks even Ananya. He asks if she knows about his love for her. She says she is a reporter and knows everything. He says Ananya is behaving weird.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hurry plz

  2. Why is it taking so long?

  3. Hi muskan, how r u??

    1. I am fine dear…how are u..what doing now..

      1. M also….just came to read the update….it took long to update today. What about u?

    2. Me just sitting simply dear…

  4. Richa mind ur own business ..can’t tolerate Malvika’s cheap tricks anymore…
    Precap seems little interesting….
    Lets c what Is gonna happen…
    Love ❤ u KAYA…

  5. Hai guys…Piya,Nishi,Sameeha,Asifah,Subha,Lila,jamim…

  6. Why do I have feeling richa likes kabir or will start liking him

    1. No It can’t happen…pls director make Richa a pair with Ronnie..and Stupid Malvika with stupid Manav…and My lovely KAYA together….

      1. I agree with u muskan…richa and Ronnie look like good couple….bith deserve each other. Malvika and manav shud be paired also

  7. I hope they both come close

  8. Richa u yourself should find sum love i think that’s what u need!!!

  9. Hey Muskan can we be friends?

    1. Ya sure dear…how are u and where u r from?..

  10. Can anybody tell what’s shown in precap. .
    Kabir open your eyes and see that Ronnie is running away from Ananya so there can’t be anything between them.. Malvika ko to Singapore use dad ke pas bhej deny chalice. .
    KAYA makes best pair they need to get closer

  11. I think Tarini should approach Ananya and inform her what Kabir feels about her

  12. hi muskan!how are you? i agree with you about this told that you gonna take admission in college in july.i also….

    1. I am fine dear…how are u…
      Oh wow..then Same pinch…

  13. It should be an ananya and kabeer not an ananya and Ronnie

  14. I cant take that cheap malvika any more…..she is ridiculous…..and why r there so many misunderstandings…???…plzzz kabeer dont think that ananya loves ronnie….and why is ronnie doing so much drama..???……ronnie and richa will make a good pair….and one thing is wrong in precap…..kabeer invites malvika for dinner….not ananya…..cant see kabeer like this….precap is good…..plzzz tarini ab tum hi kuch karo……bring kaya together…..<3

  15. Waiting for merger of KKN with another company eagerly. Hope some brainy, working and interesting staff will come.

  16. This show is dragging just like every other serial…Annoyed

  17. this is toooo much yar .so many misunderstanding I can’t tolerate ab to kaya ko unite kro

  18. ………..

  19. Ye ho kya RHA h.pls koi malvika ko jungle m chod aooo.pls kabir yr apna brain use kro tm to aise ni the tm to Jo chahte ho use apna bna k rhte ho den ananya k case m q ni.n ananya yr ek bar kabir k grh Jake talk to him so that nobody disturb u guys plssssss.n richa pls do Ur work stop it .its enough. N director g thoda sa kaya ka rain romance n dance dikha do plssssssss

  20. It’s stupidity! Why is Ronnie doing so much drama and acting like a high school girl? No maturity since the ” bagi ” thing on the show!

  21. It’s like a high school love drama come on these r grown up working guys not some love sick teenagers

  22. It will look fantastic when kabir and ananya will do rain dance
    Please bring them closer

  23. I loved the precap

  24. I want Kabir to make ananya realize her love for him…this show is giving us a bit hope after ananya told Ronnie that can we still be friends instead of takin realationship further….I hope they is not rifts between friends

  25. I agree with my self lol???☺️☺️??

  26. Good episode, Why is Kabir behaving so badly, Kabir is going with Malvika to dinner, boss with employee, no office ethics, hate her. From the pain on his/her face you can see how much they love each other, so why the games.
    producer please give us more KAYA scenes, love their chemistry.

  27. Kabir……. U r mind blowing……

  28. Hi muskan….sry for late reply . I’m 16 and from bombay

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