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Ananya in the morning tells her mom that she wants to talk about her and Kabeer’s relationship. Mom says her decision is final and says Kabeer cheated on Shreya and had an affair with Taruni and always tried to insult her and he himself divorced her, so she cannot let her married to such a cheater. Ananya asks who told her. She says she is a mother and knows everything and says Kabeer must not have told this. Ananya says he tried to tell her many times, but she did not want to know about his past. Mom says her decision is final. Ananya says she will not marry kabeer, but will not marry anyone else also.

At KKN, Ronnie sees Sunny limping and asks what happened to him. He says he is learning horse riding to fulfill Baby’s dream and fell from horse. Ananya also comes sadly. Ronnie

asks what happened to her and asks them both for coffee. Ananya says she does not want to go. Peon informs her that Shreya called her to her cabin.

Ananya reaches Shreya’s cabin. Shreya asks if all is well at home. Ananya asks what does she mean. Shreya says her mom came to her home and asked again why she divorced Kabeer and she told her everything. Ananya asks if she told mom everything and even about Taruni. Shreya says she felt mom should know everything, so she told her about Taruni. ananya says everyone has his/her past and we cannot ruin our present and future for past. Shreya says she likes her thinking and says she can seek her help anytime. Ananya walks out of her cabin. Ronnie asks what happened. She says she wants to meet Kabeer. He says kabeer in conference and she can speak to him after that. He drags her to conference hall.

During conference, Kabeer asks Manav about his new show manav ki manavta. Manav says is going fantastic. He says Ananya that he liked her lead and since she asked for a fund, he has asked finance department to approve it.

Kabeer calls Khurana and khurana asks how did he get secret info and says there is a lot of transfer happening in his department due to security reason. Kabeer asks if he got any more info about his lead. Khurana says once he gets, he will inform him.

Ananya meets Tinu who informs her about some terrorist activities and shows pics. She asks how did he gets these pics. He says from his uncle and says there is a parcel coming tonight and if they raid tonight, they can get more lead. Ananya agrees.

Kabeer checks KKN’s TRP data in Khalid’s cabin and says he thinks something is missing. Khalid says he is showing truth and asks if all is well. Kabeer calls Ananya and asks her to meet him right now. Khalid says as a friend he is suggesting him to sort out his personal and professional issues for KKN’s betterment. Kabeer nods yes and leaves.

Ananya enters Kabeer’s cabin sadly. He asks when did she come and what happened. She says mom rejected our relationship and asked to chose between her and him. Kabeer is shocked to hear that.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: Dignity is a wealth which can be gained by good deed and lost easily with bad deed.

Precap: Ananya’s mom asks Kabeer if he really loves Ananya. He says yes. She asks him to get engaged to Ananya in front of everyone.

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