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Reporters 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya requests Kabeer to let her take RJ’s interview and says she wants to bring her father’s truth at any cost and even if she dies, her father will be proud of her. Kabeer permits her.

Ananya reaches RJ’s office with Sunny and meets receptionist. Receptionist questions her and then lets her in. RJ says he knew she would come and shows CCTV footage where she enters his record room. He reminisces calling Shreya and informing that his office reporter entered his record room. Shreya says she is Ananya Sudhir Kashyap. He asks her to send her to his office in lieu of interview as he wants to teach her a lesson. He frightens Ananya that she will not get what she wants and should forget about it, else she will lose her family. Ananya walks out angrily and leaves in office car.

Kabeer asks Laxman to keep an eye on Ananya until he is back. Laxman asks where is he going. Kabeer says he will know soon.

Kabeer enters RJ’s cabin. RJ says he was expecting him and says he should control Ananya.a and stop intruding him, else he know what he can do, earlier he was losing his nephew, now he will lose his family and even Ananya. Kabeer says Ananya will not do anything. RJ starts taunting him that he should control ananya if he wants him to be under control.

Manav enters Shreya’s cabin. Shreya says she did her work and is waiting for Ananya to come back. She asks if he is on her side. He says he is on succcess’s side and will be with her if she makes him editor in chief.

Ananya reaches back Shreya’s cabin and says she knows she sent her to RJ’s office for a warning and says her drama is finished now. She continues that her father is her weakness as well as strength and she will prove her dad innocent soon.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: Aim can make a personal successful and without aim one cannot think of success.

Precap: No precap today.

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