Reporters 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Reporters 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya sees Tarini entering KKN channel office and gets irked. Khalid sees her fuming and taunts her. He then goes and meets Tarini. She gives him Kabeer’s file and says she found it in Kabeer’s room. Ananya asks gets more irked. Khalid says Kabeer is different.

Ananya goes and sits next to Trisha. She sees Manav coming out of cabin seeing Richa and tells his drama will start again. Manav praises Richa for reading news so well and says soon she will take over kabeer and kabeer will be forgotten by people. She sees Ronnie moving tensely and asks what happened. He goes to his cabin.

Ananya goes to Kabeer’s cabin and starts yelling on his chair. She starts yelling that he knows to just use people and their relationship in his favor and then dump them. She continues

yelling, turns back, and is shocked to see Kabeer. Kabeer says she is right, he knows only to use people and says she should not stay here with him then. He goes and sits on his chair while she leaves.

Richa comes to Ananya’s house and asks mom about her. Mom says she is in room and asks what is happening in office. Richa says nothing important and goes to Ananya room. She sees Ananya weeping on bed and asks what is she doing to herself. Ananya tells her that she vent out her anger on Kabeer in his cabin, but when she turned back, she found him already there. Richa says she would have vented out all her anger on him and made herself calm. She says Ronnie is still waiting for her. Ananya continues that Ronnie is just her best friend.

Malvika comes to Kabeer’s house with champagne bottle and says she invited herself this time for dinner with him. Kabeer serves drinks to them both. Malvika tries to get intimate and speak. He says he knows she wants to talk aout Manav and his plan of taking over him. She says then he must be knowing about Ananya and Ronnie’s budding love. He listens silently. She says if she is drunk, he should hold her and if he is drunk, she will. He says sure and they both start drinking.

Ronnie gets sad seeing his and Ananya’s selfie. Trisha comes and says they both look together and asks to show moer selfies. He leaves. Sunny then comes and starts flirting with her. she says she is getting married. He asks if he gets car, house, etc., will she change her mind. Trisha says her fiance has many cars, bungalow, etc., in Us. He asks if his fiance has sister, then she can fix him with her. They both continue their flirting…

Ananya sees kabeer and Malvika together and fumes.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Trisha to make Ananya jealous tells how she enjoyed with Kabeer in his house after getting drunk. Kabeer says even he was drunk, but could remember her bracelet. he hands over her bracelet. Ananya gets jealous.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What is this happening

  2. Wat the hell??? Someone pllzzzz kill malvika for me

  3. Malvika try sometimes being boss and kabeer also needs someone to remaind him being senior ; editor in chief. Show is amazing . Lovin t

  4. Yr koi malvika ko mar ho kya RHA h .can’t understand. Kabir yr tm to pls maturely act krooooo.malvika k sth mt do plssssss.ananya Aur kabir ka lve confess na ho to pls kam se kam misunderstanding clear kr wado n make dem frnds plssssssss CVS do it.for us .plssssssssss

  5. Welcm back kabir….but what is this going on…..???…..instead of a love story its becoming a hate story nw…….so irritating……plzz koi malvika ko fire kar do…..she is so disgusting and hopeless…..misundrstandings r going on increasing day by day….when will all this end….?????….plzzzzz we want to see kaya together……plzz unite them….:'(

  6. Yr richa ki kya prblm h WO q ananya koRonnie k pas bej rhi h.koi batega kya ho RHA h show m .mujhe to kch smj hi ni arha h.

  7. Kya horah hai ye..yaar agar writers ko indono alag hi rakhna tha to love stry shuru he kyu krwaayi…sersly…this show is now becomng daldal

  8. What the hell is going on…..Still Misunderstanding continues…..
    I Said na now Kabir is going to Cheap Malvika, Stupid Moron Malvika is Showing off to Irritate Ananya…
    Ananya and Kabir Pls guys listen to urself not ur So called Friends who r guiding u in wrong way and creating Misunderstanding on ur mind about others and emotionally blackmailing u guys….its a hard request from me and KAYA’S fans..pls Listen guys…can’t take it anymore..
    Horrible precap can’t take it Stupid Malvika’s cheap ideas to irritate her.
    Can’t only say to these stupid Morons (Manav,Malvika,Ronnie,Richa) u guys KAYA are responsible too for this cheap game and misunderstanding between u guys..Solve it soon …
    Love ❤ u KAYA….?

  9. Hai guys….Piya,Nishi,Sameeha,Asifah,Subha,Jamim…how are u guys…

    1. Hi muskaan..m2k2 spoilt tdys epi hai na??

    2. Hi muskan can we be friends?

    3. S Sameeha dear…i hate them…they spoilt my mood of watching reporters from past 3 days…?

    4. Ya sure Lila from where u r…and wats ur age..wat studying…
      Don’t think I am asking too much questions.just getting introduction of urs..

      1. M from Manchester and m 19…where r u from and how old are u muskan?

    5. I am from Chennai..
      Me,17 years old.going to join college on 1st July..

  10. Will please someone ask RICHA ti shup her mouth. I don’t get it she is tv reporter+news reader and still she had such empty head–who recruited her? In fact I did not know so many stupid people could be working in same office at same time.
    If Tarini would be a junior and exploited and then thrown away by Kabeer, why would she maintain the so cordial relation with Kabeer–Will any one tell please??
    Has Ananya gone for marketing in a shopping mall?? She intended to buy a dress, if not get another one–I mean if she is not in love with Ronnie, means she in not in love with Ronnie despite presence or absence of Kabeer.
    And then there is Kabeer. After working at this office he is also losing his senses–does he really need such cheap way to make Ananya suffer (as seen in the precap).
    I have decided to not comment on Malvika–she is beyond my class.
    But I would like to urge the serial makers please uplift the quality of the women of this serial. Today’s women are not so blunt.
    At least make the staff of KKN work, some meaningful work.

    1. Totally Agree with u kb….well said about everyone…at first they showed some sense I mean they showed what everyone is doing there I mean in which department they r..but now they r making it as a Political party Manav vs Kabir….who is greater here and main thing they r easily interfering everyone’s personal life…getting irritated..

  11. Sorry its m2r2..4 rascals of reporters manav malvika ronnie richa

  12. Malavika you are disgusting,cheap,dirty.Being an owner’s daughter you stoop so low to woo your editor in cheap ……
    and Darling Richa Please shut your mouth off…you iritate me a lot.Please if you have no brain then you please dont give advice to our ananya.

    And The KABIR SHARMA what are you upto man?you are a mystry to me..

  13. Malavika you are disgusting,cheap,dirty.Being an owner’s daughter you stoop so low to woo your editor in cheap ……
    and Darling Richa Please shut your mouth off…you iritate me a lot.Please if you have no brain then you please dont give advice to our ananya.

    And The KABIR SHARMA what are you upto man?you are a mystry to me..

  14. What is richa doing? Doesn’t she understand that ananya doesnt love Ronnie…she is just forcing her to love him. And malvika…that dirty, disgusting n cheap thing irritating ananya….
    But seriously kabeer and Ananya should not listen anyone and should talk to each other to clear all the misunderstanding created by these stupid people(manav, malvika, richa and ronnie)

  15. If these all will be stoped the story over and reporters closed u all mad people want this to happen.
    Dont take seriously these serials watch them regularly enjoy nn leave it dont take them seriously kk

    1. It is definitely a show. But i don’t understand why even in a show they present women as so blunt and cheap. Kabeer and Ananya may have misunderstandings, may have distances, and you are right that if there is no problem, there would be no serial. But it could have been showed in much matured way. and since the name of the serial is Reporters, at least show something about that. last two to three days have been very cheap and lacked maturity. till the abduction episode things were still going in fair way. but after that the serial has fall flat, i am afraid to say.

      1. U r absolutely right kb….at least they should show something which is worth watching…..everyone is hopeless and no one is acting maturely….not even kabeer and ananya… breaking news,no leads nothing……the serial is going so bad since monday…..if this continues,then the trp will definitely fall….in precap kabeer is trying to make ananya jealous but he is of the opinion that ananya loves ronnie…..God knows when all these cheap problems will come to an end… kkn,no one is interested in news…rather everyone is interested in kabeer and ananya’s blooming love…..really disgusting….!!!!

    2. We’ll said Richa this is a serial & not a movie so the story has to be prolonged with misunderstandings & all this drama ….

  16. too much tense in every character..

  17. Please sumbody send malvika that terrible b*t*h to hell !!!! Also richa and ronnie acompany her. Writters plz don’t create more misunderstands its a humble request

  18. bad episode.i agree with you kb…..

  19. hi muskan! how are you?

    1. Me fine are u…

  20. hi muskan.I am also from Tamil nadu.if u don’t mind…which college you r going to join.I am just asking because I too finished my 12th grade bro

    1. I am going to join Loyola college.
      By the way let me clear u 1thing I am not a boy I am a girl,.

      1. sorry muskan.I am waiting for my counseling bye.

  21. Yaar two r u turning love story into hate story? Reporters is best serial on Sony TV but since last Monday what nonsense is going on? No news no leads no breaking news.. pls engage This Malvika wid Manav so that they stop creating mess in KAYA’S life.. pls engage Ronnie wid Richa.. and let KAYA enjoy hidden romance.. its ok if they don’t accept their love but they should not hate each other at least.

  22. There needs to be some breaking news now as the love story going nowhere now

  23. I think Kabir is making ananya jealous..feels from his behavior

  24. WTH! I’ve lost interest in this serial now… have a strong feeling that this serial is going to be a typical tv serial with every person have 4-5 affairs over 40 year of life and still look same …! lol
    Looks like Ananya has issues with everyone… Malvika… tarini… Manav…now ROnnie and Richa and her mom…oh and Kabeer too…! shez educated(as per her designation) and is acting cheap…taking tensions unnecesarily… LEAVE Kabir alone… and he will come to you if he wants to… if you dont like Ronnie.. go find some other man… ! Phew I sound like i am really upset too ha ha! may b its bcoz i expected this serial to be a good one and not the usual melodramatic indian serial which goes on n on n on for year!!

  25. i love watching reporters 🙂 rajiv and kritika ew ppl make a good pair ! keep it up

  26. Hi this is preeti on shreyas id…. Love this show

  27. The problem in this serial instead of working everyone is involved in politics malvi wants to trap kabir who loves ananay but can’t tell her Ronnie is the only vocal one after hearing g she doesn’t love him he is walking with a huge face a anya is getting trapped by stupid friends it seems in kk n no one works

  28. i am fine muskan.

  29. yesteday was a great episode, it was so intense, the scene with Ananya and Kabir, you could see how hurt Kabir was, i just hate the scene with Malvika and Kabir, why is he entertaining her. but then again i think he remembered Ananya’s words in his office, when the glass broke and then thought it was okay to flirt with Malvika. Producers please help them clear some of the misunderstandings and get back to work. i am from South Africa and lots of years ago there was a serial called Ally McBeal, these two were lawyers in the same office and had a similar relationship. Just hope to have more scenes with KAYA.

  30. Where is today’s episode? ????

  31. Aj ka updates

  32. Plz update today’s episode

  33. Plz update 2day’s epi…… I’m desperate 2 watch it.

  34. Its past 10:00….and the show airs at 9

  35. Where is tdys epi updats??y so late

  36. Lovely episode. Good serial – great cast.

  37. It’s stupidity! Why is Ronnie doing so much drama and acting like a high school girl? No maturity since the “bagi” thing on the show!

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