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Kabeer continues telling Ananya reason for his and Shreya’s divorce. He says Shreya used to wait for chances to insult him in front of his colleagues and friends. He used to be in depression. Taruni then entered his life as his junior intern and became his friend. He used to be happy with her and one days he made a big mistake by letting Taruni stay at his home one night. Shreya saw them together, misunderstood, and filed for divorce. She even ruined Taruni’s life and insulted her in front of whole media that she is having affair with him. Nobody is ready to take her back as reporter now. People started insulting him next. He started hating love and went into deep depression and started drinking alcohol. He wanted to gain power and money at any cost, that is when he got khalid’s

offer for editor-in-chief position. He would have become a beast in when he met Ananya who changed his life and made him re-believe in love.

Shreya tells against Kabeer to Ananya’s mom, exactly what kabeer says ananya. She says kabeer cheated on her for Taruni, so she divorced him. He is a cheat and not trustworthy. She tells mom that she hopes Kabeer does not cheat Ananya. Mom feels sorry for her and asks if she still loves Kabeer. Shreya says it is of no use now and asks her to take care of Ananya.

Kabeer tells Ananya that he told her his complete past now and it is up to her to accept him or not. She holds his hand and says she believed whatever people told about him and Taruni, but moved ahead and took a decision to spend rest of her life with him and she is more confident now. He hugs her and says I love you. Rain starts..

Ananya reaches home. Mom says she and Kabeer cannot be together and she has to break their relationship. Ananya asks how can she take such a big decision. Mom says she has taken a decision and now she has to chose between her and Kabeer and gets into room asking her to tell her choice in the morning. Ananya knocks door repeatedly, but mom does not. She asks how can she give her an ultimatum.

Taruni comes to meet Kabeer. He sorry and thanks. She asks why both. He says whenever his past will be repeated, her name will be taken and thanks for supporting him as a friend in his thick and thin. She asks if he spoke to Ananya about his past. He says yes. She asks what did she say. He says she accepted him. She says Ananya is more mature than him and prays for his better future.

Ananya calls kabeer and he asks if she spoke to mom. She says mom was asleep when she came, but she will speak to her in the morning. He asks if mom will agree. She says mom will as mom’s heart is very big. She felt like speaking to him, so she called. He asks her to smile and cuts call.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: We cannot judge person by his past. We should look at one’s presence to judge person.

Precap: Ananya tells mom if she wants to break up with Kabeer, she will, but she will not marry anyone in life.

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  1. Loved kaya’s scene of rain. Hope kabeer and ananya always be together. Kill that b*t*h shreya. Usne to kabeer ki izzat ki waat lahgadi ananya ki mom ke samne. I hate shreya.

  2. Oh what a twist in the tale. Please this should be sorted out fast . Shreya stay away

  3. Oh what a twist in the tale. Please this should be sorted out fast .

  4. Just saw spoiler. Shreya wants kabeer back. Its proved bhagi. But ab kabeer ko ananya ke ghar invite kisne aur kyu kiya?

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